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Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (formerly Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical Group Corporation) is situated in Xingyang City, an ancient hamlet nestled amidst majestic mountains and meandering rivers, boasting a delightful panoramic vista. The town is seamlessly connected by the Longhai Railway and the Kaifu Expressway, thus ensuring the utmost convenience in transportation. The antecedent of the company was the Xingyang City Sishui Town Fine Chemical Factory, established in 1985. Subsequently, in 1993, the Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. came into existence. The company encompasses economic entities such as the Henan Province Fine Chemical Factory, Xingyang City Chemical Synthesis Research Institute, and Xingyang City Kangtai Pharmaceutical Factory. With a registered capital of 52.23 million yuan, an expansive area spanning 100,000 square meters, and a workforce of 365 employees, the company has fervently pursued enterprise reform over the past decade. It has been steadfast in its commitment to scientific and technological investments, prioritizing the development and introduction of sophisticated, state-of-the-art products into the market. This unwavering dedication has yielded commendable economic and social outcomes. From its humble origins as an obscure village-based small-scale factory, it has metamorphosed into a contemporary pharmaceutical conglomerate that embodies the fusion of science, industry, and trade. It stands as a pioneering high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, an exemplar of technological innovation engineering, a vanguard in scientific and technological progress, and a paragon in environmental governance and protection within the province. Furthermore, it boasts an AA credit rating. On January 28, 2000, the company was bestowed with the right to independently engage in import and export activities.

kangtai pharma GMPThe company’s flagship products comprise Norfloxacin APIs, with an annual design production capacity of 1500 tons. These Norfloxacin APIs have garnered the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Henan Province. Moreover, the production of 1500 tons/year Norfloxacin has been designated as a pivotal project for the industrialization of high-tech industries in Henan Province. These products enjoy substantial domestic demand and are exported in copious quantities, amassing a stellar reputation both domestically and internationally, owing to their expansive scale and exceptional quality. Presently, the Norfloxacin workshop has undergone a comprehensive transformation in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It has successfully obtained GMP certification from the Henan Provincial Food and Drug Administration (cFDA), along with the GMP certificate and Written Confirmation for active substances exported to the EU (WC).

In 2005, the company achieved a momentous milestone by developing a nationally esteemed new drug series based on gatifloxacin mesylate. This breakthrough process, originating domestically, has attained a global pinnacle of advancement. Concurrently, it brought an end to the 33-year hiatus in the development of nationally recognized new drugs in Henan since the inception of Yan Tong Xi Kang by the Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Factory. This accomplishment filled a void in the domestic landscape and established a robust technological foundation for China’s quinolone drug development endeavors.

The overarching development philosophy of the company revolves around the accelerated production of preparations, anchored in the development and research of quinolone antibacterial drugs and intermediate series products. It aspires to develop one national first-class and second-class new drug within a span of 3-5 years, fostering a robust product lineup and transforming the company into a principal domestic hub for quinolone series products.

Xingyang City Chemical Synthesis Research Institute serves as the company’s dedicated research and development institution, specializing in product quality testing, novel product technology research and development, and the transformation of existing product processes. It provides a comprehensive range of services for the company. The institute currently employs 23 individuals, including 5 personnel with senior designations and 18 individuals with intermediate and junior designations. It encompasses five conventional chemical synthesis laboratories, one standard laboratory, one quality inspection center equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography, and a versatile pilot synthesis workshop spanning an area of approximately 2000 square meters. The institute has forged enduring technical collaborations with esteemed institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University, and Zhengzhou University of Technology. These partnerships serve as a formidable technical backbone for the company. Over the past decade, the institute has successfully undertaken cutting-edge technical research and development initiatives encompassing high-tech products like fluorochlorobenzeneamine, trifluoronitrobenzene, ethoxymethane fork, tetrafluorobenzoic acid, and Norfloxacin, propelling them towards industrialized mass production. These endeavors have generated substantial socioeconomic benefits for the company. Simultaneously, the institute has nurtured and cultivated a multitude of scientific and technological personnel, characterized by their unwavering dedication to scientific pursuits, exceptional technicalquality, and adeptness in tackling formidable challenges. It has amassed a wealth of experience in chemical synthesis and possesses commendable capabilities in new product technology research and development.

The company has invested over 8 million yuan in the independent development of the nationally acclaimed Gatifloxacin mesylate API and capsule products, a fluoroquinolone antibacterial offering that bridges a domestic gap. This process, initiated within the country, has received the approval of the Registration Department of the State Food and Drug Administration and has acquired the new drug certificate. All the necessary raw materials for the production of this product can be domestically sourced, with the primary raw materials supplied by the company itself. This efficient supply chain arrangement effectively reduces production costs. It is anticipated that once the project attains full-scale production, the company will capture approximately 20% of the domestic market share, demonstrating formidable competitiveness. The selection of diverse production equipment aligns seamlessly with the process design requirements, ensuring robust “three wastes” treatment. The project boasts a long life cycle, yielding substantial economic benefits, demonstrating a pronounced capacity to mitigate risks, and exhibiting vast market prospects.

Kangtai Pharm

Corporate Culture and Philosophy

Kangtai People’s Pledge: I am an adherent of Kangtai. We firmly uphold the belief that employees constitute the bedrock of the enterprise, and fostering the prosperity of our employees stands as a paramount objective pursued by the organization.

Kangtai Philosophy: Treat individuals with genuine earnestness, exhibit their value through assiduousness, persuade them through unwavering integrity, and impart wisdom through virtuous teachings.

Enterprise Purpose: Foster enterprise development, enhance the well-being of employees, and repay society!

Enterprise Spirit: Unity and progress, pragmatism and innovation, wholehearted dedication, and boundless elation.

Enterprise Goal: The Kangze undertaking, the well-being of the Taian populace.

Enterprise Philosophy: The minutiae determine triumph or defeat; nothing is truly impossible, only individuals who believe so; to accomplish something, one must first cultivate oneself; born amidst tribulation, perish in comfort.

Work Style: Proactive, meticulous, efficient, and pragmatic; govern the factory through adherence to the law, employ scientific management, ensure safe production, and embrace diligent labor.

Business Philosophy: Sincerity – Everything for customers; Righteousness – Everything for patients.

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