The best novel is like “Peach”. Everyone can eat this “Peach” without biting. “Everyone is comfortable.” But after eating “Peach”, don’t forget that there is a “nucleus” in it. There is a small “peach kernel” in “nucleus”. Those who are educated will not easily throw away the “peach kernel” but use a small hammer Tap gently and taste the “Peach Kernel” with a different taste.

This is a characteristic of Chinese culture, and it is about Tibetanism.

I once saw a painting by Qi Baishi, a piece of paper with nothing from top to bottom, and a piece of autumn leaf was drawn on this paper one-third of the way from the bottom. A cicada was lying on the leaf. Face down, and wrote two poems next to the leaves, “Ming cicada hugs autumn leaves, and there is a remnant on the ground”, absolutely.

This cicada was almost on the ground and still had a sound. You can see how long the blank paper above is, and how long the cicadas sound, so this picture is a picture with sound.