Learn to manage yourself and break the curse of “age and wisdom will decline”

When people reach old age, they must “grow old and lose wisdom”
Lao Li, a retired cadre of the neighbor ’s neighbor, was the leader of his collective enterprise before retirement. He used to speak in the unit and said that he could do everything. After retiring from the unit a few years ago, from a busy leader, he suddenly became a little old man who was doing nothing at home, “mixing food and dying”. The huge psychological gap made him feel very bad, and he felt changed. Become a waste person, abandoned by society. Depressed, in addition to angering his wife at home and making the family restless, he stayed at home to sleep and watched TV. He stayed at home and stayed away from the outside world. Afraid to see colleagues, acquaintances in the unit, fear of being joked by others is useless. I was trapped at home like this for a few years. As time passed, his body and intelligence changed a lot. He encountered him in the corridor a few days ago and went to the hospital for treatment. His wife followed him. He was in Walking in front of her, her faltering steps, her emaciated waist, her white hair, she did not look like she was in her early sixties. Talking to him also felt that his brain was slow to respond, and the answer was not keeping up with the rhythm.

Seeing this situation, I said to Lao Li: “I haven’t seen you for a long time. You have seen a lot of old age, so take care of your body.” After hearing this, Lao Li with a dull look looked at me blankly, no Speaking, seeing this scene, Lao Li’s wife said a little helplessly: “Yeah, yeah, old age is useless. Some people say that old age will be debilitating, and when people reach old age, it will be like this, no way, natural law.”

The words of Lao Li’s wife made me silent. In fact, although the saying goes, we can’t resist the laws of nature, but there is no absolute thing. If Li can actively plan his life in his later years instead of staying at home and letting himself age, maybe Li’s aging process And it won’t be so fast.

Mental decline in the elderly varies from person to person
As people grow old, their intelligence will decline. As the elderly grow older, their intelligence will gradually deteriorate. This phenomenon has been the consensus of many people, and even some elderly people think so. But in recent years, with the development of science and technology, the progress of society, the improvement of people’s living standards and medical conditions, these claims have gradually been replaced by some different voices. Some medical experts believe that the age of human intelligence maintenance and development is not a major constraint. The factors that restrict the maintenance and development of intelligence are also related to the individual’s living habits, health status, nutritional status, and whether the brain is often used in many aspects. Therefore, we cannot assume that when people reach old age, their intelligence will decline and they will not do anything.

Stay away from the curse of “aged wisdom”
By comprehensively analyzing various factors, we can draw the conclusion that many elderly people, such as Lao Li, do not have their intellectual decline due to their age, but because of the traditional socio-psychological influence, they think that old people have intellectual decline. , Old and useless. To break the curse of “age and wisdom will decline,” the elderly must learn to manage themselves, rationally plan their later life, actively prevent and delay intellectual decline, and make themselves healthy and happy in their later years.