Feed boots

The famous 18th century writer Henry Fielding was impoverished throughout his life, but even so, he still disdain to attach power to personal interests.

On one occasion, a Marquis William in London wanted to host a dinner at home. In order to show his taste, Marquis William wrote to invite many writers and musicians at the time, including Fielding. In fact, Marquis William had never dealt with Fielding at all. He didn’t even know Fielding at all. He just felt that Fielding’s reputation was enough to write an invitation.

It was already the afternoon of the banquet after Fielding received the letter, and it was too late to reply to the letter, so he could only go to the banquet wearing his broken boots as usual. When he came to the door of Marquis William’s house, the doorkeeper looked at his broken boots, thinking he was a beggar who cheated and drank, and stopped him outside. Just then, Marquis William came out. After listening to the description of the servants, he also sulked Fielding with angrily expression: “How could any of my friends wear such broken boots, hurry, don’t Defile my house with such broken boots. ”

Fielding had to go to the street to buy a new pair of boots. After changing it, he went to the door of Marquis William’s house with a broken boot and said to Marquis William who was welcoming at the door: “I am Fielding, I have already I put on new boots, and I don’t think it will stain your house now! ”

Marquis William quickly apologized and asked Fielding to enter the room. Fielding put his broken boots in the corner of the door and followed Marquis into the room. The dinner soon began. People were complimenting each other. Only Fielding sat quietly. He took off his boots and “feeded” various foods into the boots with a small spoon. People looked at each other in astonishment. Marquis William asked wonderingly, “Mr. Fielding, are you going to take it home for your family to enjoy? You don’t have to do this. I’ll ask my servant to prepare some more for you to take home.”

Fielding smiled and said, “No, I don’t mean to take it back.”

“Then why do you put food in your boots?” Asked Marquis William, puzzled.

“Oh, it ’s like this. When I come in old boots, you have to drive me away. I put in new boots and you let me in. There is no doubt that you did n’t invite me to dinner. Instead, you invited me. Eat, and in this case, I will feed my boots. “Fielding said with a smile.

Marquis William froze at a loss, but Fielding stood up and said, “Well, the boots are full, I should leave.” After that, Fielding stood up, regardless of the new boots. , Walked out of the house barefoot, put on the pair of broken boots at the door and left. From the beginning to the end, Fielding himself ate nothing.

It is not easy to judge people by their appearance, but there are always many people who like to judge the value based on the surface of things. Some people say that Fielding’s “feeding boots to eat” approach seems to be a little bellyy. People who say this are nothing more than measuring Fielding’s heart with his own market mentality. You must know that Fielding is disdainful and lenient The imaginary association of the nobles, so rather than his small belly chicken intestine, it is better to say that he has protected his dignity in a unique way.