Beihai giant demon Craken appeared in Zhao Junpeng

The imagination coincides with the legend of the Nordic region. In the legend of the 18th century in Northern Europe, there were huge unidentified creatures in the North Atlantic, which the Nordic called “the North Sea Giants Craken”.

According to the sailors in the North Sea at the time, they were sailing on the calm sea, and there were many bubbles on the sea without warning. Then suddenly a lot of tentacles like masts were lifted out of the sea, and the ship was cruising. The boat was towed into the sea. This is the North Sea giant demon Craken, and there are very few people who can escape its claws. When the fishermen at that time were fishing in the sea, if the fish and shrimps were full of nets, they would be very scared because it indicated that they had come to the waters lurking in Clarken, waiting for them to be a disaster. It is said that the fish and shrimp are to escape from Craken’s claws, and often they have no choice but to get into the fishing net.

The legend of the North Sea giant demon Craken is passed down by word, and its history has a long history and influence far beyond the “Nessie Water Monster”. This naturally has attracted the interest of many scientists. Scientists have noticed that most of the legends about Craken describe it as a marine life similar to squid. People have found undigested squid in the stomach of sperm whales, which can reach 12 meters in length and weigh 200 kilograms. Some people have found huge tentacles on the web. There are indications that in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific, there is probably a certain squid, which is huge in size, ferocious, and even dares to wrestle with whales. Scientists named it “The Great Squid.” In the 20th century, there were hundreds of specimens collected by squid from all over the world. Scientists speculated that this squid might be the legendary North Sea giant demon Craken.

As an invertebrate, the squid leaves the sea and the body becomes soft. In other words, the specimen of the king squid does not represent its true content. So, what does the living king squid look like? NHK TV station cooperated with the American Discovery Channel. After several years of hard work and hard work, it finally captured the giant squid swimming in the deep sea of ​​630 meters in the North Pacific Ocean in 2013. This squid is about 7 meters from the head to the end of the tentacles. This is the first time humans have witnessed the scene of the king squid swimming in the deep sea. Although it is not as long as the legendary 150 meters, it is amazing.

According to scientists, the squid that was photographed this time is still in its infancy, reaching 18 to 20 meters after adulthood, and the suction cup on the tentacles will reach 9 cm. The main “weapon” of the king squid is ten tentacles, the tentacles are covered with round suction cups, and the edges of each sucker are covered with small serrations. When the king squid encounters a sperm whale, it will tightly wrap the sperm whale with its tentacles, and its sucker can even suck out the meat of the sperm whale. People have seen the scars left by the king squid from a sperm whale, with a diameter of 40 cm. According to this calculation, the king squid that left this trace may be 80 meters in length. However, some people speculate that this scar is left in the childhood of sperm whales. As the age of sperm whales grows, the scars become bigger and bigger.

Also in 2013, researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark sequenced the mitochondrial genome of 43 samples of squid from around the world and found that from a genetic point of view, there is almost no difference between these king squid, that is, around the world. The king squid belongs to the same type. In addition, based on the number of horny ticks collected from the digestive tract of sperm whales, scientists speculate that there are approximately 4.3 million king squids worldwide.

The number of king squid is large and the shape is large. Can you send it to the human table? The answer is no. Because the king squid contains a lot of ammonia ions, the taste is similar to urine, and it has accumulated a lot of toxins in the body.

The legend of the North Sea giant demon Craken adds a lot of mysterious colors to the king squid. But from a scientific point of view, there are still many unsolved mysteries waiting for human beings to discover.