Gatifloxacin Mesylate

Product: Gatifloxacin Mesylate
C19H22FN3O4·CH3SO3H 471.50

[Appearance]White or Similar to white powder; odorless and bitter

Acidity: pH: 3.0~4.5。
Clarity and Color of Solution: It should not be more turbid than 2# turbidity standard; and should not be darker than yellow or Kelly 6# standard color solution.
Related Substances No more than 1.0%
Moisture: No more than 1.0%
Residue on ignition No more than 0.2%
Heavy metal: No more than 20/million
Residual menstruum: Toluene: No more than 0.089%, ethanol: No more than 0.5%

[Assay] Gatifloxacin (C19H22FN3O4): No less than 78.4%