“Wild Dogs” and “Little White Rabbits” Not Working

On the weekend, he had an appointment with his friend Jiang for Western food and talked about something. While talking while eating, he answered the phone. Looking at his spirited look, when he put down his phone, I smiled and said, “It’s your proud job to Xiao Ping again, how big a list has the company made this time?” Jiang smiled, eating the steak gracefully “I fired him. If I hadn’t watched him work hard for the company in these two years, I would have sent him to prison.” I was taken aback.

Xiao Ping, graduated from a prestigious university, had working experience when he was in school, and was a marketing genius. I have met him and he is handsome and handsome. In less than three years, he became the company’s marketing manager and repeatedly won quarterly sales titles. Jiang sighed in front of me more than once, saying that Xiao Ping was sent to help him by the sky, so Xiao Ping’s welfare is also the best in the company. There are special cars and luxury apartments rented by the company alone, which can be described as promising.

“Why then fire him?” I was puzzled. Jiang Dandan said, “Since a year ago, I felt something wrong with Xiao Ping. Gradually, news came out that he had a very good rebate. I was good to him. I gave him a high salary and the best benefits. I swallowed the elephant. I did n’t expect him to intensify. At the beginning of this year, a long-term customer of the company had to find me directly. ”I do n’t know much about the mall, but I also realized the seriousness of the matter, and blurted out:“ So unbridled, so you do n’t Tolerate him again, isn’t it? “Jiang nodded and said,” He has created performance for the company, but at the same time it is directly proportional to the extent to which he undermines the unity of the company. If he turns a blind eye, his use of power for personal gain will make others think that this road is feasible. What future does the company have? “I nodded in approval.

People like this should initially devote all their efforts to work, but after a long time in the mall, they can’t stand the temptation and lose their basic bottom line. I thought that it was my own ingenuity to create wealth for myself. But I don’t know. This is gradually losing the trust of the boss. Who will leave a time bomb around?

Jiang smiled gently and said, “Many years ago, in a public speech, General Electric of the United States mentioned two concepts,” wild dog “and” little white rabbit. “Do you know what it means? I understand it and said: “Xiao Ping is a so-called ‘wild dog, which has contributed to the company, but has poor character and will cause irreparable losses to the company. Jiang nodded and said, “‘I won’t use the little white rabbit. It means docile, not troublesome, hard-working, and belongs to the kind of people who work hard but cannot improve their performance. I have a complete employment system in the company, so the people I have used over the years are really down-to-earth people who work hard to make themselves good enough. ”

I looked at Jiang with some emotion. He started his own business from the age of 30 and experienced some difficulties and difficulties. During the previous 6 years of working, he never waste a minute and a second of his work. He always knew what he wanted.

It is the most basic reason not to be a “wild dog” and “little white rabbit” in the workplace. One is to keep your own bottom line in front of the radiant light, so you can go further. The second is not to be mediocre and lazy, so that you can have a place in the workplace. Only by being positive can we have the most beautiful paradise.