Bring out the fragrance of life

“The bitter days have finally come to an end” “He has finally come out” … In life, we often hear such sighs, whether we are sad or glad. A word of “boil” infiltrates how bitter life is, and how much philosophy it contains!

For the “boil”, many wise men from ancient to modern times have had brilliant insights.

Confucius said: “The generosity is good, and the big devices are late. The big voice is loud, and the elephant is invisible.” What he said was a state of “boil” and the result obtained by “boil”.

Lin Yutang said, “Holding a teapot, torment my life to the essence of its essence.” He said that it was a kind of “boil” calmness and the mellow taste tasted during the boil.

The writer Chi Li said in the book “Boil until dripping into pearls”: Knowing that it takes experience, that experience takes time, and that it takes a long time to experience, this is “boil”. The meaning of “boil” is equivalent to the “boil” of Chinese herbal medicine for making soup medicine: torment. It can be said that the image is born, and the spring of life is born.

A famous master said in life, life is two words: suffering. In adversity, suffering can overcome adversity; just when danger is in hand, suffering can overcome it. Life must not be afraid of suffering, it is necessary to cultivate the essence and realm.

These sages and celebrities are right. In fact, life itself is a boil. The champion was boiled out, “three winter training, three summer training”, and then passed the level, and became a blockbuster; the celebrities were boiled out, “one minute on stage, ten years off the stage”, and then made a lot of accumulation and glory.

Boil is a hot experience and an accumulation of energy. It ’s like a small fire slowing down. Although the flame is small and the fire is mild, it is hot for a long time. If it is not able to withstand the grilled steel and iron body, it will inevitably fall apart and melt away at any time, and even slowly disappear in a quiet, death. But once it has withstood this kind of roasting, it will accumulate the energy full of fiery energy, and integrate the brilliant qualities of persistence, tenacity, courage, and generosity into blood, bone marrow, and chest.

Boil is a kind of long-term persistence and a kind of perseverance. There are no shortcuts in life, and success comes from it. Thick porridge is boiled, broth is boiled, and honey juice is boiled. Only through weather, can we reach the world; only by sticking to hope and remembering our dreams, can we taste the sweetness and bitterness, and reveal the colorful in the dull and monotonous. Only after passing through the scorching wind and rain, can we usher in the beautiful sun and the sun;

However, there are also “rules” and “rules” for cooking. It is not a deadly compromise, nor is it an obedience to adversity; it is not a reckless baggage, nor a shameless shame. It was helpless on the surface, but tough in its bones; it seemed to be retreating, but it was actually aggressive. During the boil, there are peeping and thinking, waiting and breakthrough, energetic efforts and energetic struggles, embarrassment of starvation and calmness.

Attitude determines results. Different attitudes to boil will have different results. Some people are advancing, others are shrinking. Some people succeeded while others struggled, and some people lost themselves. Go through it, stand out; go through it, get out. Suffering is not a passive wait. Passive waiting does not make a good day; it is not a senseless dormancy, a senseless dormancy does not make a good name;

Therefore, we must have “three hearts”: first, we must have confidence. The key to success is to be confident in life. In the face of setbacks, as long as the belief is still there, it will endure pain and be close to success. The second is to be patient. Suffering needs an Enron state of mind, an indifferent state of mind, and a transcendent mind. It is only to be able to bear the guts and bear the burden of humiliation, and it can only be achieved through hardship; butterfly feathering, and phoenix nirvana can only be reached during long-term suffering. The third is to be kind. Kindness is the most beautiful element in the world, and it is also the yeast that has produced the strongest career success. With a kind heart, you are not afraid of hurting yourself by rumors, and fearlessly slandering yourself. And the angel of success often comes forth in this kind of selfless and fearless kind patience.

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