Feeling unhappy with a cup of herbal tea

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when people are under pressure, the blood and blood in their bodies will not be so smooth, and people will not be happy anymore, so they will “block the liver”, which is called “stagnation of liver qi”.

To get rid of depression
“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said that the liver, the officer of the general, conspired to make a concubine. Chinese medicine believes that the liver in the human body mainly plays a role in controlling the normal operation of the whole body’s qi and blood and regulating the spiritual emotions. It can be seen that liver and emotion changes are inseparable.

And “the liver is happy, and the depression”, simply put, the liver likes to feel comfortable, but is most afraid of depression. As soon as the liver is “blocked” and liver function is reduced, the whole body will not be able to circulate qi and blood, and the qi will not only cause various diseases, but also directly lead to emotional distress. Liver qi discomfort causes depression, and mood depression can aggravate liver qi discomfort. The two affect each other and are prone to vicious circulation.

What are the symptoms of liver qi stagnation
In addition to emotional influences, liver qi stagnation may also have the following adverse manifestations on the body:

Body fat

Liver qi stagnation can cause qi and blood in the whole body not to flow, thereby reducing the body’s metabolic rate, making people feel tired and weak. The most obvious manifestation is that they do not like sports more and more, which can easily lead to constipation and obesity.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that insomnia manifests as difficulty falling asleep, not sleeping deeply, dreaming, and waking up early. The main reasons are insomnia caused by mood depression, followed by liver qi stagnation, liver stagnation, fire, and evil fire disturbing the heart. insomnia.

Due to lack of sleep for a long time, women’s skin will also become rough, even with dark spots and pale faces.

Menstrual disorders in women

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the function of liver “mainly draining and storing blood” is closely related to whether women’s menstruation is normal or not.

When a woman is in a state of liver qi stagnation, the menstrual period will be significantly shortened, the menstrual volume will also be significantly reduced, and dizziness and pain symptoms will occur during menstruation. In addition, when qi and blood are not smooth, it can also cause breast nodules, and even directly cause breast cancer.

Induced nodules

Stagnation of liver qi is especially easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. If the human body is regarded as a “car”, then the spleen is the “fuel tank” in it. It needs to provide a steady stream of power for the human body. Of course, if the fuel tank fails, it will directly cause the vehicle to break down, while the spleen and stomach failure will cause the human body Damaged, and thus easy to produce garbage such as phlegm. These rubbish are difficult to remove. They can only accumulate everywhere in the body. Thyroid, liver, stomach, uterus, breast, lung, etc. may exist in them, so these places become nodules’ breeding grounds.

Sanjie Herbal Tea
This Sanjie herbal tea is seven kinds of traditional Chinese medicine — prunella, rose, raw hawthorn, lisianthus, mulberry, raccoon, yellow mustard. These seven medicines are all traditional Chinese medicine and food, presumably the flowers and fruits you have seen in daily life.

The method of making and taking is very simple. Just put them in a cup, slowly add hot water, and a cup of loose-medicated herbal tea is completed.