White Water Noodles

Ruo Xi glanced at the clock on the wall, the hour hand pointed at Jiu, sighed and went to the bay window to look down. Through the starry night, she faintly saw that her parking space was empty. If Ruoxi turned around, the straight and right angles of the hour and minute hands on the clock face her eyes, and the inexplicable urge to break the clock. If it weren’t for her son Wu Haoran doing his homework, she would rush to it, take down the broken clock and smash it into a powder.

Husband Wu Yang returns home less and less, and she blame it on the broken clock. The minute hand rotates, and the hour hand follows it like its lover. One day, two days, one year, two years were gone by that damn clock. She saw that the right angle formed by the hour and minute hands was more annoying, and she did not like anything with angular edges. She likes arcs, which have a rounded feel and don’t look hurtful. It seems that Wu Yang is not going home again today, forget it, wait. she thinks.

Ruoxi looked at his son’s meal, and his heart was relieved. Son Wu Haoran looked up and asked, Mom, do you want to eat? Ruo Xi said, you eat, mom is not hungry. Wu Haoran ate it by himself. Ruo Xi looked at Haoran, her eyes blurred.

Hao Ran and Wu Yang are carved from the mold, the same face of melon seeds, hawk nose, two small dimples on his face. Ruo Xi laughed out loud. Hao Ran looked at her, Mom, you were weird this time. Ruo Xi hid her smile, I was laughing at the magic of people, how much you look like your dad, almost the same as twins. Hao Ran said, this is genetics, you do not understand.

Ruo Xi closed her hair, stared at the clock again, completely dead. Wu Haoran was 13 years old and attended junior high school in a private school. The daily school bus picks up on time, and Ruoxi and Wuyang have saved a lot of heart. Hao Ran finished his meal and returned to his room.

Ruo Xi got up to clean up the chopsticks, looked at the almost unmoved dishes and rice, and dumped them into the kitchen’s trash can. She stood in the kitchen, looking at the trash can, her eyes filled with tears.

If Wu Yang hadn’t let her leave the company and go home to work as a full-time wife, it would have been so helpless. When she washes the dishes, she bumped the dishes and made a tinkling sound. Realizing that Hao Ran was still at home, she immediately relieved herself. The glass door of the kitchen stretched Ruo Xi’s shadow. The slim figure made her feel like a woman, but rather a scarecrow in her rural hometown, waiting all day long.

When Ruoxi walked past Haoran’s room, he glanced inside. Hao Ran is reading. Hao Ran didn’t notice Ruoxi’s peeping at him, he was very quiet. He put all his body and mind in his own world, never paying attention to the world of Ruo Xi and Wu Yang. Hao Ran seems to have long been accustomed to the days when Wu Yang is not at home, and never asked Ruoxi, where did his father go? Ruo Xi looked up at the time, it was more than ten o’clock, she urged Haoran to sleep.

Hao Ran fell asleep, Ruoxi lying on the sofa in the living room watching TV, laughter and irritability. The remote control was squeezed constantly in her hands, and the TV screen jumped like a cartoon. Ruoxi has no interest in TV. Unlike those full-time wives, she practiced yoga, went shopping, chased Korean dramas, and watched palace dramas. She felt it was not the life she wanted.

Ten years ago, when she and Wuyang were both poor and poor, in order to save money, she squeezed buses with clothing from a wholesale market. There are three bus trips from the eastern suburbs to the western suburbs. She went to buy goods, and Wuyang was responsible for selling under the flyover. Ruoxi carried the bag like the world, and a pair of twine legs trembled in the wind. Every time Wu Yang saw her come and shake, Laoyuan ran over. Ruo Xi leaned on the light pole, panting heavily. Wu Yang wiped the sweat on her face and neck with a towel. Don’t forget the bangs in front of your forehead.

When she and Wu Yang came to the city, they lived by selling clothing on the side of the road. Standing at the side of the road during the day, Wu Yang was drinking, and cheap and affordable clothes were missed when passing by without looking. Ruo Xi likes Wu Yang’s gurgling sound most. She said that his voice is as magnetic as a magnet and can penetrate people’s hearts. Wu Yang laughed and said how could it be so amazing? Ruo Xi smiled and said, as long as you drink it, the people around us will be surrounded. Isn’t this magnetic? The city was creating a hygienic city, and the city management car suddenly passed by. Suddenly, Wu Yang waited for the third round and Ruo Xi to run, no less than those 100-meter sprint athletes in the sports, they escaped. One after another. After panting, they looked at each other and laughed. Back in the small house they rented, they completely relaxed. Ruo Xi was busy eating in the kitchen, Wu Yang smoking a cigarette and holding a fashion design book with interest. Wuyang, the cheapest cigarette on the market, was pumped out of the realm. He gave Ruoxi a smoke ring. The ring was still in the air, and a smoke rod passed through it. Ruoxi watched Wuyang’s performance with surprise, and said with a smile, your unique skill is still good, and it won’t open your eyes. Ruo Xi opened the window, the smell of smoke in the room spread out.

At noon that day, Wu Yang and Ruo Xi were caught by the city management. A big man pointed at them and finally caught you today. Leave and return to the team to accept the penalty.

When Wuyang and Ruoxi came out of the urban management brigade, it was almost dark. The neon of the city gave them no time to take care of them. In addition to several large bags of clothes and three rounds were confiscated, they also wrote a guarantee to the team and paid a fine of 400 yuan. Wu Yangxuan pulled his head, and Ruoxi’s eyes rolled into tears.

Back at home, Wu Yang swallowed the smoke with a big mouth, without saying a word. Those cigarettes were sucked into Wu Lung’s lungs as if by a trick, flowed out of his mouth, and sucked into his nose. Ruo Xi got up to cook, looked at the kitchen, touched his clothes pocket again, and left the house.

Ruo Xi held the crumpled two yuan, sold 5 cents of green vegetables, and sold 5 fresh noodles. Ruo Xi was crying to make this meal. Now thinking about it, Wuyang is probably hungry. A bowl of white water cabbage noodles without any oily smell was sweating and he ate and sucked. He also ate while saying that every year on our wedding anniversary How about eating this noodle? Ruoxi looked at Wu Yang’s eating photo, nodded, and burst into tears. That night they hugged and hugged, reminiscent of the fragrance of Baishui green cabbage noodles.

Ruo Xi took a glass of wine and took a sip, cursed, bastard. Turning off the TV, she threw the remote control on the sofa and turned around a few times. She got up and took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet. She didn’t understand red wine at all, but she thought the color of the wine was scarlet and scarlet. Wu Yang has fewer days to return. She has learned to drink and always drinks in the dead of night. Ruo Xi was shaking with the goblet, and the wine in the glass was beating like her heart, spinning and stirring the wall of the glass. Ruo Xi was standing in front of the bay window, holding a cup in one hand and holding his hand to his chest, looking out the window. The distant highway was staggered like a silver snake, squirming and flowing. High-rise buildings were covered with colorful Xiayi, flickering. Tonight’s moon is really round, hanging like a white jade plate in the sky, white and flawless. Ruoxi gently wiped her tears with her hands, and raised her neck, and a glass of red wine poured into her mouth like a flood that had opened the gate. The dry wine passed through her taste buds, mouth, and throat, and began to tumble when she reached the stomach. Ruo Xi hit a spirit, and rushed up with wine. She looked back at the clock on the wall, and it was 12 o’clock. She glared at her eyes, and listened carefully to the door with her side ears. No footsteps were heard. Ruoxi slumped on the sofa, and Koala’s pillow became a ray of cloth in her hand, and the sponge filling inside was scattered all over the floor.

Ruoxi picked up the bottle and filled it with wine. She saw the ashtray that she had washed on the coffee table lying there, crystal clear and absorbing the light in the room. Ruo Xi opened the cabinet under the coffee table and took out a pack of cigarettes. She learns how Wu Yang smokes, leans halfway on the sofa, hits a lighter, and takes a sip of smoke. Ruo Xi was suddenly coughed, and her nose shed tears. She said that she really didn’t know what to smoke, Wu Yang used to find cigarettes in the house ten years ago.

Ruo Xi picked up the pack of cigarettes and looked at it. If you remember correctly, the pack of cigarettes has been quietly lying in the cabinet for months. Ruo Xi once saw in the book that smoking is mostly not a hobby for men, but is thinking, especially when encountering important things, so that they can ease their emotions and come up with solutions to problems. Ruoxi knew that Wu Yang was addicted to smoke, as if smoke was everything to him. Whenever something is difficult, Wu Yang smokes one by one, and the cigarette stays with his mouth, and his mouth doesn’t leave his cigarette, as if he can’t live without smoking. If Ruoxi tried the taste of cigarettes for the first time, he was still smoking even though he was uncomfortable.

Ruo Xi opened Wuyang’s WeChat, and he didn’t have any information in the circle of friends. Ruo Xi sat down along the sofa, trying to get up but was weak. Ruo Xi continued to pull on WeChat, and she found that Wuyang’s circle of friends was somehow set to allow friends to view the last three days. She bit her lip as if to bite it and bleed. Ruo Xi took the cup and drank it, and the whole body slumped and stuck to the ground. Her tears flowed down the corner of her eyes and flowed to the cold ground.

Ruo Xi sat up and typed a few words on the phone quickly: dear, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, remember to go home. She clicked send, and the text passed like a current. Ruo Xi waited closely for Wu Yang’s response.

A bottle of red wine was drunk by Ruo Xi, and there were dense buttocks lying in the ashtray, but Wuyang did not wait for a response. Ruo Xi faintly walked into the bedroom.

At daybreak, Ruo Xi forced to get up with a headache. She was ashamed looking at the mess in the living room. While Hao Ran was still half an hour before she got up, she couldn’t care less about her head and quickly packed up. She blamed herself in my heart. I was stunned, drinking and smoking? In her impressions, those women who drink and smoke are what she sees in TV movies, and she has never met in real life. What does a woman look like while smoking and drinking? She blushed.

Before, she had a fierce quarrel over Wuyang’s smoking. Wuyang said nothing but still used her nose as a chimney. Hula spit out black smoke, and her teeth were blackened by the smoke. Painted. To this end, I also go to the dental hospital to wash my teeth twice a year. After being whitened and blackened, Ruo Xi could not open her eyes and let Wu Yang Tengyun drive the fog.

Ruo Xi put the white ashes washed in the ashtray back on the coffee table, and the living room was neat and orderly. She sat on the sofa and pressed her temples with her hands. She asked in her heart why she drank? Isn’t Wu Yang busy? He hasn’t been home for nearly a month? Maybe he is really busy? Being a man cannot be too selfish, Wu Yang has worked harder for this family. Ruo Xi thinks about this, and feels that she is not a good wife, a good woman. She gave herself a hard blow, saying that she was not Lin Daiyu, and she was like a teardrop all day. She vowed not to drink anymore, let alone smoke. If Wu Yang knew this, he might even think of himself as a woman.

The sun rose outside the window, and the ground was golden. Ruo Xi stretched out and said that a beautiful day has begun again. She walked into Hao Ran’s bedroom and shook it gently, and Hao Ran crawled up. Ruoxi watched Haoran get on the school bus and turned back home. If Xi remembered sending WeChat to Wuyang last night, she immediately picked up her mobile phone and looked at it. Her brows froze tightly, Wu Yang didn’t send a word. Ruo Xi looked out the window, and the just gentle sun became irritable. Ruo Xi’s body seemed to be pierced by the sun and arrows.

She cursed, crazy woman. She rubbed it up and down with both hands on her face, her neat teeth looked white as jade in the sun. The corners of her mouth were raised. Maybe Wuyang wants to surprise himself? Such things are commonplace in their marriage. Ruoxi thought so. Suddenly she realized something and hurriedly carried her bag out of the house.

Ruo Xi returned home with a small bag. She picked up the cup and mumbled, like a country father feeding a cow, she couldn’t wait for a bite.

She went into the kitchen and started preparing for dinner. The clock in the living room walked round and round at its pace, and time was firmly grasped by it.

Ruo Xi is like a rural hoe in the kitchen. The sleeves were rolled up high, and a jingle played in the kitchen. The first dish she made was lover’s tears. At first, she and Wu Yang came to the city from the countryside to work hard. When she saw the name of the dish on a small restaurant’s menu, they thought it was strange, and ordered one. The dishes were served, and the two were disappointed. Wu Yang pointed at the dish and asked the waiter, “Isn’t this just a cold salad in our country?” How about a lover? How about tears? The waiter looked at the dirt in front of them, and dangled a face, said the fellow. If Xi persuaded Wuyang not to cause trouble, she took the lead in chopsticks and chopped vegetables. Her mouth opened so that the boss gasped out, tears oozing out, pointing at this dish of speech. Wu Yang hurriedly picked up chopsticks and took a bite of the fans, and the funny look made Ruoxi a lot of people. The waiter came over and didn’t speak, Wu Yang was serious, resisting the spicy and nasal smell of wasabi and said that your lover’s tears are very good and good. The waiter smiled and walked away. Several waiters gathered to give them pointers. Later they returned to the rented house and studied the lover’s tears. This was the first name Yangqi they ate after entering the city, and they ate funny dishes. Ruo Xi recalled the scene while doing it, and could not help but grow up. She thought that while eating with Wu Yang, he would have to expose his affair.

Ruo Xi remembered a cold dish that must be made. The name of this dish was still hers, called: whisper. Ruo Xi was full of energy when she read the name of this dish. They have been stunned for so many years and haven’t whispered to their husband for a long time. When she was shopping at the vegetable market, she thought of using the moral of this dish to relive the little sweetness of the two. She took out the pig’s mouth and ears from the bag and cut them seriously. She was thinking while chopping vegetables. When Wu Yang ate the food first while eating, she would have to eat pig ears, indicating that he had whispered to her. Instead, she whispered to him. Well, I have to say something to him anyway. Ruo Xi’s body shivered slightly, as if Wu Yang’s lips were wandering around her ears, and the warm gas triggered her sensitive area. Ruo Xi groaned, his face flushed to her neck. She scolded in her heart, and you became a slut who didn’t know how to harm you?

The cold dishes were ready, and she started preparing hot dishes again. Wuyang likes to eat soy products, especially tofu with fried soy skin. He hasn’t eaten enough for his whole life. Ruo Xi had asked Wu Yang why he liked to eat this dish, and Wu Yang said with tears. When he was a child, his family was poor, his father died early, and his mother always got up early and greeted the dark to grind tofu and sell money at home. Before the tofu is formed, the mother will peel off a few pieces of soy oil skin for the rich. He was curious about the smell of soybean oil skin, and pestered his mother to make it for him. After he had eaten, he would not eat tofu, only tofu. The mother’s income was less than a half, and the tofu was never sold. When Wu Yang told Ruo Xi the past, she cried very sadly. Ruo Xi held him back and said, I know, this dish has the taste of mother. When Ruoxi married Wuyang, she never saw her mother-in-law. It is said that he was seriously ill and died.

Another hot dish is for her son, steamed sea bass. Ruo Xi first cleaned the sea bass, then drew a flower knife on the sea bass with a knife, and then coated the fish with seasonings such as cooking wine, salt, and oil, and marinated in the container. When your child is growing, eating fish has high nutritional value. Wuyang said this conclusion, Wuyang said that it was the hotel chef. Ruo Xi remembered his words like the imperial edict, and his son was willing to eat it, and each time it was almost alone. Ruo Xi had an idea about the staple food. She is going to make a pot of white water noodles, and she thinks this is the best meal in the world.

After everything was ready, Ruo Xi came to the living room and looked at the clock on the wall. It was only four o’clock in the afternoon. She yelled, damn time, you walked so slowly today.

Ruoxi sat in the living room, picked up his mobile phone and looked at it, but Wu Yang still didn’t reply. She smiled. Fortunately, Wuyang still used the previous tricks and let you eat pig’s noodles first.

Ruo Xi took out a gift she bought for Wuyang, a brand-name razor. When he went out at noon, Ruo Xi searched the whole house and found that Wu Yang’s razor was missing. Maybe he took it to the company or lost it? She needs to buy him another. I haven’t seen each other for months. He called back a few times and said that he was on a business trip and talking about business. I guess the beard is very long. If Xi thought of this, she decided what gift to buy.

Ruo Xi took out this razor, silver, bright, very fine workmanship, good grades, very suitable for his man. Turning on the shaver switch, the buzzing buzzing sounds like a song of a man and man, which fascinates Ruoxi. She thought that if his beard had been shaved, he would take care of himself. If Wu Yang returns to Beard Bara, she will shave his beard by himself, lest his beard becomes a discordant note between them. Ruo Xi’s face reddened involuntarily.

Hearing the door ringing, Ruoxi hurried to the door and greeted Wuyang. The door opened, but his son Haoran came in. If Xi had lingered for a while, wouldn’t it? It was almost six o’clock.

Hao Ran came home and asked, Mom, is the meal ready? Ruo Xi said, wait for your dad. With a loud voice, Hao Ran got into his room to do his homework.

Ruo Xi looked at the time again and thought that Wu Yang should be back soon. She went to the kitchen and steamed the seabass first. It is estimated that Wuyang returned after steaming the seabass.

Ruo Xi prepared the meals according to the time in his heart, and all the delicious things on the table were delicious. Wu Yang did not return. Ruo Xi picked up her phone and sent WeChat three times in a row. After thinking about it, she sent three more text messages. Hao Ran came out and asked twice when to eat. Ruo Xi always said to wait, maybe your dad had come downstairs.

If Ruoxi looked downstairs through the window, his parking space was still empty. She took out her cell phone and called Wuyang. A familiar ringtone of “Sweet Honey” came out on the phone, but no one answered. Until it came “I’m sorry, you dialed the user and no one answered”, followed by a long list of English miles. Ruo Xi dialed again, still so.

Hao Ran stepped out and saw the vegetables on the table, a bottle of red wine and a candlestick filled with candles, and asked happily, Mom, what day is it to see the sky, so grand?

Ruo Xi put down the phone, today is the wedding anniversary of me and your dad.

Hao Ran, oh, that dad should have been back long ago. Mom, I suddenly remembered something.

What’s up?

The school organized us to go to a nursing home at noon for public welfare activities. When passing by the World Trade Center, I sat on the bus and saw an aunt going in with Dad’s arm. Hao Ran whispered.

Ruo Xi’s body trembled, her legs softened and her eyes fluttered. Sitting idly there without saying a word. If Ruoxi wanted to cry out loud, but also thought that Hao Ran would be frightened, she gave up.

Ruo Xi said, let’s eat.

Hao Ran asked, waiting for my dad?

Your dad should have somewhere to eat.

A plate of lover’s tears was eaten by Ruoxi, and the smell of wasabi gave her an excuse to cry. Hao Ran laughed and said, “Eating a meal will make you cry.” She kept choking and crying. After a while, Ruo Xi dumped those dishes into the trash. Ruo Xi cooked herself a bowl of white water cabbage noodles, and she cried while eating like poison.

Throughout the night, Ruoxi could not sleep. Looking at the light in Haoran’s house, she took out the red wine, and the wine opener became skilled in her hand. With a bang, the cork stopper was pulled out.

Wu Yang went home on the third day.

That day, if Ruoxi went shopping at noon, he saw Wuyang’s shoes when he entered the door. She was hot in heart, and shouted, Yangyang, are you back? Ruo Xi likes to call Wuyang Yangyang. In terms of age, Ruoxi is two years old. When Ruoxi was a teacher, his father did not agree with their marriage, saying that a man younger than you did not know to take care of you. Ruo Xi said angrily, I take care of him too. After marriage, his father’s words were verified. Ruo Xi took care of him like Wu Yang’s mother. Where is the clothes? Where are the shoes? Lasa is inseparable from her. Ruoxi was used to taking care of everything in Wuyang. Suddenly this month, Wu Yang returned less, but made Ruoxi unsuitable.

Ruo Xi saw Wu Yang in the bedroom. Wu Yang glanced back at Ruoxi, quickly avoiding her gaze, bowing her head like a child who did something wrong. Wu Yang opened the safe and looked for something.

Ruo Xi looked at Wu Yang’s back, her eyes inexplicably ebb. She hugged Wu Yang from behind, holding her face firmly against his back. Wu Yang was a little stiff at the moment, I don’t know what to do. The yellow sand rolling outside the window rolled, the sun was blocked by it, and the sky was dark. Wu Yang said that the weather predicted that there would be a sandstorm today. Ruo Xi said, yeah, it would be better if someone in the world predicted it. Wu Yang’s heart shook. He lifted her hand, took a delicate small box out of his coat pocket and handed it to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi asked, what is this? Wu Yang said it was a gift for you.

Ruo Xi walked out of the bedroom with a box, this box was like a glittering knife about to kill himself bit by bit. She opened the box with a necklace lying inside. For several years, Wu Yang will give Ruoxi a necklace on their anniversary. The necklaces are all similar, except that the pendants under the necklace are not repeated once. Ruo Xi picked up the necklace and put it on her neck. This pendant is very special. It is a hollowed-out heart with a red agate heart inside it, which is very beautiful.

Wu Yang said, do you like it? Ruoxi nodded. Wu Yang helped Ruo Xi wear this necklace around her neck. Wu Yang’s move made Ruoxi feel strange. In the past, he would not pay attention to these details at all. Ruo Xi thought, it seems that Wu Yang was matured by other women.

Wu Yang said, Ruo Xi, I saw the message you sent me that day, but I was talking about a business in Beijing, and then I drank and drank with the other party in the middle of the night, and slept again the next day. Don’t get angry

Hao Ran’s words sounded again in Ruo Xi’s mind. Ruoxi wanted to see what his favorite face would show, without piercing him. She smiled at him and said that President Wu had worked hard. Wuyang stunned. Wu Yang talked to Ruoxi about his trip to Beijing, and he talked about it. Ruo Xi looked at him in front of him, his heart was twisted.

Ruo Xi took out the gift from the nightstand and passed it. Wu Yang took it, said thank you, took out the razor and shaved. Ruo Xi smiled and asked, your beard has been shaved very clean, do you still need to exaggerate? Wu Yang touched her lips, and her beard grew quickly and grew again.

Ruo Xi dragged Wu Yang into the bedroom. Ruoxi biting Wu Yang’s ears and said, Yang Yang, I miss you. Wu Yang said with a smile, in the evening, this day is embarrassing. Ruo Xi was hot like a lighted fireball. She stripped Wu Yang’s clothes one by one. A rush of telephone ringing, Wu Yang broke free. “Okay, come right away …” Wu Yang looked at Ruo Xi in the bedroom and said that there was an urgent matter to leave immediately. Ruo Xi turned over and gave Wu Yang a back with tears in his face.

With a snap, the door closed. Ruo Xi’s heart died.

Ruo Xi lay on the bed and lit a cigarette. She thought about everything. Wu Yang’s beard was shaved cleanly. He didn’t smoke a cigarette. He matured a lot and would be diligent in front of women …

Hao Ran returned home from school, pushed open the door of her mother’s bedroom, and when she exited her room, she found a bottle on the bedside table. She ran over and saw that this was the bottle of sleeping pills used by her mother for a long time.

Hao Ran cried and shook Ruoxi.

Wu Yang received a call from his son Haoran. When he rushed to the hospital, Ruo Xi washed his stomach and lay on the bed. Wu Yang held Ruo Xi’s hand, and tears fell to the ground like raindrops.

Ruoxi didn’t want to see him, struggling and turned over. Hao Ran touched Wu Yang and handed him a piece of paper. Wu Yang looked at those words, her whole face was screwed together, and she was in great pain.

Wu Yang knelt before the bed, calling Ruoxi gently, asking Ruoxi for forgiveness.

Ruo Xi burst into tears. She said, Wu Yang, let’s divorce, I will give you freedom. I do n’t want everything here, I take my children back to the country.

Wuyang stood up and bent over with a towel to wipe Ruo Xi’s tears. Shall we not divorce? I can’t do without you.

Hao Ran stood outside the door and looked inside quietly through the glass window, tears also fell. He ran out of the hospital in tears.

The only thing left in the ward was their breathing and heartbeat. White walls, white beds, and white ceilings made them secretly shed white tears in this space.

About an hour, Hao Ran walked in with the insulated bucket. Let’s eat something.

Ruoxi turned around and looked at Haoran in surprise.

When Hao Ran poured two bowls of white water cabbage noodles from the insulation bucket, Ruoxi and Wu Yang burst into tears.