About Us

Jingxin Pharm was established in 1974 and has been developed as one of the National Important High-tech Enterprises, Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises and the Listed Company. The headquarter is located at Xinchang City, Zhejiang Province. It is an integrated company covers manufacturing, R & D and marketing center. There are 4 manufacturing sites in the company located at Xinchang, Shangyu, Shangrao Guangfeng (Jiangxi province) and Bayannaoer (Inner Mongolia) respectively. There is R & D center in Shanghai High-tech Park and a marketing center in Hangzhou city. It has been appointed as the Post-doctoral Working Station and the Technical Center of the province and has the close cooperation relationship with some of the national research authorities. It has a strong R & D ability.

The products covered from API to Finished Product, more than 160 products have been approved. It is one the biggest manufacturing base for the APIs of quinolones and occupied a relatively large market share for the product named Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride and the Levofloxacin Hydrochloride. The product has been distributed to the international market such as South-east of Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Europe. The dosage forms of the formulation include Tablets, Capsules, Large volume Injections and Powder for Injections. The sales volume of one of the products named Simvastatin Tablets ranks the first in the domestic market as compared with the domestic manufacturers.

All of its facilities have been approved by sFDA and ISO14001. In the year 2006, it has been approved by EU (Germany) GMP inspection and in Oct. 2009 passed the related re-inspection successfully; this is the first case for the company which has been approved by the Germany GMP in China. In the year 2008, Simvastatin Tablets distributed to UK and gave the first step for the Chinese formulation exporting to the high-end market. In the year 2009, the product has been distributed into Germany market. The quality of the products can meet the EU requirement.
The APIs such as Simvastatin and Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride have got the COS certificates, furthermore, Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride has passed the site inspection of EDQM and got the GMP certificate issued by France. Both of its API and formulations have been approved by the EU GMP, this can indicate its strong competitive ability.

It has been awarded a lot of honors such as “AAA level Enterprise of Contract-keeping and Credit-caring”, “AAA level Enterprise of Tax-paying”, “Demonstrating Enterprise of Patent in Zhejiang Province”, “the Advanced Innovative Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”, etc. The brand of “JINGXIN” is the famous brand in both Zhejiang province and China and Jingxin Pharm has been awarded as the famous trade name in Zhejiang province. The products such as Ciprofloxacin and Simvastatin are the famous brand products in Zhejiang Province; Sertraline Hydrochloride has been listed into the national biopharmaceutical high-tech commercialization demonstration programs; “KANG FU XIN Solution” has been listed as the national protected product of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jingxin will devote itself to improving the pharmaceutical case and contribute the human health care continuously through:
Business mission of “Build up an Excellent Enterprise and Set up a Perfect Brand — Jingxin” , and Brand mission of “Make the Product by Our Heart”