The notes we passed in those years

Speaking of paper slips is a thing of the last century, and today’s children have a hard time understanding how to express their feelings with paper slips, which is extremely funny.

Of course, nowadays, there are mobile phones that can send text messages, WeChat, QQ, and play as much as you want. Not only can you send messages, but you can also talk by video.

At that time, we had nothing.

My first note, which can also be said to be a love letter, was written to the same table when I was in the second day of the second year. That standard Mandarin is far behind us, many boys like her but dare not approach. But I have the advantage of being near the water. Eventually, I wrote a note and held it in my pocket for a few days. When I was about to go out and hand it to her, she was suddenly adjusted to the first row. The advantage of the near water tower suddenly disappeared, so I and other boys In the same way, the written note was taken out of the water and finally torn off.

My first note was a failure.

When I was in the third year of high school, I wrote a second note, because I really couldn’t control myself, the pressure of studying, the stack of test papers, the dense numbers on the blackboard, the dark days …

She was sitting in the corner of my front row. She had a fat face and big eyes. She had short hair buried in a desk all day long and holding books. I don’t know when I fell in love with her, but it felt good. I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn’t reach it. So I wrote a treaty to her. The note was thrown out, but it went a little bit and was touched by her hair and flew away. Soon, the note was stolen by one foot.

I didn’t write any more notes because the teacher’s golden eyes caught all this. I received high attention.

Go to college and be free. The colorful life in college has completely forgotten the unhappiness of childhood.

She was in the second class. She applauded next to us during the two basketball games. I almost hit a ball when she missed a ball. I felt a heat wave faintly. Her beautiful long hair was silky and smooth. With a smile, two beautiful dimples are fascinating. So, while I was studying late, I slipped into the second class quietly from the back door. She herself was at a table, and I immediately sat behind her, and handed the written note to her. My heart pounded. The dramatic scene happened. She looked at me and looked at the note, then immediately got up and called the classmate in front of her and said: Can’t you go? I’ll leave if you don’t leave.

I am extremely ashamed. The slip of paper was no longer functional. I was asked to go to the playground to meet her in the slip, but she was scared away.

I am lost in love and I will never write a note again.

After many years, I lost contact with the female student in junior high school; the female student in my high school married in Zhejiang and never saw it again; and it was dramatic that when I met the female student in the second class of college, I met me Scolded: You stinky boy, wanting to write a treaty on paper at the time made me alone in the playground for half a night, what is your conscience!

I was stunned.

A misunderstanding missed a vigorous love.