Why is knowledge important

Faith cannot rely on empty talk, but must be based on knowledge and skills.

Recently I watched the movie “Redemption of Shawshank”, while watching Lao She’s novel “Camel Xiangzi”. A comparison between the two suddenly made new discoveries.

Andy in “Shawshank’s Redemption” was jailed unjustly and suffered humiliation in prison, but he did not go crazy or collapse, and even escaped inconceivably-all this depends on not only belief but also knowledge. In prison, as a life prisoner, the previous class, status, money … are no longer useful. Come in stripe-the stripping and washing section at the beginning of the film is probably a metaphor. But one thing that won’t be taken away is knowledge.

Andy used his business knowledge as a banker to teach the jailers to evade taxes, launder money, and use his own geological knowledge. On the one hand, he bought the pickaxe, carved a small chess piece, and on the other hand, he dug up a The way to outside the prison.

It is conceivable that without knowledge, he would not get all the conveniences and special treatments in the prison, and it would be difficult to rely on even his spiritual convictions.

Although the situation of Luotuo Xiangzi is also unfortunate, at least he is still a free man. Although he is poor, he is still healthy and strong, which means hope.

When Xiangzi first entered the city, he was also a full and motivated person. He was not afraid of suffering. His intelligence and hard work were enough to make his wish a reality. Three years later, he collected 100 dollars and bought a new car.

For the first time, he was hit by fate because of the war. He coveted two dollars and ventured out of the city. As a result, he was taken by a dozen soldiers with a car. He was not beaten.

But fate gave him a second blow. He saved money and saved thirty dollars, and was snatched by detectives at Cao’s house in Labaoyue.

The third blow was Hu Niu’s forced marriage and pregnancy. The next blow was more and more. Every time he could not breathe. In the end, Hu Niu had a difficult delivery and the child was gone. Xiangzi even became sick and started smoking and drinking. .

He changed and became a self-pity and self-interested person, but the last time his fate destroyed him was the death of Kokoko. Since then, he has become a “dead with a breath.”

In the last few times of fate destruction, Shoko regained his strength again and again, but it is impossible to fight against fate by relying on personal beliefs alone. Lao She said, “People have lifted themselves out of the beast, but until now people always expelled their own kind into the beast. Xiangzi was still in that cultural city, but he became a beast.

Many chicken soup articles call for us to have faith and persistence, but what can Xiangzi use to persist? He was an orphan and had no education. He had only one strength, but the money made was suddenly taken away, the car he bought suddenly disappeared, the loved one died suddenly, and the family could be destroyed in an instant. Hope for tomorrow?

“Experience tells him that tomorrow will carry on today’s grievances.” He sold his cotton coats and was happy with the cash, so why wait for the winter.

Xiangzi was too lazy to wait for a season, but Andy dug a tunnel for decades.

The difference is not knowledge or persistence. Andy can’t beat it, because he can create his own destiny with his own knowledge.

So Andy insisted on running the prison library, also because he knew that faith cannot rely on empty talk, but must be based on knowledge and skills. It is better to talk about faith than to persuade people to learn a skill.