Good luck

I remembered some time ago, I attended a dinner party, and there were successful people with heads and faces on the dinner table.

For example, the one sitting on my right was once an ordinary middle school teacher who taught English. When the principal’s office resigned on the grounds of postgraduate entrance examination, the principal was trained like a bear, and the principal threw off a brave sentence. It’s no wonder that you can get a graduate! With a firm attitude, he resolutely resigned, and through hard work, he was admitted to a graduate school in a famous university! After graduating, he joined the film and television company and became the general manager. The salary treatment has naturally made me and other waiters feel astonished and look forward to it. What is even more incredible is that he resigned from such a good company and founded his own school.

For example, the person sitting on my left is a female editor who has been in the publishing house for 15 years. I resigned now, but I want to verify that I have no other possibility besides editing. It doesn’t look like I’m two or three years older than me.

In these dinner-filled dinners, I couldn’t insert a few words and sat like an idiot. At the end, he was also regarded as a fresh graduate by the female editor on the left. Actually, I have graduated from college for ten years.

I was suddenly awakened. This was definitely not a compliment to me, to praise me for being young, but to secretly say that I was not mature enough, looked like a child, didn’t understand anything, and it was something other people could ignore.

The same is the editor of the publishing house. Other successful people have obviously thrown the olive branch of cooperation to the female editor on the left, even though she is only doing it as an amateur. And I, a full-time editor at the publishing house, has become a foil.

There is a widely circulated saying that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck. For more than three decades, I have also been used to expressing my sincerity with a thick smile in front of people, and sometimes to hide embarrassment with a haha ​​laugh … However, I found that no matter how hard I try to greet people, no matter how I smile at myself In my life, I seem to be a person who can hardly get good luck. Not to mention good luck, as long as bad luck and bad luck don’t come to patronize me, don’t come to trouble me, and spend every day calmly, I’m thankful.

My luck always seems to be bad. No matter how hard I try, those lucks always leave me, and those opportunities that look like bubbles float past me. It was indeed a bubble, because it soon broke because I didn’t catch it. I gradually became accustomed to it and could only lower my requirements.

I even started to confess my fate, and my fate was destined for my life to be upset, sad, poor, lonely. What else could I do? Fighting as a sleepy beast is nothing more than struggle and futility.

An unlucky person, like a magnet, can suck all the bad things into himself. This kind of gray inertial thinking is really as dusty as a face, and it will stick to itself firmly. As a result, the whole person seems to feel unreliable, unreliable, and cannot be entrusted with a heavy task.

Actually, I know that the crux of all this is that I am a weak person.

I have seen similar views before: Why are you more likely to get hurt than others? Even a small detail, such as a colleague who does not respond enthusiastically when you meet, will make you extremely wronged and helpless. The root cause is that you are not strong enough. .

It’s not strong enough, so every little bit of wind and grass blowing from the outside will shake your peaceful inner world, making the lake rough and turbulent.

There is a sentence called, fate, the excuse of the weak; luck, the modesty of the strong. The weak often say that I don’t mix well because I have a bad life. The strong often said modestly that I looked strong because I was lucky. In fact, this is really not modest. The strong are just lucky, they just have a wise insight into this fact.

It can also be said that I just feel that I am working very hard. Compared with my colleague who just graduated, I’m far from qualified.

This colleague has the same energy as the chicken blood every day. Have dinner with me every day after work. After eating, I went back to the place where I lived and watched the boring TV series. The name was: It’s been a whole day, so adjust it. However, he worked overtime for several hours a day, and regarded overtime as a habit every day. Obviously, he did more valuable things with the same time than me.

I asked him with a silly smile, why don’t you feel tired? Don’t you need any rest?

His answer shocked me: I will be eliminated if I don’t work hard!

This is the cruel reality: the efforts of the weak just look very hard, and only the efforts of the strong can get good luck. It turned out that the weak did not have good luck, in the final analysis, because they did not work hard enough to make excuses everywhere. Because it is worse than others, the effort is naturally much more than that of the strong, so it may be closer to success and good luck.