Ray Crocker was a salesman for a milkshake blender and a sales manager. In 1954, when he went to a restaurant to sell a milkshake blender, he found that the business of this restaurant was very hot. There was a continuous line of people in this small street shop. Many people queued 4 willingly to eat a beef patties. For hours, this deeply attracted Crocker. After observing, he found that the service efficiency of this store is particularly high. The customers have just ordered and the prepared meals will appear in the guests’ hands. This also surprised Crocker and felt very creative. After he visited the production line of this restaurant and learned the entrepreneurial experience of the two brothers of the owner, he suggested to the two brothers to open a branch, but the two brothers were satisfied with themselves. The turnover of this store does not want to change.

After being rejected by the two brothers, Crocker was not discouraged, but instead went to sell his concept time and time again: “If you open a branch, you can let the restaurant go out of the town, go to the big city, and even go to the United States. The world. “But the two brothers were unmoved, and mocking Crocker was whimsical. In the end, Crocker offered to open a branch and give them dividends, so Crocker became an affiliate of this store. He even mortgaged his own property and made a desperate effort. He also encountered problems with the flow of funds. However, he has withstood the pressure and overcome difficulties. He has gone through difficulties one after another. For 6 years, he has Visited 280 branches of this restaurant.

In the end, because of different business ideas, Crocker bought the restaurant’s sovereignty from the two brothers in 1961, and became the sole owner of this restaurant, which is a well-known McDonald’s. Today, Ray Crocker is a household name in the United States, and his career, as he had predicted, has become the world’s number one fast food empire.

Jobs once said that when people live, they want to change the world, so they have Apple. What limits our imagination is not poverty, but vision and pattern. A person’s vision will determine what scenery he sees, and the size of a person’s pattern will determine his level and ending. No doubt, Crocker is the one with the big picture.

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