Palm fan

In his hometown, the dead wood in the forest that had not had time to wake up in the spring, entrusted the dream to the summer cicada on the branch. I do n’t know which cicada, I tried my voice, but did n’t want to break the word of summer, so the sound of cicadas flowed through the stream, through the tile, and out of the sky …

The hills passed the sunset, and the old man holding a bowl at the village head began to quietly shake a fan. The trimmed palm leaves are slightly trimmed, rounded with bamboo hoops, and reinforced with needles and needles, which can bring coolness. Most people in the country make their own, and sometimes they just make a few for the neighbors. It is also common to add some pen and ink or embroider some patterns on the pleated fan surface. Fine people also wrap the fan handle with silk threads and use it decently.

Most people always turn the drawers and pull out the fan of previous years. Even if it’s broken, it’s okay: take a new solid bamboo slip, and go through the needle and lead a few times, and it will be a good fan.

After supper, each family moved out of the cool bed and chairs and concentrated on the empty floor in front of the hospital. The adults shook the fan, talking about the harvest, and also talking about the old age; the adults added fans to the children lying on the cold bed from time to time, and the children would not let up, and hesitated to listen to the last night s story.

It was this storyteller when his grandfather was still alive. The fan in his hand gave the younger me and my brother a summer breeze, and in his mouth, the sun, the moon, and the stars couldn’t escape the picking when the sky was high; Without loss of righteousness. But my grandfather loved to say it, but he just came to the grass and trees in the countryside.

Mother-in-law torn off some long-brow willow leaves, took a breath, and blew into the rice fields. There will be fishes the size of willow leaves in the rice fields.

At this point, not far away, Liu Ying drank the flowers of rice fields and came in twos. The frogs took over the grandfather’s words, one after another. My grandfather patted my brother and me with a fan to drive away mosquitoes, and we gradually fell asleep under the stars. After many years, I always feel that the starlight and moonlight are still sprinkled on the body.

After that, my grandfather would take my brother and me back to the house and put them in a mosquito net under the curtain door. Earlier, he had used a fan to drive mosquito nets to ensure a good night’s sleep. Of course, most of these things are the responsibility of each daughter’s house. Some girl’s cooking is so good that she always provokes her neighbors.

When his grandfather died, it happened to be mid-summer. He was lying in a rocking chair in a serious illness, but sweaty but insisted on not using a fan. So, my brother and I took turns to give him a fan, this time, he would look at us happily. Until the last moment of his life, he always carried such joy.

In the afternoon, the same fan can’t let go. When the men returned from the field, the cow drank a herbal tea and picked up a fan to shake it. If you make a bunch of doors, you will raise a fan to block the scorching sun. The sun is hot, but the wind of the fan is gentle enough. The old trees in the old village, the old people sitting in the shade of the trees, you say nothing to me, not poetry and distant places, but say that this is frank now and now. Putting a fan on each one softens the sun and the moon in the country.

Today, Pu Fan has disappeared, and the rippling summer in the country is gradually drifting away, but the coolness has stopped in the memory of a generation.