Summer is long and summer is short

In my memory, summer time is long.

At five in the morning, my mother turned the wind of the electric fan down, put my hand on the edge of the bed back on the bed, and said, “This girl’s sleep…” I was confused, feeling that my mother was away, I I don’t want to wake up in my sleep.

When I found myself hungry, I squinted out of the door and stood on the balcony, enjoying the summer sun at seven o’clock on my face, slightly warm and bright. Looking northeast from the gap between the leaves of the cedar trees on the balcony, I saw that the mother’s figure became a black spot in the rice field, moving in faintness.

In the summer, my mother loves to get up early and work hard in the cold. She usually cooks porridge. I only need to cook cucumber after I get up. I looked at the clock and almost went to the field to call my mother back for breakfast, so I took a big cool hat and put it on my head and walked on the country road. Far away, I saw my mother straight up and stared at the sun in the east. I shouted, “Mom, go home for breakfast.” The mother heard the voice, turned her head to me, and slammed her back.

I know my mother’s plan, I can only find a shade waiting. Knowing that I was screaming in the tree, the sparrow jumped in my place one or two meters away, and the ant found the exit in the circle I painted. The picture of a child sitting quietly on the ground, in my memory before the age of ten, existed for a long time, with the heat, with the slight coolness of the wind.

After ten years old, I will spend the whole morning preparing lunch. First, I chose the purple eggplant in the field, the crisp green pepper in the basket, and then stood on the bench to go up the loofah hanging high in the pergola, and finally dipped the potatoes in the basin… I am not in a hurry, slowly Prepare, cook, stir-fry, cooked, and cook. The soup was cooked, the sun went to the top of the head, and my face was hot.

I ran to the field, didn’t shout, just ran to the side of my mother and told her that she was cooked and could go home to eat. My mother drank the water I took with me, and the sweat on my face dripped like a broken line. “You gimmick, I thought you wouldn’t call me, how is this morning’s sun so long!”

Mother and I walked through the long corn forest and walked home. It was very hot, the corn leaves were very thick, and the summer noon sun made our shadows very short.

After lunch, I had a lot of free time. My mother took a nap, I watched TV. Occasionally I folded a paper plane and shot at the balcony of my neighbor’s brother’s house. If the paper plane flew back, I turned off the TV and ran to find my neighbor’s brother.

Four or five hours in the afternoon, it was slow and slow, but I never thought it was slow. In my eyes, it’s just the time when the cat at home is sleeping, but it’s the time when the ducks swim out and swim back, but the time when the sun is closed and blooming, they should not pass quickly. . If it passes quickly, it is not summer.

The summer night before the age of twenty is still very long. The heat in the day was very slow. My mother and I would sit under the tree and have a cold after eating dinner. One person had a fan and looked at the stars in the sky. I recognize the Galaxy, and I also recognize the Big Dipper, which my mother pointed it to me. The stories related to them are also told by my mother. Year after year, the story repeats again and again, and we still shake the fan and listen to the sound of frogs in the paddy fields.

However, the long summer will pass, and the long years will become memories. The time after the age of 20 became very fast, and the summer became very short in the nine and six nights. Today’s summer, and the other three seasons are not much different, it is only three months. From morning till night, you only need to use numbers to describe them. When boring becomes the general term of summer, there is nothing to be rushed.

Summer is very long and grows in my first two decades; summer is short and short for the rest of my life. In the long years, there are me, mothers, and memories will be the most precious things in my life.

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