The moth only left gray for himself.

Moths are very ugly and frightening creatures. This is how I felt when I was a child for a long time, until one time, my aunt told me a story about moths.

At that time, I was about 8 years old and I stayed at my aunt’s house. In the evening, I slept with my cousin Joe on the same bed. He confided to me like an adult and told his story. Although I have Joe, I am still afraid of darkness, because it is not a bedroom I am familiar with. The cousin turned on the electric light, and I saw a living creature parked on the lamp. Sometimes it flew up, flew around the electric light for a few laps, and stopped on the electric light. That is a moth.

“Joe, you can drive it away or kill it.” I told Joe.

Joe is always willing to help me with anything. Although he is one year younger than me, he always thinks he is a man and should take care of me. Joe patted the moth with clothes, but did not succeed. The aunt heard the sound and came to our bedroom and asked with surprise: “Joe, what are you doing?”

“Jenny let me drive the moth away or kill it,” Joe said.

“Why?” my aunt asked me.

“Because they are ugly and terrible, I don’t like them. You look at their gray wings, how ugly!” I said.

“Jenny, that’s just its appearance. It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t mean that the heart is not beautiful. Do you know why the moth is gray?” Aunt asked me.

I shook my head and told her I didn’t know.

“The moths are even more beautiful than the butterflies. They are very kind and always helpful.” Aunt said, “A long time ago, the sky was gloomy. Everyone in the world could not have a good mood. Angels decided to beautify.” In the sky, they asked the butterfly to help and borrow some color from the butterfly, but the butterfly was too selfish and unwilling to give up any color. Then, the angels turned to the moth for help, and the moth quickly agreed, they flew into the sky, flapping their wings, they The blue powder is laid into the background of the sky, and the white powder is made into a cloud. The angel says enough, but the moth wants to make a rainbow, so the moth runs out all the colors on his body, and finally finally There was a rainbow in the sky, and the moth only left gray for himself.”

“Since then, the sky has become beautiful, and people in the world have a good mood, aren’t they?” I asked my aunt.

“Yes, it is true, then Jenny, you tell me now, do you still hate moths?” Aunt asked me with a smile.

“The original moth was to help humans lose the most beautiful colors, how cute they are!” I replied.

Since then, I have no longer hated moths and even started to like moths. In the world, there may be many people like moths, and the appearance is not like, but if you can understand their inner feelings, you may find that the real beauty is there.