After the child falls asleep, try to be romantic.

“If the marriage is happy, while the child is asleep, you can’t help doing romantic things with your partner.” This is the way to a happy marriage that 77-year-old Japanese housewife Daguan and her son summed up in a television interview. She said that these little things done with a sneaky mood will become emotional lubricants and moisten the dull boredom that will inevitably occur in the couple’s relationship for decades.
When Wako and her husband were young, they often went to the sake house to drink and chat after their children fell asleep, to play high puzzles, to turn the music on very low in the kitchen, to dance, and to make a “Wako” model ship together. He zi also wrote a poem about it: wait for the child to fall asleep/do something naughty/put aside the parents’ serious mask/at the moment you and I are just teenagers on the river bank/sniffing at fireworks.
From the time the child was born until he left home as an adult, every couple would face a problem-the parents had worn the mask for a long time and forgot behind the mask, as well as eat drink man woman’s vivid and naughty face. Many couples have developed to the point where they have nothing to say or do without their children. Even after settling the child to sleep, the couple still tirelessly discuss the child’s performance, the child’s piano test, the child’s breakfast tomorrow … They seldom think of their identity as husband and wife. Whether a child can win the first prize in Olympic mathematics and whether the child is in the teacher’s favor is far more important than what the pillow person is thinking and what joy and sorrow he or she has.
One of the annoyances of Chinese mothers is: “Why do I always worry about my children, and why do I have to bear the anxiety and tiredness of this’ widowed parenting’?” Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States found through brain scans that male brain regions that dominate parenting are very close to regions that experience romantic feelings. In other words, after marriage, only when men are satisfied with their emotional life can they devote considerable energy and take the initiative to share the responsibility of raising children for their wives. This is the same as the emperor penguin family, male penguins only feel the tenderness of female penguins, will continue to stand motionless in the storm for 60 days to incubate eggs, with the body warm little penguins, is the same reason.
So, while the child is asleep, do something romantic as much as possible. This can not only keep the couple’s feelings fresh, but also help both sides to raise children together. My friend Killer, the child is just over one year old and cannot leave others. He will be guarded carefully when he falls asleep. So the couple made yogurt and baked egg tarts in the kitchen, one earphone for each person, and shared their favorite documentary. Because of these romantic moments to pave the way, children will have to undergo surgery for congenital heart disease, and they will survive. There is no complaint or prevarication between them, only the hands they hold together at the same time.
In spring, I tiptoed into soft-soled shoes and went to the snack bar to eat shredded turnip pancakes and boiled eggs with shepherd’s purse flowers. In summer, put a layer of strong mosquito repellent on each other’s ankles and go out together to watch fireflies. In autumn, of course, I have to go out to enjoy sweet osmanthus. I will take a small bag of sweet osmanthus to make sweet osmanthus candied and add it to the small sweet dumplings made of distilled liquor and wine. In winter, it’s snowing. What are you waiting for? Can’t parents go out and have a snowball fight?
Bring back the newly-built snowman and put it on the terrace. when the child gets up in the morning, he asks, “who brought back the snowman?” Who went out to play snow again without telling me? You sniggered knowingly. Yes, your close relationship makes children a little jealous. Husband and wife are partners, comrades in arms, allies and the most tacit friends. Your harmony will give the child a full sense of security and make his mind develop healthily.
When husband and wife have been together for decades and are getting old, can they remember the moment when the children fall asleep and the husband plays games and the wife brushes plays? Let’s make good use of the only time we can get along with each other during that day.