Life fun in the alarm clock label

I am particularly forgetful and confused, so there are a lot of alarm clocks on my mobile phone, not just getting up in the morning, regular things like “getting my brother at 3 o’clock” and “sistering at 4 o’clock” from Monday to Friday. There are also temporary events such as “simmering in the pot”, “remember to dry the clothes”, “drying the quilt today” and so on.

The alarm clock plays a very important role in my life. I have used the alarm clock for many years. I think it is not only a reminder and a urging function, but also an understanding of the self. What are the alarm clocks? Why are you worried? What is important?

A friend came, we were chatting, and the phone rang. It showed: “Go to Xiao Apo to get ginger tea.” She was very surprised: “You still have such a good neighbor.” Xiao Apo is over 70 years old. It is a Cantonese. After retirement, he often sunbathes in the yard and carries a cup of brown sugar ginger tea he makes himself. I asked her about the practice of ginger tea, and she was passionate about giving me a pot. I went to the ginger tea with my friends that day and I was warm in the afternoon.

The labels in the phone are almost my interpersonal diagrams and everyday life. “Take the children to the XX family to listen to the story.” “Walk in the park with XX.” “The 15th vegetable farmer brought his family’s plums.” “The XX house can be picked up in the yard.” “Go to the guzheng.”

The alarm clock has been set a lot, and I also downloaded a lot of nice voices. Sencha, flowing water, hawthorn, looking forward, slowly rising, the tone is very good. Such a voice is not like an eager urging someone to do something, but rather a kind of performance. For example, when the “harp” reminds me to pick up the child, the kind of melodious feeling feels like going to the concert; and the “fife” sound tells me to prepare the ingredients for the eight-treasure porridge. When I was young, my grandmother fanned in the yard with a fan. Small stove porridge.

The alarm clock we set for ourselves is actually a life attitude. The child’s classmate has an anxious mother. The alarm clock on her mobile phone is “5 o’clock on the extracurricular class” “Study on Saturday and learn” “Sunday supplement English.” She is afraid that she can’t remember, the alarm clock is still kind of shrill. The alarm bell, every time the sharp long ringing sounded, she took her son and rushed out. As the child grows up, the number of alarm clocks on her mobile phone increases. It is about various extracurricular classes and training classes: “Learn English online at 7:00 pm.” “On Saturday at 8:00.” She and her children are getting more and more Busy, more and more urgent.

My friend gave me a calendar with the taboos, the rushing, the five elements of the fortune, and so on. It’s not necessarily scientific, but it’s fine. On some special days, it will be marked with an alarm clock first. For example, it is advisable to be drunk in the spring breeze, avoid serious problems, and do not hesitate.

Sometimes, the work pressure is high, the phone suddenly has the first morning sun, flashing a word on it: today is the best flower. By the way, walk downstairs and see a magnolia in front of the door.

For a while, the child is particularly procrastinating, going home from school to write homework, often writing and writing, and playing for a while and then reminding me to write. Sleeping is also the case. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and bathe many times. Although the custom schedule is in place, these forms do not speak.

Later, I tried to use the alarm clock. At 7:30, the alarm clock reminded me to brush my teeth, and at 8:30, I reminded me to listen to the story. Although effective, it is a bit rude. I often struggle with children for this. “Why didn’t you write homework after the time?” “Can’t you do it later?” “The alarm clock has been ringing so many times, haven’t gone to bed to sleep?” “I hate the alarm clock, why should it order me when it rings?” Do this, do the practice?”

The alarm clock was once the source of our family conflicts. I also distressed for a long time. After that, I saw a piece of software with a function of a habit plan, which suddenly touched me. Make some habits every day, such as sleeping, there are pre-sleeping, reading before bedtime, bedtime music, bedtime finishing and so on. According to your own work and habits, choose the appropriate schedule, set the alarm clock, and this alarm clock has related music, atmosphere, and emotion. As a result, any behavior is no longer an instruction.

The child is also attracted by this function, and he has his own sleeping habits and homework habits. Set up his favorite music and content. For example, he loves to listen to detective stories before going to bed. There is also a function to record his own voice. Sometimes he will record some fun audio and stories and play it before going to bed.