Zen flavor, simple life

When Dai Se’s pen wrote “Zen-like mind, simple life” on white paper, her heart was bright and she didn’t want anything. She only felt that she had the heart and the pen in one, and she felt like she was wanton, just like Bai Xue Juveniles are wild, free and willful.

I don’t remember how many indulgences Ling Feng galloped, nor how many frivolous songs and drunks, I don’t want to compromise with time and complexity, I just want to embrace my true and kindness to travel the world. As Xue Xiaochan said: Some people are born lonely and are only suitable for one person to swim in rivers and lakes.

Rather than escaping, it’s better to “meditate”-the thought of Jing Yijing. After the bustling, I just want to have my own bed, a cottage, a book, and enjoy the quiet time alone. Tired, there is a room to live in; sleepy, there is a bed to rest; wake up, there is a book to accompany. Coarse tea and light rice are the best to keep the spirit and energy; I like a light boat, swinging in the heart of the lake, flying around the birds, all day long, drinking wine with friends, listening to a little song, singing a few folk songs, showing the literati’s mind. The old man can chat with the young man, play with the ducks, break the willows and play the flute; or he can enjoy the sunset alone, the drunk canoe listening to the wind, thinking about the past of youth, and thinking about his loved ones and friends.

Sometimes when you are tired, you will think of your hometown and the slow time of your hometown.

In a village with a mother, the cooking smoke rose on time with the screams of tofu, and the father opened the sheep’s fence surrounded by the wooden fence and let out lambs. Mother cooks with firewood, uses the oldest air box, the fire in the stove is extinguished, and the fragrance of sorghum rice comes out. And I got up lazily, took a breath of cool air, washed my face with the water of the old well, listened to the weeping magpies or yellow magpies on the twigs, and picked apricot flowers on the hillside after the village. If it rains, go to school in sandals, walk through the crops, and walk towards the village where the national flag rises. If you are on vacation, you will go to a small companion and go up the mountain to catch scorpions, pick mushrooms, and cut mountains. Chai, squandering happy hours in the vast world …

Sometimes when you are tired, you will think of Shancun Elementary School, the habitat of Gao Ji soul.

Ancient bells, old wells, poplars, red bricks, high walls, earthen playgrounds, a teacher who loves sports and writing, a group of children who look like autumn water and little rabbits, sing old children’s songs, and do “Eagle Catching Little “Chicken” game, playing football made of radish, raising the flag solemnly. In the morning, there was an old headmaster with a short but loud voice. There were colleagues playing chess and table tennis during the class. In simple and pure days, the soul was shining like metal, and the young boy in clothing was like me. The film is not romantic and sacred on the podium.

Sometimes when you are tired, you will think of the old days of frivolous youth, those youthful days.

Snow outside the window, cooking wine in the room, drinking with friends, drinking wine with ears, and arousing countless pride, I feel that I have the majestic power of the whole world; I have a ball in my hand, gallop the battlefield, fight against my opponent, never give up, beat him A dark place, sweating and sweating, I felt that I had exhausted the power of the flood; I was surrounded by a chess stand, noisy, young and old, wit and brave, killing the dark clouds, the moon hidden stars succumbed, and I still did n’t know what to do, I thought life was good … …

After the noise, picking up the past, I always feel that the life of Su Jian is the best return of the soul.

Live a simple life, just like your parents, wake up and sleep while you sleep, eat cornmeal cakes, millet rice, and pickled pickles, and serve the garden dishes in your spare time. Read a good book, listen to a little song, don’t be too tired, don’t entertain, leave a space and time for yourself who is not easy, treat yourself, and unite your mind and soul, so that your soul can keep up with the speed of flying and live up to this Light and wonderful time …

Sometimes I think that we who are struggling, sometimes we really need to stop in a hurry, live a simple life, a Zen life, don’t we?