Think again

When I was in fifth grade, my mother restored contact with her father, who hadn’t moved much for many years. Since then, I have to go to my grandfather’s house for a few days every summer vacation. Although my uncle treated me like a stranger, my mother’s stepmother treated me well. She remembered my taste, took me to buy food and talked to me about it. She lives meticulously and savvyly. She can spend 5,000 yuan for a quality of life of 5,000 yuan. She is the best person I have ever seen.

At noon, I walked in that small county town by myself, and suddenly I met an old woman, rushing to hold my hand.

I recognized her as Tang Yan, my uncle’s close friend. I used to go to her house to stay with her. Seeing me, she was very excited. What made her even more excited was to find that many mosquitoes were biting on my leg. She determined that I was not well taken care of, and Shang Gang scolded my mother’s stepmother on the line: “In the end, I was not born by myself, so cruel!”

I have a small disapproval in my heart. Isn’t it normal to get bitten on my legs in summer? Besides, I was already 14 or 15 years old, and I was in junior high school. Even my mother-in-law would not take good care of me!

However, Tang Yan is not like some people, but just sells favors at no cost. She took me to the most prosperous commercial street in the county seat, bought me a pair of pants, and bought a bottle of toilet water, and then almost tearfully watched me walk towards my grandpa’s house. For the first time, I felt so distressed by an elder.

I do n’t have any elder fate. Grandpa died early. Grandpa was a stranger. Grandma was a good girl because she was born and married. Of course, a girl ca n’t be kind. It ’s just that I ’m humanistic, but she has a violent personality. Some people say that she needs to do a penny to do a good thing for a penny and a penny to do a bad thing. Her tenderness is always regarded as a warning before the storm.

Such a fierce encounter, without a long-term friend, has become a close friend with Tang Jun. The friendship spans decades and lasts forever. It is a miracle.

Tang’s home in the county seat is my uncle’s post. Every time she goes from Ma Biaozi to Fuyang where my house is, or when she enters other townships, she will transfer at Tang’s house. Sometimes she just went for lunch, sometimes she lived for several days or even ten days.

Tang Yan’s family was easy to find, and she walked along the road under the Luohe River Gate. After walking for a while, she could go to her door. Those nights, they sat in my bed and talked. I don’t remember what they all said, but when they fell asleep, they still heard their voices, like needles and threads passing through the soles of the shoes, and passing through my thin consciousness without information.

Did they talk like this when they were young? Tang Yan was originally from Fuyang City. When she graduated from technical secondary school, she was sent to Yingshang County. This place was just a place name for her. Before going, someone told her that there was a guy named So and so on who had the ability and was good enough for a friend. Just go to her. Tang Yan came to me, and they became friends. The age is far-reaching, and the folds are full of shadows. I do n’t know how my aunt shows that she is capable and good enough for friends, but if you think about it, she does have a temperament of children in the rivers and lakes, specifically there are not so many rules As long as you are willing to invest, you can be honest and sincere.

Think of Tang Yan at the time, a Swenwen female student who was suddenly decentralized to a county where her life was not familiar. A friend like me, a “sitting lander,” also had tremendous psychological support for her.

At first sight, it is not difficult, but what is difficult is the intransigence in the long years. My uncle is not an ordinary person. She brings wind and waves, is sensitive and irritable, but only temporarily stays in her house. She can also see countless flaws and point out unpleasantly.

She doesn’t like others’ nanny, her spouse and children, and her lifestyle, which will naturally cause discomfort to each other. My sister-in-law at Tang’s family didn’t converge, and it seemed that she and her family had a mustache. But no matter what, at any time, Tang Yan always had a sincere tolerance towards me. She always stood on my side, keeping pace with my feelings, so there was the beginning scene.

Their friendship did not end with the death of my uncle. Until now, my mother sometimes went to see Tang Ye, and a few days ago she saw that Tongtong was on the high-speed rail. I also wanted to see her. To me, Tang Yan is not only a specific person, she also has an era in her, an extraordinary way of feeling.

I often wonder why she has such deep trust in me. Yes, a friendship that is not harmed by human limitations requires trust. After all, in this world, there is a kind of emotionally hurting thing called “think about it”.

How much affection I have ever seen, suddenly turns into “thinking about it”. After thinking about it, you are no different. Think again, what do you count. After thinking about it, all of your thoughtful and attentive thoughts are hidden. After thinking about it, you are not that important, and you can be cleaned from my life.

The warm heart suddenly turned into a stone, and the small moments that were once treasured became worthless.

Teng Xiaolan wrote a novel about the friendship between two women. Originally, one party had the courage to see righteousness, and the two had a good relationship with each other. There was no huge turning point, but a word or a look from one side suddenly aroused the “thinking” of the other side, and then everything changed. Praising is like irony, showing good fortune and showing off wealth, everything is wrong. Although they are still in contact, they are resentful in their hearts and avenge each other in various ways.

Tang Yan and I continued this life-long friendship precisely because Tang Yan didn’t think so much. For example, at the moment when my uncle’s life was tangled with Tang’s life, and the moment when her family was born, some rough and irritable moments, if she thought about it, would she think “you are not good to me” “you Can’t see me well “” You don’t want me to be good “?

Turning thoughts like turning around makes it difficult to turn back. May this life have feelings that do n’t change your mind. May you have luck and be a person who does n’t change your mind.