I have to leave something

A person who has a clean life must come from a clean circle. The so-called clean means that the interests of each other are not deeply intertwined and there is not much mutual interference. In other words, in this circle, each lives free and simple. Freedom is because it is not owed, simple because it is less.

If you go too close and you are too close, you will inevitably use too much force and use too much love. At this time, it is very difficult to pull your legs. Where it is not easy to pull out the legs, it usually becomes muddy.

Those who like to be quiet must have a pair of ears that listen to nature. They are more willing to give themselves to nature, all the way up the mountain, the heavens and the human beings are united and accompanied.

They have liberated their mouths and are eager to avoid the embarrassment of the world. Perhaps, in their view, purity is an order in the heart, the entire superstructure of the personal kingdom.

It is also inevitable that such a soul is lonely. They appreciate all the silence of the world and enjoy the loneliness of the self.

Compared with the people who greet the left and right, the quiet way of life seems simple and desolate.

A glimpse of one’s self, it seems that it does not eat human fireworks. Such de-secularization, in itself, is rich in quiet, full of joy, in the eyes of others, it is deserted and shabby, far away and lonely.

Not all the way, it will not be in the same channel. The pursuit is different, and the difference will be different. Thus, the most split situation in the world is: talking to the cows, chickens and ducks.

At this time, it is impossible for Chicheng to be relatively narrow. In the end, narrowness will only lead to narrowness. Here, I am helpless here too: I am going to the bright moon, and I am going to see the moon.

In this world, no one can appreciate the peace and quiet.

A person who does not like to disturb others is not willing to be disturbed by others. They must be in this mood and not willing to come out. I know that the scenery of life is not in the heights, not in the distance, but in the heart.

The people around them are all the same. They are close to each other, just to make it easy to walk and distract.

– They must be in harmony with each other and be separated by a distance. This distance just shows that on the one hand, each person’s temperament is indifferent; on the other hand, each has different levels of social fear.

They are inferior to the world, and they are increasingly eager for the perfection of their inner order.

Clean circles, usually small circles, not many people, three or five people or two or three. A crowd of people will inevitably be muddy.

Of course, letting a circle be in crisis is not human but human nature.

In life, people who have a clear breeze have become profitable overnight, and many people are there. In the promenade of the years, there are not many faces that can last forever. Because, how much humanity is confusing, how unpredictable the human heart will be.

The so-called clean is actually the simplicity and purity of human nature. You don’t have to think so much, just because the other side has so much.

All the places are related to fame and fortune. Everything in the world is disturbing, money, power, and reputation will not make people quiet.

And it is precisely these that highlight the position of a person in the world. So, the good ones are embarrassing.

In the eyes of vanity people, decent is the scenery, and location is the value. With location, it means everything. The problem is that a person who cares about worldly respect will inevitably ignore the soul of the self. So, the heart is for the physical service.

When interpersonal relationships are not structured on money and power, everything in the world will calm down. The worldly disturbances are gone, and the circles will become simple. In other words, you have to leave something to get infinitely close to what you need in your heart.