Near the distance

A few days ago, an African girl led the team and won a total of more than 17 million yuan in entrepreneurship awards.

This happened in Nigeria. The girl named Temie Giwa tried to set up a blood bank in her hometown. There are currently 25 small sites. People can make an appointment to donate blood through mobile phone applications, and staff at the nearest site come to collect blood. In the promotional video, the young man who transported blood looks like my little brother who delivers food for delivery downstairs, wears a polo shirt, rides a small motorcycle, and puts a thermal insulation box wrapped in plastic in the back seat.

The girl is planning to use a drone to transport blood in response to an emergency. That drone looks like a big fat white bird. I don’t know what it will look like in the sky of Africa. I haven’t been there, and I have n’t seen the colorful clouds in the sky or the Milky Way over my head clearly in summer nights because of less light pollution.

To me, Nigeria is far like a parallel universe. If the bonus was not provided by a well-known Chinese company, I wouldn’t notice it at all: When I was thinking about when the delivery of the shopping carnival came, a girl about the same size as me was concerned about the lack of clean blood.

This is a true distant story, but not a distant story.

You see, the development of the times can always redefine the distance.

The first email from our country’s IP address reads: “Beyond the Great Wall, we touch the whole world. On the other hand, our vision may be getting closer. The recommendation algorithm is refined year by year to ensure that everyone sees only the world he is most familiar with. Hundreds of songs played continuously on the online radio will not exceed the user’s favorite two or three styles; most of the first results of the shopping application search for products will remain within the price range limited by historical orders.

The torrent of data goes up and into the cloud. Every life can be abstracted into a link, and the entire life can be downloaded instantly under any circumstances. And the world ’s volume is sinking. After the fifth page of search engine results, under the thousands of comments on Weibo ’s hot search, there is a long tail behind all the high peaks of traffic. For many people, it is close at hand, and it will never be out of reach.

When I was in school, almost all of my friends around memorized Lu Xun ’s famous saying: “The infinite distance, countless people are related to me.” After entering the society for a few years, there are always people who say, “Human sorrow is not Communicate. “This seems to be part of the truth.

On social networks, some people really saw distant scenery and stepped out of the lines drawn by big data. I’ve seen young scholars abandon stable work and go to the countryside to help solve environmental pollution problems and live in shacks; I’ve seen old people in the countryside become popular because they boarded live broadcast platforms and led 10,000 people to dance.

More often, the distance shows contradictory features. I seem to be associated with it, but this connection is not real. I once forwarded messages that had nothing to do with myself out of enthusiasm, and because of laziness, I didn’t care so much about the authenticity of these messages.

The story of that Nigerian girl briefly appeared on some people’s mobile pages, including mine. I have never cared about blood problems on distant continents before, and if nothing else, this problem will never bother me. But at this moment, we share the fate of humanity, and sympathy and the passion of young life to transform the world connect us. I may forget her tomorrow, or I will never forget it.

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