Turning corner


After walking through the village’s long concrete road, my father and I embarked on this asphalt road.

This trail was a sloping uphill. My father and I took the first step and slowed down invariably. Footsteps were light, and he could hear the sound of his father’s fall. My father is 82 years old, and he still walks very elastically. He doesn’t procrastinate. Every step falls and lifts, like stepping on the piano keys.

On the side of the road is a mountain, and on the other side is a terraced field. In the terraced field is a piece of sky pepper, red and red, fireworks, sky fountain like a fountain, and his father smiled on the tip of the sky pepper. My father said that this year’s Chaotianjiao grew particularly well, with a price of 4 yuan and 8 pounds. From time to time, the wooden leaves of the mountains fell, red and yellow, on the path and onto my father and me. By the roadside, plantain, with one ear and one ear, the grains are full and ripe, and when touched a little, the fruit breaks and drops. My father bent down and scooped down the grains on the ears. He said that my eyes hurt, soaking it with water was more effective than taking medicine. He also said that looking at mobile phones and computers, often drinking tea seed tea will make eyes brighter. The leaves of native achyranthes have yellowed. My father plucked a few plants growing on the soft soil and said that cutting the roots into slices and drinking them can cure joint pain, because I told him that my knees hurt a little. This is a rat stab, this is three needles, this is turmeric … Along the side of the mountain, my father said the names of these herbs, and his eyes were full of laughter. There is a medicinal material box made of alderwood at home, which contains the medicinal materials collected by his father on the mountain in four seasons. The father called it a “treasure box of medicinal materials”. My father usually likes to drink water with these medicinal herbs at four o’clock. He is sick and can be cured; if he is not sick, he can prevent it. An elderly father rarely gets sick, and even if he occasionally catches a cold, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital to get medicine. He can cure it with self-collected herbs. Looking at his father, his eyes were clear, his face was rosy, and he felt the beauty of life, even the air he breathed in was sweet.

The setting sun completely fell down the side of the mountain, and Xitian’s hilltop was covered with a vermilion, and suddenly, the bright red color disappeared, and it was gray. Then it became silvery white and white, and finally became green and blue. The mountains were soft and peaceful. Immediately, the surrounding mountains were gray, and the mountains were slightly gathered like petals. At this time, there was the snoring of cows, the snoring of sheep, and the loud reputation of children’s milk. The mountain village is peaceful and peaceful. While talking, my father and I came to the corner of the path, and a clay house was in front of me, warm and peaceful. There was a smile on his face, and sweetness filled his heart. The stepmother stood at the dojo entrance and was looking at us. The big yellow dog behind her was sitting on the ground, with her upper body standing, her ears rimmed, as if listening to the footsteps of our return.

My father and I go out for a walk after dinner every night. In the twilight, my stepmother will wait at the dojo entrance. She has been to my house for six years. Every time I walked the corner of the path and saw the stepmother’s short figure from a distance, my heart couldn’t help getting warm. “Minmin, you are back.” She would always say that, my eyes were always moist. She is waiting for me to go home like my mother.


I’ve walked too many teenagers on this path, many times.

When I was young, I went home from school and went down the path. A fumes of smoke crossed the corner and went around as if looking for me. Even if there was a big discomfort at school, all of a sudden I became happy and ran towards the earthen house with cooking smoke. Mother is almost ready for dinner.

I went to school in a town more than 40 miles away, and a city one or two hundred miles away. Reading in a foreign land, my mother always appeared in my mind. In the thick twilight, standing by the dojo, looking towards me, she looked at the long braid in her hand, loosened it, and pulled it back again. When I had a high fever, I even heard my mother say, “Minmin, you are back.” Tears wet my face.

I worked and grew up, but I still couldn’t handle the unpleasant things with ease. Tired and hurt. There was no cell phone at the time, but I knew my mother was waiting at the Dojo gate. I walked down this path, and when I reached the corner, my empty heart was full. At the Dojo entrance, sure enough, my mother stood there.

Mothers are not for suffering. However, in my memory, I embarked on this path after work when I was heartbroken. When you are happy, you are sharing with others.

On this quiet autumn night, I sat on the balcony of the high-rise building and looked at me in a round of autumn and moon. I searched for memories, but did not find this joyful thing and took this path, crossing the turn with joy Office, shared with mother. Mother’s grief is caused by us, and mother’s happiness is caused by us. But I was young. Now thinking of it, how unfair it is to the mother.

The crescent moon on the tall building is bright and clear, just like my mother’s beautiful eyes, and tears are pouring into my eyes. In fact, my mother’s eyes have always been in front of me. Even though my mother died many years ago and my heart was hurt. At some late night, I couldn’t help crying, but my mother, from another world, walked through the corner of the path and came to me, silently accompanying me and bearing my tears. I am thin and fragile, only she can see.

At all times, the adobe on the corner is the best. In the evening, the setting sun obliquely came from the opposite mountain peak, and the caged earthen house was tight and seamless, and the earthy yellow of the earthen house fell like gold. As soon as I walked to the corner, I heard the sound of my mother tapping the sun-covered quilt with a wooden stick. I bypassed the peach and pomegranate trees and stood quietly behind my mother; “Hi!” “Dead Nizi, fool me.” The mother freed her hand and twisted it gently on my fat, dumb face. Are you hungry or not? There is egg fried rice in the pot. “Even in rainy days, the rain smoke covers the earthen house, and it surrounds the locust trees, poplar trees, bamboo forests behind the house, and the earthen house is like the fairyland. It’s snowing, it’s snowing, the green tiles are covered with thick snow, and the trees and bamboo forests are covered with thick snow. The sky and the clouds and the mountains and the trees, houses, and the white snow are all up and down. Toward night, in the igloo, the firewood in the fire pond crackled, it was burning, the hanging pot on the fire was fluttering, and the bacon was stewed with radish. When I went to the corner, I could smell the fragrance. It’s warm. “The eaves are low and warm, and the light is light.” This earthen house gives us endless warmth and endless wealth. It is our soul habitat.

Last night, I dreamed back to the clay house. I dreamed that the young mother was cooking behind the stove, and I was sitting on the wooden bench in front of the stove. My mother made my favorite ravioli. I put bread and vegetables in the pot and bake it, and then put it in the ashes of the stove. After waking up, I didn’t know where I was. After thinking about it for a while, I didn’t know the direction until I saw the faint moonlight on the curtains, and then I knew that I was in my home in the city, not in the earthen house in my hometown. The scent of the burning fire made by the mother seemed to be smelled, but there was no figure of the mother, and the loneliness and sourness could not be said. After a long journey, I moved several times. However, in my dream, I still walk through the path with mother-in-law needles, plantains, parmesan, small ponchos, soil hyssopus, and dog tail grass. When I return home, I will always be the earthen house that spits smoke. . Nothing else is the home of my soul.


This earthen house embodies the efforts and love of parents.

When home economic conditions improve, the first priority is to renovate old houses or build new ones.

High summer and late autumn each year are the peak seasons for the construction of earthen houses. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Hang Yusheng, who beat the earth wall, one after another, shaking the valley.

It’s not easy to build a clay house. You need one iron pestle, one iron pestle, and one wall and one wall. My father said that building a clay house would require peeling. A version of the wall requires more than a dozen baskets. The key to the quality of the earthen house is the quality of the earth. Sometimes it is necessary to find a good source of soil, which is a few miles away from the earthen house. Three walls are required to complete each version. The length, height, and width of each version of the wall are specified, and they are played according to plywood made in advance. The tool for hitting the earth wall is a T-shaped, with a round bar on the top, and an iron cone, like a scale, is installed under the wooden pole in the middle of the bar. Those who can hit the earthen wall are all strong men, and those who are behind the earth are also powerful men. The higher the soil wall, the weaker the strength, and the legs on the wall tremble, which cannot be reached. There are two people hitting the earth wall. Each iron pestle hits a solid “pit nest”. Both people hit the same place and the “pit nest” in the same place several times. Hundreds of such sturdy “pit nests” were built into a version of the wall; Hundreds of thousands of such strong sturdy earth walls were built into a “three, three, five and five” style earthen houses.

From the appearance, there are only three large rooms in the “three, three dark and five” style earth houses. The middle is the house, the two sides are the main house, and there are four walls in the middle. The temple room was recessed, the main room was protruding, and there was an open space in the middle. People called it the “step courtyard”. The small “step courtyard” has a lot of effects, such as basking in the sun, being cool, and sheltering from the rain …. The whole house is divided into two floors upstairs and downstairs, and one earthen house is actually ten. When I was young, I read Tao Yuanming ’s poem: “There are more than ten acres of square houses and eight or nine cottages.” I felt that Tao Yuanming was very rich. too much. The bright, dark, and dark five-style earthen house is simple, spacious, affordable, and beautiful. It is the favorite house style for the people in the hometown after liberation. Although it is now replaced by small red brick buildings, the era of building earthen houses has passed forever.

My mother has been envious of the “bright three dark five” house of another family for years. Until the farmland was divided up, there was excess food and the pigs could be killed every year, so she dared to put the house on the agenda. My mother almost daily calculated the materials needed to build a house, such as beams, ridges, eaves, rafters, and wooden shelving. The wood needed was different. Logging requires an application. Once it is applied, it is prepared year after year. There are mules, blue tiles, doors and windows … all ready. Everything is placed in the shack. The mother reads it several times a day, and sometimes she touches it with her hands, her thin face showing a stretched smile. The foundation for the new house was also approved. The new foundation was next to the responsibility field, as far as two miles from the house, and my parents built a shack. Digging the ground and building the stone wall next to the road, it was another year on and off. In the wind and rain, it was dark early in the morning, and it was hard to say. In the past few years, my mother saved every grain of food, filled with wooden cabinets and wooden boxes. My mother often said, “It’s very hard to build a house, and you can’t eat enough.” The mother even praised the penny and put it in Every time I put it in a cloth bag, my mother breathes a sigh of relief. At that time, I heard my mother say the most: “If you want to build a house, save it.” Sometimes when my father wants to use money, he hears his mother say, “This is money to build a house, you can’t move it.” In memory, the father My mother has not sewed new clothes, and we have reduced the number of new clothes a year. Sometimes I sew a jacket and sometimes a pair of pants, all of which are handmade by the mother. Seeing that my brother is almost twenty, he is already talking about his girlfriend. It is imminent to build a house. My parents borrowed some money to build their house with their teeth. It was a hot summer day, “building a house and building a ship, and sleeping all day and night.” My parents got up at dawn and slept in a simple shed at night. Mother not only cooks during the day, but also helps dig soil. When the main project was completed for more than a month, the parents were both dark and thin, and the thin and weak mothers became thinner and thinner, and their clothes were much more empty. After the completion of the main project, there are still many things left, such as windows, mud walls, paving slabs …

The new house was built. The original easy road was not easy to go. In order not to occupy a single field, this trail was completely repaired from a stone stand on the mountain.


This path, less than one kilometer, preserves the memories of years.

It married three new men.

When Xiaolu married my sister-in-law, it was in the spring of 1985. The trail was a two-foot-wide path, uneven, and inclined uphill, so it was difficult to walk. Even after building such a path, my parents also rubbed off a layer of skin and tiredly bent my brother’s waist.

When Xiaolu married my sister-in-law, I didn’t stand with the other relatives to meet the sister-in-law at the corner of the trail. At that time, I was studying in a different place.

When my brother got married, my brother refurbished the road to the width of a car. When the brother expanded the road, he followed his mother’s wishes and did not occupy a single field and broke the road. Brick walls, trenches, and gravel were repaired several times, and the path became flat and spacious. There is no need to worry about bumps and bumps when walking on it.

When Xiaolu greeted his siblings, it was the first month of 1995, and the jasmine beside the road was in bloom, golden and golden. Those days were warm. It seemed that overnight, Yitian’s tall pear trees were spreading together and blooming, white and white. When Xunzi got married, her parents could n’t afford a car to marry him. The dowry was artificially carried for more than ten miles and brought to their new home. My brother and sister were far away. When we got married, my father asked for two carts. But the small road car couldn’t drive, the dowry was artificially carried on the small road, and the younger brother and sister accompanied her relatives to the small road. I stood at the corner of the path and waited for my siblings. Greeting the suona, blowing the path cheerfully. The younger sister and the girl in red clothes went to the corner of the path, and we held each other’s hands almost at the same time:

“Sister, you are here.”

“Sister, I’m here.”

We all laughed. The pear blossoms and spring jasmines on the side of the road bloomed more and more brilliantly.

It was seven years since the mother died. Brother and sister work in the town hospital. The family married a daughter-in-law who ate the “royal food”, and her mother laughed into a flower afterwards.

When his mother died, his father was 51 years old. For the happiness of his children, his father gave up the pursuit of his own happiness and never thought of his own suffering. When our father retired, we were already married, and we were all too busy to take care of our father’s loneliness and indifference. After retiring, my father also wanted to find another wife, but his father had always been worried about remarriage, fearing to affect the relationship with his family. My father also said that old age marriage is not easy to handle. If you take care of this, you ca n’t take care of it. He always said he had to wait for the right one, not just for himself, but unhappy with his family.

The father, who was afraid of trouble for his children, finally waited for his love in the spring of 76 years old. At that time, the stepmother was 65 years old. They were introduced and only met for a while. They went to the county seat to get a marriage certificate one week later. After another week, the father married his stepmother.

When Xiaolu married his stepmother, it was April in the lunar calendar of 2013, and Xiaolu was already a cement road. At that time, the mountain peach blossoms in the mountains were flourishing and full of mountains. The pink, snow-white, and bright-looking flowers seemed to be comparable to the peach blossoms on the side of the road. Because he was married at an advanced age and was deep in the mountains, his father said that he didn’t have to tell his relatives’ doors, as long as our family greeted him. We obey the wishes of our father. That day, my brother drove the red car he had just bought to pick up his stepmother with his father. When the elder brother’s car drove past the corner of the road, the stepmother stuck her head out of the window, and the big red scarf reflected her smiling face, more delicate than the peach blossoms on the roadside. I ran over and followed the car to welcome her to the dojo.


He came to my house for the first time on the second day of the first month of that year. That morning I pushed open the windows in the attic. There were scattered snowflakes in the sky, and there was a layer of ice on the ground. It lingered before it snowed, and my heart was awkward. When it snows, he can still come, and it’s difficult to walk the mountain road for more than 40 miles. In order to meet him, Xunzi is more delicate and richer than the dinner of the thirties. Sister-in-law said to eat dumplings in the morning. Making dumplings is Dashan’s most honorable treat to guests. Zongzi said that the dumpling stuffing should be ready-made, fresh and delicious. As soon as it dawned, the sister-in-law was busy. Chop lean meat and cut into seasonings. The dumpling stuffing is lean meat with walnuts, ginger, scallion, and pure sesame oil. A ray of clear fragrance escaped from the kitchen and all reached the dojo.

The snowflakes in the sky, one by one, are so slow and so monotonous. There is no increase, nor does it stop. The elder brother said that this “leather ling” was too slippery and it was difficult to move forward. It was ten o’clock from standing on the dojo to the corner of the path. The sister-in-law told us to have breakfast first, and the wrapped dumplings were waiting for him. I wore a fiery scarf with snowflakes on it. The sister-in-law said, little girl, enter the house, etc. This is the air outlet and the wind is strong. I was still standing, and the sister-in-law brought me a heater. At eleven o’clock, his figure appeared on the other side of the path. I walked towards him, his body was covered with snow, his hair was covered with ice, and his eyebrows were also iced. I took his hand across the corner of the path. It was two years before her mother died. Just in October of this year, I married him.

It was a bright sunny day. In October, the mountains were dazzling and extremely enchanting. The sweet-scented osmanthus fluttered by the house. The whole Tsuchiya is elegant and fragrant. He came to pick me up, smiling in the golden sunlight of October, and shaking my eyes brilliantly. My brother handed my hand to him and told him, “Little girl, my mother looked so cute when you were alive, so please let her be a little bit more.” He took my hand and was surrounded by loved ones, walking across the path At this point, although Xunzi explained “Don’t look back”, I looked at Tsuchiya, and one eye, another eye, a few teardrops swirled in the eye sockets. Although my hometown has long been crying, I can’t help crying.

That year, Grandpa was 91 years old and had a cold. He was taking medicine and getting an injection. Grandpa said to his father and brother, “Send me back.” Grandpa said, “Go back,” to the ancestral home. The ancestral house was a dozen miles away from the top of the high mountain. When my father moved from the top of the high mountain to a village with villages under the mountain for a better life, my grandfather followed the second uncle. My father built a new house, my brother got married, and his family was getting better. Although his mother was alive, his brother-in-law took in grandpa. Conditions here are better than in the mountains. Grandpa lived for five years. My brother wanted to heal Grandpa’s illness, but in the winter, Grandpa was worried that he couldn’t get through. My brother drove the car that day and sent grandpa back to his ancestral home. When his brother’s tricycle drove past the turn, his grandfather’s head stretched out the window: “Come in a while.” The gentle smile smiled and warmed the whole winter. But grandpa never took this path again. Grandpa spent the winter under the care of his second uncle’s family, but did not survive the cold spring, and went forever in the full moon in the snow.