Go to the yard of the living house

The owner of each yard is a living home, an esthetician, and a dreamer. After visiting more than 100 yards, I gradually became unbeautiful from a rough aesthetic, and then rebuilt my life with the dream of beauty.

It was a few years ago, the Qingming small holiday, entangled in the place to go to spring, enjoy the flowers, a circle of friends sent a photo of the beautiful to the fried, actually a private garden in the suburbs, free to visit. Going there, I was shocked, and even the children were shocked by the beauty in front of them. Hundreds of roses, dozens of roses climbed over the wall and fell on the eaves, covering the roof, flower fences, flower arches, flower partitions, pink, white, yellow, red; single-lobed, double-petal… … jagged, colorful. The owner of the yard, Mr. Sun, is a science and engineering man who is busy with his children in the garden. He smiles and tells us that in a month, hundreds of hydrangea in the courtyard will bloom and be more beautiful. Originally a small garden, Mr. Sun’s parents were old and inconvenient to take care of. He spent five or six years planting the garden for his parents and his wife and children.

I have been lost in the past since I found out that I am not only visiting the beautiful courtyard, but also a variety of beautiful lifestyles. Through Weibo and WeChat, I found many interesting yards within 150 kilometers.

Longchamp yard deep in the alleys of the old town, but go into the back garden to doubt yourself through an ancient dignitaries, pavilions labyrinth, landscape flowers, subtle fragrance floating, not great, but perfectly formed, meaning Yun full. I went there many times, and every time I went there was a new baptism about beauty. Mr. Shang went to Suzhou for tourism more than 10 years ago. He strolled around the garden and lingered, admiring the kind of garden life that “does not use the car to go to the suburbs to enjoy the forest, the family has the natural scenery and integrates culture and spirit in this nature”. . Going home after years of hard work, a little bit rich, with this yard. When he is busy with work, he is here to watch the sun and the moon, enjoy the snow, listen to the rain, listen to the birds, record the birds, frog drums, fish chews… powder wall paper, years of pen, spring reading, pillow flow rock, life It is like a picture.

I also took my child through a mysterious yard of “specimen hunters.” The courtyard is covered with thick trees, with trunks as pillars, and a cloister of cloisters. The corridors are covered with various specimens, fungi, lichens, mosses, ferns… and beasts, birds, insects, etc. state. The above detailed collection of collectors from Tibet, Gansu, Yunnan, Kunlun Mountain, in addition to the owner himself, as well as specimen lovers around the world, so the owner called himself a “specimen hunter.” He is a senior manager of a large group of companies. He has been fascinated with specimens since college. He has collected and produced specimens for many years, and has formed a community with many specimen lovers. Today, many of his specimens are expensive. He will come here from the city on weekends, talk to the specimens, classify them, he never feels anxious, cherish life and responsibility, maybe it is this kind of serious and free, let him have an enviable career and family.

I know a financial worker who loves photography. I rented an old courtyard with a patio in the suburbs to create the studio I wanted. I designed the light and shadow through, and I was full of unique artistic temperament. She has produced a lot of excellent works here, some of which won awards and were exhibited.

There are thousands of succulent plants growing in the yard. Some yards are full of Zen. Some yards are made of stones from all over the world. Stones are covered with flowers and trees… The owners of each yard are living homes. It is also an esthetician and a dreamer. After visiting more than 100 yards, I gradually became unbeautiful from a rough aesthetic, and then rebuilt my life with the dream of beauty.

I first introduced these yards on Weibo and attracted many yard lovers. Having a yard is actually the dream of countless people. Later I set out to do several matrix public numbers about private courtyards, home aesthetics, and family culture. With the economic foundation, I began to visit the special courtyards around the world, broaden my horizons and infuse myself with beautiful nutrition.

At the same time, in the process, I met many like-minded friends who love life, appreciate aesthetics, and practice hard, and such a life concept is doomed to become a tasteful elite. I have learned and benefited from it, and it has far surpassed the enjoyment of a yard. Now, looking back at my own improvements and changes over the years, I only feel pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

One writer said: “You really deserve to have good, the premise is that you want to be a good person who knows how to be good.” I am very fortunate that I have gone from visiting the courtyard of my life to a beautiful person. Have a wonderful life that was previously unimaginable.