Reading at night

When I was young, my house was a typical old Jiangnan house, with spacious ground and high beams. Every winter, even if the floor-to-ceiling windows were closed, there was still a bit of chill that penetrated into the bone marrow. At that time, there was no air conditioning or floor heating, and it was strange to be alone in the bedroom, so I took a small bench, hid in a small stove, and sat in front of the coal stove, while spending time reading while studying.

My uncle and grandmother had to boil hot water every night to wash their feet, and then washed the soup. During this time, I was sitting quietly by the hearth, holding a book in my hand to pass the time. I was accompanied only by an old iron pot. It sat on the coal stove securely in the mountains, and the coal made a “rustle” sound. The water continued to heat up during the burning of the charcoal fire, emitting white smoke and creaking, throbbing the quietness of the cold night, making people feel the smell of fireworks on earth.

If the fire can warm people’s bodies, then books can warm people’s hearts. In the cold days, I surround the stove, one after another, and read from the poems of Chu Ci Han From the beautiful to the beautiful poems of the Tang and Song dynasties, from the swords and swords of the rivers and lakes to the lingering love of the children, the lack of sight, facing the dazzling, flashing flames, a scene emerged from the ancients’ reading: “The cold night reading forgets sleep The incense burner of Jinxu is smokeless. The beauty went to the lamp with anger and asked Langzhi what day it is? ”The talented man Yuan Meihan picked up the lamp and read it at night. I was intolerant to the colder than five, but also distressed that the husband was tired and tired, half-coquettishly angry and stubborn, and the husband was half awkward and half-justified; Zheng Banqiao wrote in Man Ting Fang Guo Fangyi: “In the cold window , Tea and snow, a bowl of reading lamps “, warm and affectionate. But more are “the poems are full of lights and the sky is still unknown”, “the eyes are painful and the lights are still sitting darkly”, “the eyes are dim and the head is white” “reading to dawn can sleep” … one after another, they are studying hard, Born out of the cold door, there is neither the glorious blessing of “red sleeves adding fragrance” nor the leisurely elegance of making tea and snow. Song Zhenzong used “the book has its own bells, the book has its own golden house, and the book has its own face, such as jade,” to inspire the world’s scholars to study hard and get their names. Therefore, they are hungry and thirsty all day long. On their faces, as they walked toward the depths of the light, they also illuminated the dreams in their hearts. Suspended beams, pierced walls, stealing light, and Ying Yingxue … After many years, they have become a great Confucian or an extreme pole. Renchen, their legends and articles are like the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. After thousands of years, they are still talked about by future generations.

I was influenced by the ancients’ “night reading”, and I also had the mood of night reading. Each book is a window to the new world. I can’t remember how many cold nights, holding a coal fire, how many books I have read, and even later, I gradually got used to reading at night, especially when I worked hard on cold nights, and even read the whites in the east. Because the cold can refresh the mind and dispel the distractions at night, the mother often counts me distressed that I don’t care about my body. When my father saw it, he smiled: “Compared to that year, what is this about her?” When his father was young, he came to know When the young man went to the countryside, he was busy with farm work during the day, and spent the night in a broken hut. On winter nights where water dripped into ice, he studied hard with a dim light of kerosene lamps. If he compared books to treasures, his father would dig treasure people. The so-called heavenly rewards and diligence, his father finally lived up to the university and jumped away from the farm gate.

Time has passed for dozens of years. I stepped from a child to a weak crown, so I moved towards the future. The old house has already been demolished. We moved into the western building. The coal stove is already floating clouds. , The warmth is mellow, drill into the soft and thick quilt, with the cozyness of intoxicating gentleness. The bed was full of books, and I could order some books like I want to read them, and suddenly I remembered Lin Yutang once said, “Or on the snowy night, sit around the stove, Jiayu a pot A box of Tamba, philosophy, economics, poetry, historical books, dozens of books cluttered on the sofa, and then freely read and read, this has the interest of reading. “The ancients read at night or for gold House, or for Yan Ruyu, my father read for college entrance exams and changed his destiny. He was extremely utilitarian. It was me that year, also holding the original heart of the fire. Only at this time, I do n’t have to suffer from sacrifice Ying Yingxue, nor do I have to read for the sake of warming up time. My soul travels across the rivers and rivers in white paper and black letters, crosses ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign in the fragrance of ink, blows out the reading lamp, Put it on for a month, this is really the real interest in reading, and become the master of time and space.