Too old, just right

There was a bee hovering in my ear for a long time. It had not left for three days. Unconsciously, I used my hand to drive it away, but it had no effect. It was getting dark, but it was nearly five o’clock, and the night came very early in the deep winter.
When the door rang, he came back, and from the entrance came “asleep?”
The last time I want to talk, I have to ask somebody else. It’s really okay to have such a loud voice and sleep in vain.
“I am awake and have a headache.”
“Why don’t you turn on the light?”
At the same time when the door was closed, the overhead lights lit up and a yellow halo disturbed people’s headache.
After all these years, I still don’t understand me. If I like the light, people would have turned on the light long ago. Is it not because I have a headache and don’t like it?
After a moment’s rustle, a thermometer stood in front of him and said, “Please try your watch. You must go to the hospital if the temperature is high.”
See, that’s how it goes to the Sahara. Can’t you be gentle? The watch was cold and there was a convulsion under the armpit. Pots and pans rang out in the kitchen. It seemed that the sound could make people quiet and sleepy.
“Get up and drink soup!”
Oh, can’t you see how hard it is to finally fall asleep? Eyes are used to vent anger!
“38℃, windy, don’t go to the hospital. Drink soup quickly. ”
The soup is very hot, with some vegetable leaves and some plumeria. It tastes strong pepper. The bathroom was so sparse that a head popped out in half a day: “Have you finished drinking? Go wash it while it is hot. ”
A person, a dry bus is very easy, a dry bus is not easy all his life, until the dry bus can not go on until you think it is unacceptable and he can continue to dry bus! But suddenly, at the corner of life, I found that outside this dry bus, there was a little comfort and warmth.
Wrapped up in a zongzi, he returned to the sofa, holding the big tablet in his hand and poking it straight to the front of the noodle shop: “eat!” A large jar of hot water will be coming. doesn’t he know it’s very hot?
One night, just one cup after another, is worse than the man-to-man defense on the football field, and people will burst if they drink it alive. No words, just keep falling, keep “hmm”.
Lie down, the temperature does not seem to have decreased, but the whole person is better. He suddenly noticed his back. His hair was shining golden under the light. It was white hair dancing. Oh, white hair, when did the white hair on our heads become the leading role? The unruly, unreliable, and most playful young man slipped away from middle age to near old age.
At his feet, he stared at the TV, no comfort, no intimacy, but at that time my heart was filled with happiness. This is the company, this is the dry bar, care about each other to live to the gray hair.
The light went out, I pretended to be asleep, and he had to get up early tomorrow. On the bedside table, there were clumsy people touching everywhere. A large jar was placed on the bedside table. The hot air of the water rushed to the eyelashes, which was a little moist and damp.
Ouch, complained for half of his life, nagged for most of his life. In the moonlight, I was secretly pleased. Fortunately, I met her. Fortunately, my hand was not loosened. In this life, quite good; This person, quite good; It’s just right to get older together.