What is the best time management

Recently, I saw a point of view, that the time management, the starting point of the general method, may be wrong. Why? Because I want to stand outside myself and time and regulate the use of time. The harder this management is, the more every minute counts, and that will make your life more and more tight, and in the end, no one can stand it.

So what’s the secret of real time management? The secret is actually four words. The first two words are “immersion”. Immerse yourself in what you do. You might say, no, I just immersed in swiping my phone and playing games, so I wasted time and needed time management.

Yes, it’s not enough to have the word “immersion”, but also two words, “respect”. Immerse yourself in things you respect. Such as reading, fitness, and advice to admired people.

As long as you can persuade yourself to be immersed in these things you respect, you don’t have to make time and constraints, and you actually use the time to the maximum extent. This is already the best time management in itself.