Every cotton plant will bloom

That year’s college entrance examination, because I was two points away from the minimum admission score line, I fell to Sun Shan. I returned home from school for a whole summer vacation and I couldn’t see any way out. I stayed behind closed door all day and sighed.

Seeing that the new semester is about to start, many students who have failed in the college entrance examination have chosen to repeat their studies, and I also kept myself in the room and hurt myself. Seeing that I was so sinking and stunned, at that time, my grandma always knocked at my door every three minutes. I was upset. Every time she came knocking at my door, I always irritated her.

Grandma is a magnanimous person. Every time I get angry at her, she can’t bear it. She always keeps quietly at my door and keeps saying, “Grandson, on the pond behind the house, that one A large piece of cotton opened, and you opened the door, and we went to pick the cotton together. That piece of white cotton, you will feel a lot more comfortable looking at your heart. ”

I was lying on the bed in the back room, and the door was locked by me. No matter how grandma called outside, I didn’t say a word. I don’t know what the white cotton flower has to do with my future.

One day, my grandmother came to my door and knocked on the door again, saying that it was going to rain, and that cotton would rot in the cotton field without picking it again.

As soon as I heard it, I quickly got up and opened the door, followed my grandmother, carrying the basket, and walked towards the cotton field behind my house.

My family’s backyard stalk has more than one acre of cotton land. It was almost autumn, and I took a closer look. The blossoming cotton was as white as my grandmother said. It blossomed white flowers and never picked it. As long as a heavy rain, the cotton will rot in the cotton field.

I followed my grandmother, and while picking, I admired the beauty of this autumn cotton blooming. Although a lot of cotton is in full bloom, I found that there are still many cotton peaches that are not in bloom under the flowers. They are bowing their heads, like me who has failed the college entrance examination, and are downcast.

I picked a cotton peach that was not blooming and tried to peel off its outer shell. I wanted to remove the cotton that had not bloomed inside. But its shell was biting tightly, there was no gap, and I tried hard and didn’t peel it off. At that moment, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the blooming cotton plant. I thought, how much energy does each cotton peach need to accumulate if it wants to bloom?

“What’s the use of picking these non-flowering cotton peaches? Can these cotton peaches still flower?” I asked my grandmother when she saw grandma picking blooming cotton while picking those non-flowering cotton peaches.

Seeing that I finally agreed to speak, my grandmother who had planted cotton for a lifetime told me that every year after the cotton is in full bloom, as long as there is the sun, pick these unflowered cotton peaches home and put them in the yard to dry, and each cotton peach will bloom.

“Every cotton plant will bloom?” After hearing Grandma’s words, I was doubtful. At that moment, I suddenly felt that my grandmother was talking about me. The one who failed the college entrance examination was the cotton peach without flowering!

Grandma picked the non-flowering cotton peaches home and put them in the yard. Within two days, the cotton peaches really bloomed.

Seeing those cotton peaches that were picked home, the flowers really bloomed. I finally gathered my courage and re-entered the school to become a repeater. In the following days, I will not give up on myself anymore. I believe that if my grandma has the sun, as long as she absorbs upward power, every cotton plant can blossom.

The following year, I finally admitted to an ideal university. The day I got the college notice, I choked a few times, and I finally did it. I was like the cotton peach. Although it was a bit late, it finally blossomed.

That year, when my grandma and I went to pick cotton, I never thought that my grandma would tell me such a useful principle.

Since then, I always remember grandma’s words, as long as there is the sun, as long as you work hard, every cotton peach will bloom.