Take your time

The southwest of Shandong, where I live, belongs to the north of the motherland. In the past few years, no trees such as camphor and osmanthus were seen. In recent years, the arbor cultivation in the south has not only enriched the local tree species, greened the land, but also splendidly made our homes and fragranced our lives.

Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the huge campus will be filled with the sweet fragrance of osmanthus. When the teachers and students return to school and walk into the school gate, they will be amazed and ask: What is it like? So fragrant!

When it is known that it is a sweet-scented osmanthus tree standing in the corner of a humble campus, teachers and students can’t help but speed up and run towards them to see Fang Rong.

However, this year is particularly exceptional, the season is late, and the sweet-scented osmanthus blooms half a month later than in previous years.

During the National Day holiday, I strolled around the campus every day. I looked anxiously to check the condition of osmanthus several times, hoping that they would bloom as early as in previous years. The big bones of the rice grains are slow to see the flowers bloom.

Finally, in the early morning of October 15, when the teachers and students stepped into the school gate facing the Chaoyang, things hoped for.

Osmanthus blooms!

At this point, I suddenly realized: Take your time, flowers will start sooner or later!

So is education. A frog has a frog world, and a tadpole has a tadpole future.

As a “frog”, I have forgotten how I grew up, and can no longer understand the characteristics of the old “tadpole”. Education is slow art and needs to wait for flowers to bloom! “Look at you, I didn’t understand it after I said it a few times.” “Why no memory, lost all day long” and other words often pop out without going through their own brains, and I do n’t realize what ’s wrong after speaking. Properly, but afterwards, it didn’t see any effect, but it made me feel more blocked. I gradually learned about the education of children. I was too impatient and too quick to make a profit!

After understanding the developmental characteristics of the human brain, body, and mind, I understood that education must follow the laws of science, let the children take their time, and let them be just children without having to be a “little adult”.

A long passage from the writer Long Yingtai’s “Children, Take Your Time” book, “I sat down on the stone steps and looked at this five-year-old boy, still struggling with that bow: a rope to wear it It was just a moment when I could pull it, and it was loose again, so I started again; a small hand carefully pinched the thin straw rope. On the streets of fresh water, the sun slanted the messy flower shop in the narrow alley. I, sitting on the stone steps in the shallow sun, is willing to wait for a lifetime, let this child tie the butterfly calmly, and use his five-year-old finger. Children, take your time, take your time. ” It was this passage that drew me through the book in one breath. I understand that education is like agriculture and has its own laws. Each child is an independent individual, and their level of development is different, so we should put forward different requirements in education: students with high development level, put forward higher requirements for them, and let them “satiate” and fly fast ; Let the middle-aged children “eat well” and gradually improve to fly as quickly as possible; and for students with a lower level, it may be helpful to let them “eat” slowly fly! !!

Let your children take it easy, either by being impatient, or by “shaking,” “promoting,” “awakening,” and achieving your dreams with patience and waiting.

Do not rush to instill the truth that the child can perceive; for the knowledge that the child can learn, we must not rush to tell him the answer. What is education? The explanation of Shuo Wen Jie Zi is, “Teach, do what you do, and do what you do,” and “educate, raise your son to do good”. Education is “doing good and doing good” and “doing good”. Education is waiting slowly, the accumulation of knowledge needs to wait, the cultivation of ability needs to wait, the cultivation of sentiment needs to wait, waiting is the law of education, and good waiting is the respect for the law of education. Education is not indoctrination, but lighting a flame. Education is agriculture and requires intensive cultivation. Only with intention, education can become vivid; only with affection can education bloom beautiful flowers between teachers and students. Psychologist Li Songwei said: “When you think about doing this quickly, your heart is no longer on this matter. Because you only want to accomplish it, you can never focus on the matter itself . “Raising children is a practice. You must cultivate yourself first before you can educate your children. In the “Wrestling, Dad” feature film, the father discovered that the child has the characteristics of wrestling from the incident of the two daughters, so he tried his best to activate the child’s nature and let the child’s nature show up. This is the light. process. Education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul. Education must not be quick and effective, it cannot be promoted, and it cannot be promoted.