Small people shake big history

History is an inevitable trend in the development of the times, but there are also some little-known accidents in these “necessities”. Many times, the historical trend is pushed from the side, but some little people who are unknown.

Let me talk about the “Jing Yu, the Qin King”. When Jing Jing’s picture is poor, he wants to stab the Qin Wang. When he is about to succeed, Qin Wang’s doctor, Xia Wu, and the medicine box smashed to Jing Jing. Jing Yu was slightly hesitant after being attacked. Qin Wang had already pulled out the long sword to block Jing Jing, and finally Qin Wang. After living, Jing Jing died. If there is no summer and the action of this royal doctor’s medicine box, Qin Wang will scream, how will history develop? Perhaps Qin will soon be destroyed by the six countries, and China will not have a Great Wall.

It can be seen that the ancient doctor’s medicine box has some other uses besides the medicine. However, the most ironic thing is that although Xia Wuhe rescued Qin Shihuang with a medicine box, Qin Shihuang prescribed that all the doctors could only take medicine with the “horse sac”. He probably appreciates the power of the medicine box, and he is worried that if the doctors start their temper, they will use the medicine box to smash themselves!

Then, let’s talk about the “War of the Ross” in the Tang Dynasty. When the Tang Dynasty competed for Central Asia, it summoned a large number of strong men, including a papermaker named Fang Qing. After Fang Qing joined the army, there was a fierce battle between the Tang and the Arab Empire. In this war, many Tang Dynasty soldiers were captured. Although it was not clearly stated that the papermaker Fang Qing was captured, he did not appear on the list of war dead and survivors, so the biggest possibility was to be captured. A few years after the war, paper appeared in West Asia and quickly spread to Europe.

According to the then Arab politician and philosopher Ismaili, the papermaking technology was provided by a “captive of the aggressor country”, and the prisoner was thus freed, even being crowned. Until now, there are several villages in the Taraz area on the adjacent border of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan with the word “square” as the surname. For this strange surname that is incompatible with local cultural practices, although there is no way to investigate it, many people speculate that they are descendants of the papermaker Fang Qing.

Paper played a vital role in the European Renaissance, so as a captive of the Tang Dynasty, the influence of the papermaker Fang Qing on the world pattern was so astounding that even the papermaker Fang Qing’s achievements were made. European Renaissance.

Finally, it is said that the Song Dynasty was stationed in a small soldier named Chen Aiu in Chongqing. Chen Aiu is not a formal name, but in ancient times, this name was very common. Most of the ancients did not know how to write, and they did not know how to write their own names. For example, an ancient Shandongese named “Li Er” went to Zhejiang, and the Zhejiang people would write “Li Er” as “Li Le” according to the Shandong accent of “Li Er”. No one knows whether it is right or wrong. Anyway, “Li Er” himself does not know how to write the name. Therefore, the name “Chen A Niu” is not a word, it is also very doubtful, but it is not important, how to record what we say.

In 1259, Meng Ge Khan led the army and attacked Chongqing. At that time, Chongqing was not called Chongqing, and it was called “Fishing City.” Under the fishing city, Mengge Khan was seriously injured by the Song army, and soon died. Who actually put that shot? There is no record in the official history, but there is a record in the relevant local literature. It is this cannon called “Chen A Niu” that can be described as a cannon! If it wasn’t for the death of Mengge Khan, Kublai Khan did not go up so quickly, or that Yuan Shizu might not be able to come to Kublai. If Mengge Khan does not die, Yuan Shizu, who is now appearing in our history books, may be Mengge Khan.

In fact, there are many small people in history who have played a key role in rewriting history. Without the accidental actions of these small people, today’s history is bound to be very different, even beyond recognition. From this perspective, the influence and change of history is not necessarily a feat of great men, but also a small move by small people.