Cold sound

People living in the tropics or cold zone should often complain about their climate? In fact, it is not necessary. People living in temperate zones are most likely to express their dissatisfaction with the climate. They want to spend winter in summer, but rather summer in winter.

People who live in temperate zones may envy migratory birds that come from spring to autumn. However, according to research by biologists, migratory birds have certain endocrine substances in their bodies to stimulate them to fly long distances; during the flight, their casualties are very large, but they ca n’t stop, so it can be seen that migratory birds may not be happy.

“This world is probably the best of all worlds.” To those who often complain about the climate, this is wrong. But if people can exercise their advantages in the shortcomings of reality, this sentence is true. Although the ice and snow are not good weather, skiing can enjoy the cold and exercise. People who practice vocal work hard on cold nights and make the fastest progress. The bugler practiced trumpeting at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius, and it could produce a kind of “cold sound”, a accomplishment that a bugler who grew up in a warm climate could not reach.

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