Once upon a time, it was slow to live a life of vegetables and rice.

My parents have moved to the city with me for a long time. I always have the illusion that time flies too fast. In a hurry, I went to many places, gave lectures to many universities, published many books and met many people. why is it that the Chinese new year is coming in such a hurry? For several years, I didn’t bother to stir up trouble. The New Year’s Eve meal was served at a buffet or at a restaurant. I asked my parents what they would like to eat this year.
This question has been asked with a sickly heart. Now there is plenty of food and clothing, no shortage of food, and no appetite for anything. Chicken, duck, fish, seafood, imported fruits and snacks, usually eat too much, bored.
My mother said, “This year we will eat our own cabbage.” I can’t believe it. Where did you plant it?
Mother hey hey laugh, “right outside your window sill, I see you sometimes nap, just call your dad hoe weeds, moved half a meter. I have not only planted Chinese cabbage, but also scallions and two camellias. ” I’m happy, really convinced them. It snowed last month. Standing at the window, I saw a row of green Chinese cabbage. It was very beautiful.
Remembering an old New Year’s Eve meal, I took the money from adults and trotted off to buy wine and soda. Adults have figured it out in their hearts that the money they give is always a little more than the money they buy, and children are diligent in their legs and feet.
My mother chopped lotus root and ribs in the morning and slowly boiled the casserole. At dusk in winter, the slow-stewed fragrance gets into the nose and haunts the soul. Lotus root is glutinous, pork ribs are tender and unspeakably delicious. Good soup must be slow. This is just one of the dishes. Other raw materials, go to the market early and take advantage of the fresh, pick up and take home. This task is usually assigned to the father who rides a bicycle.
Since I went out, I sat in the back seat of my father and went out together. My father rode slowly all the way. I looked around and around. When I met someone selling fried rice dumplings on the roadside, I was greedy and wanted to eat it. Then I stopped. When I met an acquaintance or colleague, my father’s car stopped again, and the adults chatted and talked. I played by myself. My father went to great pains to buy good things, and when the whole day passed, I also enjoyed myself and returned.
Meat needs vegetables to go with it. What kind of food is more reliable than your own? Also need not much, the second floor of the largest balcony directly into a small garden. It is our tradition to grow and eat our own vegetables.
As the city is so big, my father still likes to go to the nearby wholesale market to buy vegetables by bike. I have grown up and no longer sit in the back seat of his car. But with these memories, I became a person with treasure in my heart.
Once upon a time, my father wanted to eat the same dish, and my mother did it well. It took much more time and effort than now.
Besides, let’s go back to our Chinese cabbage. They grow vegetables, I pick them one by one, gather together a lively, stir-fry in a pan. Home-grown, this dish is especially sweet after winter and snow. In fact, this is just an ordinary dish. Over time, the accumulated taste is intangible.
Wooden heart praised “slow in the past” and said “slow in the past days/slow in cars, horses and mail/only enough to love one person in one’s life”. On the surface this is talking about love, but in fact it is praising the human touch.
There are too many delicious things to eat in the world, but that’s all. The world is tired of rushing things and forgets the original intention. We are not great heroes and there is no world to save. If we earn money, we should spend it on the people we like and on our lives.
Once upon a time, it was slow to live a life of one vegetable and one meal. The most important thing to pay attention to was to eat slowly with one’s closest relatives and loved ones.