Visit to the Great Wall after the snow

The Great Wall is a silk satin hanging on the mountain in the northwest of Jiayuguan. From 1540 to the present, it has been flying in the wind for hundreds of years; it is a soft ladder that sends people to the top of Heishan. With greatness and broad-mindedness, he was a defiant soldier, leaning on the black mountain to bask in the sun. Some vicissitudes of his face for hundreds of years still exudes fortitude and spirit.

My visit to the Great Wall is one morning after the snow. The snow is not heavy, but it is also white. The snow is not heavy, and the Great Wall is not submerged. Of course, the overhanging wall covered with white snow is very enchanting. His heart was taken away, and he flew towards you from a distance, as warm and excited as he was embraced by his lover. Entering the village of Huangcaoying, I walked into the overhanging Great Wall. The village surrounded by the Great Wall of Huangcaoying lived on the edge of the soldiers, holding only twelve or two silver and six stone grains a year. In addition to training, the Great Wall must be built. The long Great Wall is hidden in the trees. The trees that hide the sky and the ancient trees make Huangcaoying solemn and majestic. Especially after snow, the trees are a bit harsh, like birds and birds tighten their wings and rush. Like the sky, the blue sky is like the eyes of a baby, and it is so blue that it has washed away your worldly fame. There was no wind at this time, and the snow particles were just as they had just landed. The cold struck me, instantly freezing like a grain of snow, and instantly shuddering me. A magpie snoring woke me up, and a few stood on tall poplar trees. The magpies on the ground, the bright and festive cries awakened Huangcaoying Village, the overhanging Great Wall, Heishan, and Shiguanxia. These former border defenses and mountain passes, and the former flames entered the poems even into the sky, becoming eternal. Spirit has become the dream of generations, and it has become a place where generations can search for distance and poetry. The sun is looming, cold and hot, and Montenegro covered with a thin layer of snow is like a huge cooler, which allows the surrounding temperature to drop quickly. Montenegro covered with a thin layer of snow has painted a huge picture of itself. The landscape map, like a folding fan, unfolds slowly, starting from the northernmost mountain pass, crossing the vast Gobi to the foot of Montenegro, and then to the southernmost Jiayuguan. Although it is only black, white, and yellow, it still has its majesty and arrogance, Without losing its vastness, remoteness, mystery and softness. The black and black mountain is clearly defined by Bai Xue. The winding white lines are delicate and smooth. The water sample flows down from the top of the mountain. The black and white wrinkles ditch all over the mountain, giving Montenegro a straight body. Posture, Shirayuki fell in those recesses, let the black black, white white, and withered grass see the needles and clumps, put the low body in the rock sheet, the gap, never connected, they forget Because I have life and death, are fragile, there are flowers blooming, expression, snow water flowing through the body, and I feel pain, but at this time I think of myself as a rock, to resist the cold and swelled rock together, I want to put it more The heat is hot, of course, the stones are not covered, so wait for the hot summer sun. From a distance, it was the dwarf grasses that gave Montenegro a relief feel.

The overhanging Great Wall is even more magnificent when the sun emits warm light. It is an important part of the Jiayuguan Great Wall. The West Great Wall is divided into north and south, the south is called the Great Wall, and the north is called the Great Wall. Supervised and built by Li Han, Su Zhou Bingbei Road in the 19th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall at the south of the Shiguanxia mouth is east-west, and the Great Wall at the north of Shiguanxia is north-south. The Great Wall at the north side extends from the corner pier near the east gate of Guancheng to the mountainside of Heishan, with a total length of 7.5 Kilometers. The walls are steep and straight, majestic, and draped like overhangs. The two Great Walls form an arch and defend the guard of the Heishan Gap. The overhanging Great Wall consists of a wall, a barrier city, and a urn. The wall is 620 meters long and 4.5 meters to 5 meters high (layered sandstone loess layered and compacted), with a base width of 3.5 meters and an upper width of 2.5 meters; a barrier city, 15 meters square, 4.5 meters high, with a total area of ​​225 Square meters, rammed by loess; two towers, both on the top of the mountain, 7 meters square, 7 meters high, 1.7 meters high, brick wall of the Great Wall. When 4. When the five-meter-high barrier city lay in front of me, I first felt that the word “permanent” was written by that piece of brick. When I touched it with my hand, I felt hard, and I had a strong backing in my heart. Upon entering the barrier city, people were suddenly lifted to a high place, their ambitions were suddenly high. Of course, when you walk over the 620-meter overhanging Great Wall, climb more than 500 steps, and when you reach the top of the mountain, your thoughts and aspirations in the barrier city will completely change. Standing on the top of Montenegro, looking at the Great Wall, it is a meandering river, like countless rivers on the earth, filled with storms, rain, frost, colorful leaves, and the shadow of birds. The Great Wall is an artificial river. Natural It is also full of people’s joys and sorrows, people’s sweetness and bitterness. Now I am standing in the river of the Great Wall, thinking that countless people from far away pass me by, like the river flows through my body, I feel the people ’s breath, the heat emitted, like the river The transpiration of water vapor is like the wind blowing over my cheeks, people are giggling, so happy to laugh and laugh, like the waves and waves of the river, there are people full of anger and depression, and they have been tried and tested by life. The people who have suffered twists and turns, like the river in the gloomy weather, swell with violent rolling, but these disappear when the weather is fine and the waves are calm. They are like a fish swimming in the river and flying in the waves Like a phantom of a bird falling in the water, the floating body is like the fruit shaking on a branch. You don’t have to ask why, because everyone is a drop of water, and every drop is thoughtful. It’s winter morning, and the overhanging Great Wall is covered with white snow, morning sun, and frost. I stand in the river with overhanging Great Wall and feel the coldness of winter and the feeling that people stay on the brick wall. A beautiful word, like a wave folded and pushed from far to near, flowing through the overhanging wall, also flowing between my eyes and my heart, the vortex of passion made me boiling again and again, at this time, no one boarded the suspension Wall, but people have left love, loneliness, sentimentality, sorrow and laughter on the Great Wall, and I have sent sentimental and love on the Great Wall. A river flowing in the hearts of the Great Wall of the Overhanging Wall, filled with sunlight and sprinkled with snow and cold. When I climbed the Great Wall, I was a pawn who built the Great Wall in the summer of 1540. My thin body, dark face, rough hands, blue bricks and dirt turned in my hands, sweat flowed through my eyes and lips, dripped on The green bricks evaporated instantly, the salt seeping out of sweat stained the shirt, and the sun whitened the shirt. The city walls were finally finished. The wide, tall ones were built by us with a pestle The green bricks are fired not far away. These square adobes are extremely hard after high temperature hardening. When you walk on them, you will make a gurgling sound. Can you understand such a sound? The blazing sun blanched Montenegro, and the pages of rocks and rocks were scorching hot like a small stove, endless, endless, a whole summer, a portrait of a leaf floating on Montenegro, a whole summer steamed off the body Moisture, oil in the skin, I want to have a shade, covering the back of the sunburned, raised the skin forehead, but the Montenegro is bare, there is no shrub, tall trees grow in the south; I want more Dark clouds, rain dripping on dry and scorched eyes, but rain always comes very late and rarely. The long, sultry sun finally fell into Montenegro, and the cool moon had risen long ago, while the night was shut, and in the endless silence, Hu Xi sounded, “Hu Hu broke the bowels of human beings, and his eyes looked like tears.” In the clear moonlight night, the sad Hu Husheng made people have a heroic mood. Of course, when I climbed to the top of the overhanging Great Wall, I also developed such heroic mood.

Standing on a tall rafter, looking at the crenels from far to near, a neat array of crevices, 1.7 meters in height are not one by one, since the wall was born, it has been standing there. Day after day, year after year to welcome the sunrise, receive the baptism of storms and lightning, the erosion of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the squeeze of time, and also send away the sunset, usher in the moon and stars, the brilliant starry sky, and deep loneliness. Now I am standing on the overhanging wall, and the warm sunlight is splashing on my body. At this moment, I am a duokou, a puppet, like them covered in white snow, welcoming the sun, overlooking the vast Qilian Mountains, guarding the Heishan Gorge and Not far from the Black Mountain Lake, the sapphire waters washed away the scars and turbidity in my heart, and became clear and clean.