Extra work is work

As a new office worker, there are many challenges to face. I try to solve the problems at work properly. Even if I have occasional grievances and complaints, I try to swallow it in my stomach to prevent other colleagues from detecting it, so as not to affect the relationship between colleagues.

Colleague Wang Jie probably saw this. Every Monday, after the director assigned us this week’s tasks, Wang Jie always arranged for me to do his sub-tasks privately as the elder brother.

At the beginning, I was happy to help Wang Jie. I always thought that when I first entered the workplace, I needed to cultivate my learning ability, and I could take the opportunity to exercise myself by doing more things. Moreover, helping colleagues to do things can also show unity and deepen the feelings of colleagues. As long as time permits and my energy is not overdrawn, I always complete the work for Wang Jie as soon as possible with the quality and quantity.

However, over time, I found problems.

Every time Wang Jie arranged a job for me, he was rushed, and I had to divert his working time to help him do things. As a result, my own work was not done as well as before. More times, I attracted the director’s skeptical eyes. What’s more terrible is that Wang Jie thought that I had a strong ability to bear, and made it worse. Not only did I help with my work, but even my personal affairs required me to do it. This time, I am even busier, and sometimes my work cannot be completed on time. My mood has been greatly affected.

This will definitely cause problems. What should I do? After some consideration, I decided to have a good talk with Wang Jie.

After a regular meeting in the office, I deliberately asked him to help me complete a job while taking the opportunity of only me and Wang Jie. Wang Jie apparently did not expect this. He was quite surprised and asked me why. Instead of answering him directly, I had a long conversation with him. I communicated his expectations of the office, my pressure with him, and expressed my opinion. I said that I would be happy to do things for my colleagues, but I cannot influence my own job because of this. I hope that Wang Jie will have a choice when he arranges work for me, so that I can help him with some of the work and he will not affect me.

Wang Jie happily accepted my thoughts and apologized to me for my previous actions.

Since then, I have communicated and exchanged ideas with Wang Jie in a timely manner, and he also changed the previous approach, only occasionally assigning tasks that require help from others to me. I was doing Wang Jie’s work outside of work, and it was very pleasant to have harvested both results and friendship.

Now, I finally understand that a lot of extra work can be left out, but more often, it is better to deal with my extra work through communication.