Free “cleaners” on Danish waterways

Andrew is an environmental campaigner in the Danish capital Copenhagen. In order to ensure the smoothness and cleanliness of the city’s waterways, he and the volunteers kayak to and from the small and large waterways every day, while salvaging garbage, they also tirelessly promote environmental protection knowledge to tourists. But no matter how hard they try, there are always unconscious tourists littering at will, which makes the environment in Shuicheng worrying.

Copenhagen is a well-known tourist city in Europe. The extensive waterways are one of the city’s unique and beautiful business cards. Therefore, most tourists who come here will choose to take a boat tour of the canal waterways. Kayaking is very popular with tourists, but the expensive rents often make them discouraged.

Seeing this scene, the smart Andrew has a flash of light: If the practice of promoting environmental protection and recruiting volunteers can be turned into a conscious and voluntary behavior of tourists, it will undoubtedly make a breakthrough in environmental protection. So after discussing the research with other volunteers, Andrew decided to find an entry point from the kayak.

Andrew believes that instead of using a large number of volunteers to clean up waterway garbage every day, it is better to make full use of tourist resources and turn passive into active. On the basis of mutual benefit, tourists can volunteer to complete the removal work on behalf of volunteers. But the premise is that the kayak rent must be waived. Allowing tourists to swim in the waterways free of charge, while salvaging the trash along the way, both sides can get what they want, which is a good choice.

This idea was supported by a large number of volunteers. Under Andrew’s leadership, they set up an environmental organization called “Green Kayaking” and decided to promote this “free kayaking scheme”. After overall planning, they purchased a batch of kayaks, equipped with paddles, life jackets, garbage grabs and trash cans, and even installed steering wheels, motors, dining tables, cushions, etc. on larger boats. Facilities, so that tourists can easily enjoy the fun of travel, but also do not forget to salvage the floating garbage.

Once the “Free Kayak Program” was launched, it was greatly supported by tourists. Everyone comes to travel and pays attention to the beautiful scenery of Copenhagen, and this plan not only enables them to realize their dream of free boat trips, but also helps them to protect the earth during the play.

Andrew’s “Free Kayak Program” has achieved remarkable results. Not only have the waterways become cleaner, but also enhanced people’s awareness of environmental protection. It has truly achieved the promotion of “spend money and call for volunteers to clean up trash” to “spend money to buy Boats, and tourists who come to take their own needs. ” At present, this plan has developed from an ordinary Copenhagen organization to a chain of international organizations, and its influence has radiated to European watercourse cities such as Aarhus, Denmark, Hamburg, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, and Bergen, Norway.

Floating garbage affects not only the scenery of watercourses, but also the disaster of marine animals. With simple plans and limited investment, Andrew has realized mutual benefits and mutual benefits with tourists, thereby protecting the environment and preventing floating garbage from entering the ocean.

Since the establishment of the “Green Kayak” organization, at least more than 10 tons of floating garbage has been salvaged and treated. This is undoubtedly a deep cleaning and decontamination of the earth. And these “cleaners” coming and going in the watercourse, like Andrew, have a beautiful and fresh dream hidden in their hearts.