Time has never been neglected

Aunt Yuanyuan Dream Garden, a 49-year-old girl from the Internet, manages work at 10 o’clock in the morning and ends at 10 o’clock in the evening. For three consecutive years, I watched the courses of Shanghai Jiaotong University; for three consecutive years, I insisted on memorizing words every day; for three consecutive years, I insisted on online classes … Every day was enriched and polished.

Bystanders said, “Why bother to find yourself bitter?”

Auntie does not compromise, does not give up, deliberately practices day after day, she knows the significance of continuous efforts to drip water and stone. The right thing to keep doing is to break through; the simple thing to do repeatedly is to improve.

The subsequent counterattack was logical. When her son was admitted to a postgraduate course at Fudan University, she was admitted as a graduate student in Chinese International Education at Guangxi University.

All seemingly effortless brilliance is accumulated well, and what is silently adhered to is not a sudden change but a gradual change. It is not that the road to success is too far and too difficult, but that we are unwilling to believe that a small step forward every day can turn decay into magic.

In June 2012, 23-year-old Hunan youth Li Cheng came to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He longed to be a member of Yangmei. He said, “Even if I am a security guard in Yangmei, it is an honor for me. With a little consideration, it has become an ordinary campus security for Yangmei. ”

Since then, Li Cheng has been on duty at the East Gate of Yangmei, guarding the temple in his heart. Read and study during the day and study hard at night. During the day shift, standing on the post to recite the English words; during the night shift, quietly portrait the colleague on duty in the corridor.

Ten years of sweat polished the star called Dream, and finally Li Cheng won the 8th place in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Chinese Painting. He got his dream life ticket.

All the stories about “counterattack” are not incredible myths, but the luck that is gradually widened every day, and made with time and effort. At the time of departure, I vowed arrogantly, so high and far away, that I couldn’t beat the ground every day. The tortoises welcoming the celebration, Jonathan who broke the cocoon into a butterfly, and Harold who was running all the time, interpreted the brave soul of the pilgrim with his life.

For those who have given affection to the years, time has never been neglected.