Poetic landscape

The round red persimmon, the old greenish yellow leaves, and the gray-brown branches and branches make up the warmest and most poetic painting. This kind of scenery is also the most common. When you go out for a walk, you can always meet a lot.

Hundreds of meters long walk in the small alley, densely populated with many people. The red and red persimmons stood high and steady on the branches, crossed the courtyard of the house, and crossed the gray bricks and gray tiles, and they were in the distance. The cheerful and hospitable person seemed to be warm and hospitable. Even in the cold wind and cold weather, he had to go out to meet his old friend who came from afar, green ants, new wine, red clay stove, and go. Go and drink Have a drink.

Seeing such a scene, although there is a cold wind blowing and the gray-blue sky is frozen, but the heart is warm and bright and soft, people can’t help but love and be grateful for the warmth and affection of this world.

In my hometown in the Central Plains, everyone liked planting persimmon trees in the yard. What impressed me most was the family on the hutong mouth of our house. The persimmon tree grew best, and a big red persimmon was hung every year. The door of their house is always open, and the persimmon tree is just diagonally facing the door. Every time we pass by their door, we can’t help slowing down and admiring the joy of the persimmon tree harvest.

The red persimmons are as sweet as honey. When they are almost cooked, the young people at home will find a ladder to climb to pick persimmons. The old man commanded below, this is good, that is good. Under the persimmon tree, of course, a group of pouting children, smiling and looking up at the little face waiting to eat, are all children in the Hutong, you say, I say, lively. The children eat sweetly, and the old man sends a few more to each, telling them to take them back to taste for the adults. Although it is not a rare thing, it is a kind of intention. After receiving this intention, the family will give back this intention soon, like a handful of onions, a few radishes, two cabbages … all are ordinary vegetables, grown in their own land, but it is an extreme The beauty of simple human feelings.

One of the most important things when picking persimmons is that you can’t finish the picking and leave some for the birds. The old people pay particular attention to these things. They often say that it’s freezing in the cold, so you can save food for the birds and birds, and you will feel safe.

Judging from the landscape of the courtyard, the persimmon tree is not particularly beautiful. When it blooms, it is bland and can’t attract people’s attention at all. Quietly, it reminds me of no impression. Its leaves are also normal, and the yard grows silently, which is nothing special. Only in the late autumn, when walking step by step into the cold, people found the stunning beauty of the persimmon tree, and the silence before it got the most beautiful interpretation in its firm and indifferent simplicity. Under the desolate sky, the round reds and cheerful reds, like little suns, exude a kind of endless energy, so that people can feel the tenderness and kindness of the season in the cold wind howling. My heart raised a beautiful expectation for life. The country people don’t understand the poetic and poetic elegance, but the warmth of the red and persimmon makes them grateful forever, just like their feelings for the dirt.

I remember a scene I saw in an article: “When I was a teenager, I felt barefoot in the mud of the field. The soft black mud squeezed from the gap between the toes and gently and coolly passed the ankle. Support a child steadily. “The plants and trees are rooted in the earth, they are the children of the earth. Humans are also children of the earth, who are based on soil. The article also mentioned a very precious botanical characteristic, “firmness, dedication, and the simplicity, simplicity, and prosperity of life.” Recalling the growth state of the persimmon tree throughout the year, this is really the case. Look at the plants growing on the soil. Which is not the case? Rest in silence, with firm vitality containing endless vitality.

We are all children on the earth, and we should also possess this precious botanical characteristic, which adds a little warmth to the world, a poetic scenery.