Starry sky

Why writing

I always look for various reasons to stop my novel writing. I don’t quite understand what my psychology is. It seems that writing is too risky and exhausting. I only allow the one who writes only when the body and mind are in a good state. However, I often have the urge to write poetry when I am very tired, as if I was tired at that time to reveal the original form, it is the time to take care of and express my soul. I can write quickly when I write, and I can sit for four or five hours in a row while I write, forgetting to smoke, eat, and numb my body. I would doubt the meaning of writing, but that doubt seemed to further determine the meaning of writing. What’s the point of writing? Writing is to produce spiritual food for the enjoyment of those with spiritual needs. This is what it means to others. Writing can be traded for fame and fortune, which is what it means to you. Is fame and fortune driving me to write? This factor cannot be said to be absent, nor can it be said to be the main reason. The main reason I write is for me to better understand and accept everyone in this world. I’m not sure if my statement is correct, because it is not comprehensive and abstract. To put it simply, I write because I want to make human society full of love. Does such a statement seem a bit tall and insincere? I don’t think such a statement is noble and sincere. I wonder why more and more people think that literature is becoming less and less important in contemporary society. I think this can only show that human beings have lost their way and lost themselves in the rapid development and change of modern society. For me, the truly happy and meaningful thing is reading and writing.

what do you want to see

I want to see a writer’s ability to create novels. This ability is reflected in his ease of use of language, precise control of plot details, method of storytelling, and control of novel structure. In fact, what I want to see most is what kind of person the writer behind the novel is, what kind of heart he has, what kind of similarity between his soul background and mine. In order to achieve this purpose, I have to take a slow look, it is best to watch at night when no one is disturbing. I have been writing novels for more than 20 years and still feel that I have not really started my creation. Although I have a short series of Tibet series to satisfy myself, as well as a long series of “Poet Street”, I still feel that I am a beginner of novels, a layman. Why do I feel this way? Because I haven’t lived the way I want better through novels.

Burn with fire

Whenever I decide to write a short or a short story, I have a fear. Because I know that in the process of writing, I must mobilize all my feelings and cognitions, and all my experiences and emotions. I must sit down for a long time, write down continuously, and devotedly. In that way, I feel like being burned on the fire with the fire, and I feel that time and space are integrated with me, and I enter another invisible world with writing. There may be eternity in that world, and I am afraid of the eternity that I have been longing for. The soul after death is eternal. I live, and I should have lived happily, with nothing in it. It seems that the way of living like many people is exactly what I really want, and it is the way of life that is really worthy of my fresh life. Why write? I don’t have to write about people. I said to myself.

I also often think that for more than 20 years, I have written enough, I should not have written so much. It is enough for a writer to dedicate a thin collection of novels to readers in this world, he does not have to write so much. This is of course my fantasy. This fantasy is countless. I will continue to write down. I will overcome my fear, and at the right time, in a sense of not writing, I will still write it down. When I go back and revise the novel I wrote, I will be afraid to touch the written text. It seems that there is something magical between those words, and it will change the taste when I change it. I have imagined how I can better present myself to readers, lonely, loving, confused, and somewhat self-righteous-I do n’t seem to have anything to say about the author, but what I really have to say is how I wrote a certain novel, what does that novel mean to me and to the reader? When I read other people’s works, I saw that the authors might not want to let people see—the ever-changing and immutable souls of them, they are always shyly facing God, or the past, present, and future human beings.

Existence, the existence of people, and the existence of novels are dialectical and unified, but who has the eye to see the mystery? What does it mean to see it? I think that when a person is obsessed with something and forgets himself, he should be happy. It has been too long for us to ignore the souls of ourselves and others. I think this may be one of the reasons why the human world is getting worse.

High point of thought

As a human being, what is the highest point of his thought? This is always doubtful. We are convinced that the right mindset exists and can guide people to victory, success, and even happiness and happiness. But this is always suspicious. The reason is that people usually treat the so-called thought as truth and practice it, while neglecting other things, such as fairness and justice; do not want others, do n’t do it to others; love and Kindness is fundamental. For individuals, there is no truth in the world, and people can only pursue truth. In the process, the more you suspect that everything is closer to “truth.” What a philosopher or artist pursues is not truth, but truth, kindness, beauty, and love based on the possibility of human nature. We believe in politicians, thinkers, economists, and scientists more than in artists. This makes us think that we are smart, but it also makes people more and more unable to believe in themselves and others, love, and even unwilling to believe in life. And die. For the writer, what height you want to stand on is always questionable.

Self-examining eyes

When you look at yourself in the mirror, or close your eyes to imagine yourself, do you feel that you are flesh and blood, have passions and desires, a self that you are particularly familiar with? What you see is that the imagination is limited after all. You are indifferent to your finite existence. You dare not deny the reality you see and feel. You lack the courage to dissect yourself and know yourself. You don’t believe that you can become a fairy and a god. You may be right, but you will be poor after all, not worth mentioning. You ignore the freedom and power you were born into, and you only feel that you have a fairly limited existence, a life-based, cultural existence. You can’t believe that your self-examining eyes can see God. You believe in too much, you believe in reality. You can’t really believe that you can do wonders. You dare not admit it: to you, everything is your incarnation.

these years

I have been to many places in these years, Lhasa, Xi’an, Beijing, Wuhan, and every place I leave has a reason to leave, and every time I leave, I have an unspeakable sadness. Some cities have visited and left many times. For example, Beijing is still my favorite city compared to the younger Shenzhen who settled down later. I like Beijing and can’t say why. The reasons given are insignificant. I like Beijing, but fate has pushed me to other cities. Xi’an in the west of the motherland and Beijing in the north of the motherland have four distinct seasons. The streets and alleys have appetite food, and my wandering youth makes me miss. Thinking back to my time in Beijing, it was nothing more than going to work and going to some places. There is nothing more than a few good friends to meet and chat. It’s nothing but quiet and quiet. Distance has distanced me from a city, and the city has distanced me from my friends and from the past. Most of the places I have lived in have changed, familiar places have become unfamiliar scenery, and familiar people have gradually disappeared. Everyone seems to be drowning in the tide of the times. In an era of rapid development, everything is changing, and everyone is changing. The only thing that hasn’t changed is my love for literature. No matter in that city, I have written some words. Over the years I have written a lot of poems, novels, and a lot of diaries. I write, and the text also records and presents my existence. My existence is the flash of the waves in this big age. My existence flows into the sea, and it is also the existence of the sea.


The more things I put in my studio. In the small studio, in addition to the bed, sofa, table, and a large number of books and stones, I want to throw away all the unnecessary and unnecessary things, leaving only a table, a chair, a A computer and a sofa are enough for my writing and resting. This idea has been around for a long time, and in the first few months I dealt with a bed that was not sleeping well. In the past two days I decided to take action and get rid of the excess. I sorted out a large box of books and magazines for my hobby, and sent some big sisters who had published some prose to post it. When I was in a tight economy, I felt a little bit sad and thought that the postage was too expensive. Then I took some books that I didn’t want to read anymore or had little value, and found a nearby scrap collector to collect them. I helped him move the books and magazines to the elevator, and then moved out of the elevator to the floor, sweating, tired arms, but only bought 160 yuan, not enough postage to send a box of books. However, I am grateful to the young master, and gave him a stone before leaving. I bought the stone for more than 300 pieces. We had a chat while moving books. I said, give this stone to you, I wish you “the stone to run.” He was happy and hesitated to accept it. The master was earlier than I came to Shenzhen, and my wife and I had a good income. The house near the capital was only 2,800 yuan per square meter. A 100 square meter house can be paid with a down payment of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. Now, they have this money, but they still haven’t bought a house. Later, housing prices became higher and higher, and it was even more unaffordable. I hope that people like him working hard can have their own house in Shenzhen. Giving him the stone, on the one hand, I think the stone is already redundant for me, on the other hand, I also wish him to make a lot of money, and the intention is to achieve it.

Some books are donated by friends. Most of these books have been read. Think about it as a waste product after all. At that time, I also meant that I couldn’t help my friends. I think I donate books to others, and others treat them as waste products. I have no complaints. Compare your heart to your heart and let go. Naturally, some high-quality writing books of friends who have a good relationship will leave some of them. Instead, they will win those awards. Some people ’s works are lost because they are neither my friends nor the works I like to get it, it is useless to keep it, it is better to deal with it. I naturally thought about giving away, but I felt that I didn’t like to give to others, and I didn’t have to be responsible. I still hope that you read more literary works. Those that are optional are better ignored.

It’s been seven years since I had a studio, and every time I receive sample newspapers and magazines, I store them, collect them, and pile them in a corner of the room. I looked at them and felt that I was still working hard. Why didn’t I become Mo Yan Jia Pingwa? Of course just think about it and laugh at yourself. In writing, everyone has their own reality and everyone has their own path. Hold on to your thoughts, write with your heart, and write down. I was also thinking about whether to discard these useless sample reports. I really wanted to deal with them, but in the end I didn’t. I think if I do n’t care, these things will probably be dealt with, because their existence does not seem to prove anything, but it may make me feel complacent. I look forward to the future, step by step, no longer care about the people and things that will affect my concentration on writing and life, a person who writes me should have spared the time and energy from work and life into the novel go with.

I have dealt with those useless things, and I feel that my living space is much more spacious and relaxed, which is one thing that makes me happy.

The man who wrote the novel is amazing

The manuscript fee for writing a novel is generally more than the prose for writing a poem. A novel can be written in a long way. This idea is ridiculous, but also very practical. If life is unsustainable, you can’t starve yourself and make yourself unable to live. I have a lot of salary. I have 200,000 yuan a year, but I have to take care of the old and the young. The salary is not enough for family expenses. I did not earn much for the manuscript, and every year, plus the awards for publication in the district, it was only about 100,000. Having this 100,000 is not the same as not having this 100,000. I can live and write it down. If I do n’t, I can live it, but I may not be able to write it down in peace. Method. I want to be a poet most, but writing poetry is very difficult to publish, and the cost of publishing manuscripts is also small. I can’t be a pure poet arbitrarily. I sometimes write poems, but I always blame myself. Why write poems again, wasting time and feelings, it is better to write novels. Of course, I don’t write novels for manuscript fees. I also want to be famous. Everyone knows that when they become famous, they often have money, and with money, they can live better. Who doesn’t want to live better, I have to live better. I can live a simple and simple life, but my family ca n’t. I ca n’t let my family suffer and live a hard life. I have to write a novel for my family. By writing, I could have had more opportunities to make more money, such as writing biographies and reportage, but I didn’t want to write those things, so I could only write novels. It is said that I can also consider making some other money. I have also started a company before, but my mind is not on making money, and I ca n’t open it anymore. No way, I can only write novels honestly. If you give me ten million, let me enjoy my life and stop writing novels. I don’t think I will agree. I have to write novels. I have been accustomed to writing novels these years. Although I get tired of writing sometimes, but you make it difficult for me to write, and it is difficult for me to accept it. Writing a novel is my freedom. It makes me feel that my life is free and interesting. Therefore, I want to write a novel. I have read many other people’s novels, and I always feel that I may be better than others, so I will write novels. I have read a lot of other people’s good novels. I always feel that I must pay tribute to those novelists by writing novels, so I want to write novels. I have written a lot of good novels, but I have also written a lot of ordinary novels. Whether it is good or bad, it is a novel that I have spent time and energy writing, which has witnessed my writing process. Novel occupies my life, and the one who wrote the novel is the same as me in life, but not the same me. I like that when I wrote a novel, it ’s different from me, but that Such a person is often unknown, others do not know how pure and rare I am. When writing, I felt that I loved the entire human world. That love is sincere. Unlike me in life, I have all kinds of emotions and problems. Because of writing novels, I gave myself a high look. If you also write novels, I will give you a high look. I always think that people who can write novels and write well are great. Some people think that this star is amazing, that rich man is amazing, I think that people who can write are amazing.

Write your own

Some people who are new to writing novels ask how to write novels. I often answer irresponsibly and write my own. What does that mean? It means that you can write as much as you want, and write as much as you think. In fact, for me who wrote a lot of novels, I often ask myself how should I write. My answer has always been, write my own. This is an overly general answer, and I am not satisfied with it myself. The person who writes a novel is often a person who has read many famous novels, from ancient times to modern times. He should know what kind of novels he likes and what kind of novels are good. According to your favorite novel, can you write a good novel? I think so. When I first write a novel, I always intentionally or unintentionally imitate my favorite writer or favorite novel. This is inevitable. Learn a little from this, a little from that, writing and writing, maybe writing your own style and having your own things. It is difficult to achieve this. The difficulty lies in whether you have the endowment to write a novel. Have you seriously considered how to write it and how you wrote it down one by one. My writing was detoured. I like a lot of writers. I am not satisfied with one way of writing. In the past, I often wrote a few articles to change the tone and the way. My country novel is a way, my Tibetan novel is a way, and my urban novel is another way. I have realist, modernist, and postmodernist, and I do not know what kind of doctrine. It took me more than ten years to understand that my past writing was just a process of practicing writing. How to write it later? Again, write your own.

Nobel Prize

We hope that domestic writers, writers or poets we are familiar with won the Nobel Prize in Literature, which seems to be more conducive to setting a coordinate for us, for comparison and comparison. I was very happy when Mr. Mo Yan won the prize. It seems that the reason is not that I have seen his work and liked his work, but that I have seen him a few times and asked him for a manuscript. I also hope that Yu Hua or Can Xue can win the prize. I have interviewed Yu Hua and edited his long-length “The Last Lover” for Can Xue. People are often so limited, and I am.

When chatting with friends, I jokingly said that I hope that I will have the opportunity to be nominated 20 years later, and it is best to win, so that I will have both fame and fortune. I say this to be funny, and I also say I am funny. Friends said, there is nothing funny, who wrote your Tibetan novels, especially your “European Afar” worse than anyone, or who wrote better than you? Write it down, I like you. I said, I know myself, I don’t believe in myself, I don’t have the capital to be confident. What conditions do I have and what is possible to continue writing, and the better the writing, the better I can compete in the Central Plains in literature and ask for the Nobel Prize? I am already a writer who has forgotten his original intention and become mediocre. The pride in my bones has long been regarded as ignorance by myself. When I was young, I worked hard and the pure spirit was polished by the real life as transparent as air. But I still love literature, and treat literature as a spiritual sustenance on which I live. I have no future. Unless I fight chicken blood every day, and another great miracle in fate, I will have that kind of possibility. Besides, my current thinking is already different from the past. I thought that no matter what kind of award, it was just a game. Either serious or funny, but that’s all. For the winners, whether it is Peter Handek or Olga Tokalchuk, I wish to bless them. For those who have not won, Milan Kundera, Haruki Murakami, Yuxue Yuhua Yeah, wish them well. Whether it’s literature or anything else, it’s just because there are games of this kind that makes it more fun. This world is the same. We can imagine how boring it would be for humans to live in a world that never has any awards.

I respect those who have been attached to one thing for decades, and those people deserve success. Although all the Nobel Prize winners may have more than they deserve, the results people get are also worthy. Obviously, I would be quite ashamed to give me a Nobel Prize now. If I think about it, I think I still have to continue to write down and write that I am 60 years old, 70 years old, and 80 years old. One day when I was presented with an award, I could confidently pick up that award.


One night I looked at the stars and thought, in this world, who is the master of human beings? I have thought about many historical celebrities, ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign, and for a long time I couldn’t be specific to a certain person. Usually, at home, adults have the final say. In school, the teacher has the final say. In the company, the leader has the final say. At the hospital, the doctor has the final say-but who can control whose destiny? Parents give their children life, but they do n’t know who the child will become in the future, what they can do, and what they will experience. The teacher teaches students the knowledge and cannot decide what he will become in the future. A leader can promote an employee to a higher salary, but he has no right to interfere with his private life, and he does not know if he will one day become his boss. Doctors use medical techniques to solve the patient’s pain, but they can’t stop the patient from getting old and dying.

Looking at the history of blood and tears, I was thinking, through a war or a campaign, tens of millions of people died. Who is the ultimate culprit? Who made that person the culprit? The misfortunes of one’s childhood, the grievances one encounters, or the corruption of the whole society because of one’s desires, may affect one person, and one person may also affect the fate of the entire human race-and often it is An ignorant person gave a stage for an individual performance, giving him the trust and support he deserved, but only to find that he had deceived everyone, ruined everyone, and was the incarnation of the devil.

Only individuals who remain relatively individual, self-seeking, and self-seeking are healthy and beneficial to everyone. Never believe who can control your destiny, your destiny is in your hands. The most fundamental spiritual orientation of literature and art should be personal, inclined to personal, self, and self-expression.


There are intangible forces that control everyone’s thoughts and emotions, and affect everyone’s choices and destiny.

What kind of power is that? Many people do n’t understand, they do n’t see well, but they feel the same. Everyone understands that hunger will cause people to eat people. War will make one kill another person he was originally unfamiliar with, even familiar people. The economic crisis will make some people bankrupt and commit suicide. Extreme love and hatred will People are irrational and become criminals. Natural disasters and epidemics can also cause a large number of deaths, but not everyone will think about why human beings have developed to a higher degree of civilization today. There will still be events that happened in the past. Recurring?

A colonized and serviced country needs to be liberated and its own people be the masters, because after all, outsiders are not their own people. One person needs liberation relative to the other, and relative to everyone, because he wants to be his own master, and no one likes to be controlled by others and by some external force. Everyone should strive through his life to pursue that little self, become a truly independent person, and get rid of the force that controls his life as much as possible. That kind of power may come from the blind love of parents for themselves, from the elders or teachers who do not necessarily see the correct teaching, from the partial claims of a social group or political party, and of course from everyone. The desire comes from the pressure of a normal person to survive and develop, to live, to live better.

Man often cannot really get rid of the intangible control that will inevitably occur when he survives in the world, which is a bit like man cannot get rid of gravity. But people can fly to the moon, and people always have the opportunity to live as much as they want. Control yourself, don’t care too much and love, rely on those that are harmful to you, and will eventually make you follow the waves, or even the power of the walking dead, constantly study hard, enrich and enrich yourself, work constantly, and actively invest Life, be the one you want to be.

In a healthy and normal society, those who pursue themselves should be understood, respected, and praised.


Readers can have as many books at home as there are other things. In the past, I fell in love with collections for a long time. Stones, pots, pen holders, exotic flowers, and crafts. I even thought about raising a bird and watching it every day was pleasing. In my studio, the piles are full of things and everything I’ve ever collected. Those things are time-consuming and expensive, and some are really good things. They used to surprise and delight me. But now it seems that those things occupy my bookshelves and desks, and take up my reading and writing space. They seem to be useless things. Throw away, some are unwilling, give away, I don’t know who will like those things, and giving to others will not be a burden to others. Looking back at me, I was living alone and freely at that time. What I had was just a computer and some favorite books. Often, two handbags would be enough, and a car would move me. By train you can go to another city. Now my distress is that I have too many things that I didn’t have to own, and those things I once liked, and abandoning them seemed to betray my past.


Some people want to achieve a goal, they will do their best to do things, but they forget to eat and rest on time, and they overwhelm their health. Although they have achieved their goals and succeeded, they have broken their bodies. . A person earns less and spends more, which will cause an overdraft of money. To overfill such an overdraft, it means borrowing money to maintain his life and earning more money to pay off the debt. The borrowed money is to be repaid. If it cannot be returned in time, it means a breach of trust. A person thinking about making more money sometimes also means that he may go to evil ways and do things that are against conscience. People are often overdrawn, as well as the feelings between people. One person has repeatedly borrowed money from another person. Although there are reasons why he must do so and the other party can also lend to him, he still overdraws the other person’s feelings.

In the middle of the night, one has to think about what he has overdrawn.


Although it is said that suffering is a blessing, not many people in the world really want to suffer. Unless he is a fool, or he is a super-high person, he does not care about some material gains and losses. For ordinary people, everyone has a balance in their hearts to weigh others. Some people are unwilling to suffer, and even a little bit of light can feel uneasy. Such people can make true friends. Some people are only willing to get rid of light, and they are not willing to suffer. Such people often have no friends. Some people can suffer or lose light. Such people often have more friends. They believe that there is no fish in the clear water and no friend in the check. I’m the kind of person who feels a little uneasy when I touch a little light, but I like people who can suffer and lose light. I think they are more atmospheric than me.


When I return to the studio every night, if I do n’t want to read, I do n’t want to write a novel, but I want to write something, I just write about it. In the past, when I wrote a diary, I often wrote down important things in the day, who I met, what books I read, what I wrote, and where I went. Diary writing has long been replaced by writing. Every time I write, I feel like talking to myself. Every time I write, there is a potential mentality to talk to the world. Keep a diary and keep track of your life. Write what you feel and write down your thoughts. I imagine that fifty years later, if someone saw these things I wrote, would they also have such a little meaning? I have read Camus’s three-volume Book of Camus, and I have learned a lot. I have also seen Chekhov’s thin book about creation, which is also very rewarding. I also watched a book called “The Road to Life” written by Tolstoy and I really liked it. Some writers such as Kafka have also written some essays, which are spiritual. Through some words, I can often see the writer’s three views and find something special. In contrast to what everyone writes, you will inevitably feel the blandness of what you think and think. However, when I look back, when I look back, I can still see some shadows of the past. That shadow represents my spiritual, simple, thinking, feeling, and alive image. I think that writing down what I think is about a homework as a writer.

stand by

Yesterday, an old colleague from the original newspaper asked me to gather. I said, sorry, I want to write, let’s meet again someday. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The child called and said, Dad, go home for dinner. I said, tonight, baby, have dinner together at night. In order to carry on writing, I have been preparing for many days, and don’t want to be disturbed by something, I have to meet the various unreasonable requirements that the god of writing asked me. At about 10 am, in order to save energy, I arranged for myself to rest, hoping to write it in the afternoon. Before ten o’clock this morning, I replied to some friends’ holiday greetings, and by the way, also issued an advertisement for my wife’s online shopping. I bought a big house this year and owed 100,000 yuan to others. We have to pressure to pay one month later. My lover started online shopping this month, acting as a Japanese-made cream, and is busy every day. I don’t want her to be too hard, so I’m willing to help her. A friend wrote a message on WeChat, saying it well: your lover supports your writing, you support her to start a business again. I think this is true. My advertisement, whether it can help my wife sell goods or not is not very important. It is important that I also show my support for my lover. People support each other, even between family members.

Write short

Writing short essays is also called writing essays. Find a theme, feel it out, three or five hundred words, in one go, not too fast? I don’t know. I write short essays and I have distress. Over the years, he has developed a habit of writing and is not unhappy. Time and energy, or state, do not allow me to write a short story, a novella, or even a novel, I will feel time lapse, but I do not record what I think and think, I will regret. In order to fill the boundless inner void, and to accompany loneliness, I wrote some short articles. Will you die if you do n’t write? Of course not, but I do n’t always feel spit and unhappy if I do n’t write. I feel that I can still write down in the face of tremendous life pressure, and thanks to that I can allow myself to write those short essays one by one. Writing, like smokers and drinkers, is addictive. Writing, as if carved into the palm print, became the destined part.


I used to be a good person, now I think a good person. At that time, there were almost no bad people in my eyes and no bad people. I think everyone should be my friend. I think people are always changing, and after some time they will reach an agreement with me, or his actions always have his reasons. So when someone hurts me, misunderstands me, and hates me, I don’t always mean it. For this reason, many people have said that I am a good person, and some people cannot accept me like that.

I am no longer the one I used to be. I believe that there are bad people and bad people in this world. I definitely cannot be welcomed by everyone, and I don’t have to expect to be friends with everyone. I even have some “revenge”, thinking that people who are bad to me should not be as good as before, regardless of the enemy, and always be good to others, because that will make some really good to me sad.

Now, I am more mature than before. I accepted some awful self and felt that I was posing as a good person. It is true that I used to ask myself according to some standards of the saints. Now I have fully recognized my face. I am just a common man.

So good. But sometimes, I still can’t help but miss the former self, as if the former self, I only have to shake my head and sigh for the present.


Reading, you must read, you can open yourself, enrich yourself, you can progress, and you can continue writing. A writer cannot emphasize the importance of writing. Although writing means everything to a writer, in fact, the most important thing is not writing, but reading. Many people think that life is the source of writing, which is not necessarily true. Life is important, but reading is the second life of a writer. If a writer feels that he hasn’t written well enough, it’s most likely because he hasn’t absorbed anything from the voluminous books that really helped him. Although reading is easier than life and writing, it takes a lot of time and energy for a writer, and in the end he will find it very worthwhile. A person who is good at reading not only chooses what to read, but can read everything.


Transcendence means more than full marks, meaning that people who could only walk upright with both feet can give birth to wings. This is naturally difficult. For some people, it is simply a dream, but it is actually not possible. Transcendence means breaking the rules, so the full score box can’t frame it, it will also break some people’s fixed opinions and bring surprise and joy. Transcendence is not difficult. A person’s life is basically in the process of self-transcendence. Transcendence is also very difficult, because everyone’s energy is always limited. To use the limited energy to do something beyond the predecessors, of course, do everything in your power and pay a lifetime. Some people cannot be surpassed, such as Kafka and Van Gogh. People can only become themselves, not others. Everyone is himself, not himself. For a person who transcends himself, he is no longer himself in the ordinary sense. He has also become his imagination, even his unexpected self, and has become the imagination and feeling of others. That way, he will radiate light, and it will warm and illuminate some people. Transcendence means flying higher, loving more, giving more, and getting more.