Meet with Everest

It was the highest point of the earth, snow covered all the year round, the chill from ancient times, silently glowing with white light, rushing towards Tianyu.

Alpine and cold white are the magical codes that Everest has reserved for this planet. Countless people have exhausted their lives and even spared their lives to climb the peak and conquer nature in the name of decryption.

Why climb Everest?

One mountaineer said, “Because Everest is there.”

Because Mount Everest stands on top of the world, many people yearn for it and want to be close to it.

Once upon a time, a piece of “Qomolangma” made me unforgettable. The holy white adhered to the melody, pushed up a little bit, in the high-altitude loop, as if in the high cold, like the top of a high mountain. Because of Qomolangma, he is deeply in love with Qomolangma, but dare not expect to be close to it. It is too far away, like an alien planet. Although the city I was in had once travelled through the train to Lhasa, it never closed the distance between me and Everest.

Numerous humming melody related to you, how many times kissed your white snow in dreams, various travel pictures, peeping at your shadows in various film and television works, but it became more and more out of reach.

I never thought that this summer, by chance, we flew over the Himalayas, close to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Everyone in the cabin was filled with joy and exclaimed. Inspired by the passengers in the cabin, I have always been calm and uneasy, because the mysterious Everest is about to show up.

There seems to be a pair of invisible hands between heaven and earth, which lifts the mysterious veil of the Himalayas and gives me a glimpse of Mount Everest.

Viewing the mountains from an airplane has always been painted in a blurry way. This time, it’s different, just like standing on another higher mountain, watching Everest, mountain rocks and snow, it seems within reach. It’s incredible to be so close, like never before, like sleepwalking.

The size of the mountain, from the north to the south, has to fly over for a few hours. Above Everest, the time has solidified because of its cold beauty. The height of the mountain is clearly visible from the porthole and the Himalaya ridge.

The clouds are gradual and infinite, like a veil of tents, hazy and soft, and the ever-standing Everest is like a couch, calm and atmospheric. A closer look at Everest, the first feeling is the warmth of the yarn bed.

The mountain view on the aircraft is not like a mountain, but a part of the clouds. Everest is not a mountain rising from the ground, but a holy baby embraced by many clouds.

Outside the porthole, the clouds are high in the sky, sparse or dense, but seeing Everest breaking through the clouds, the hard cold white pierces the soft clouds like white bamboo shoots, and the white clouds are like clouds. Harder, with a sharp chill. The snowy mountains and white clouds are interdependent, and the mountains have the flavor of the clouds, and the clouds also have the shape of the mountains.

The moment I looked at Everest, I turned into a cold stone, paying tribute to the mountain on the planet’s greatest shore, the tallest cold peak, and the most affectionate cloud.

The great beauty of Mount Everest gave my soul a stun and aroused the motive force of life.

People have recently passed away, and loneliness cannot be dispatched. After looking at Mount Everest, I couldn’t help but feel shy, and compared with the snow-capped mountains, what was my loneliness? I always complain about my loneliness deeper than the sea. Compared with Everest, which has stood for hundreds of millions of years, how are you open to mention this?

Everest is silent, people are speechless, just like that, I look at you, you stare at me, separated by a small porthole glass.

How lucky I was to see the Everest so close for the first time, it was the angle from which I looked down that snowed the mountain.

How happy I am. The silent Mount Everest swept my heart with the holy mysterious snow. Instantly, people became transparent, and the emptiness was like a thousand years of snow above Mount Everest.

People are miserable until middle age, and the future is unpredictable.

Because of this look, I no longer fear the sorrow and pain that keeps coming to me. At the same time, I also add joy to the unexpected future, so that I can move towards tomorrow with a smile.

I have witnessed from the eyes of Mount Everest to Bai Yingtianxue, the magnificent Baoyun Mountain, and the cold and bitter life, what fear is there for me?

After looking at Mount Everest, I was no longer the middle-aged man who had lost all his gains and losses.

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