You at the table

Time seemed to go back to that summer when they were at the same table. Always look forward to the future together, dissatisfied with the present. I always sighed that graduation is a long way off, but now they have gone their separate ways.

The noise that I know in my ears, the continuously rising room temperature, the gradually condensed black clouds, people are drowsy in a humid and hot environment. From time to time, the students looked out the window, hoping that the rain would fall later.

“Hey, it’s going to rain again, I didn’t bring an umbrella! Who would lend me one …” I don’t know if there is such a boy in every class. However, the mixed track is full of wind and water.

“No one lends you, Mali comes back, don’t want to run! The teacher asked you to find her, you haven’t gone yet, where to go …” Of course, there must be a strong excellent female monitor in the class, teacher The good assistant, not to mention his grades, has to be aggressive and has the meaning of a tigress, otherwise how to suppress a group of demons and monsters. Such a master of “reducing monsters and removing demons” is naturally a boy’s town.

The boy glanced, followed by a big white eye. Since he took two books from the pile of books on the table and shoved them into his bag, he turned and left. As a result, the bag hit the table, and the messy books in the drawer shook the floor. He whispered a swear word. He stomped the table leg and was about to leave, but the girl bent down and picked up the book on the ground. He frowned, grinned and turned back, squatting and picking up.

The embarrassing distance can smell the smell of sweating left by the boy after playing in the summer. The girl squatted down to pick up the book, her ears turned slightly red, but the lesson was still the monitor’s posture. One, you have a parent-teacher meeting after the test. Last time, your mother’s face was a little bad … ”

“Oh, you’re endless, what a pity!” The boy slammed the book on the table, pulled the schoolbag and walked out of the classroom. The girl looked at his back without frowning, pouting, put the book on the table, followed the umbrella at the table and followed.

The boy walked fast, the girl went from trot to trot in the back, gasping and stopped. The boy “braking sharply”, the girl took the umbrella over the boy’s head, and he didn’t go over it, a little disrespectful, “Can’t you just talk for a minute …”

The rain wet the girl’s shoulders and his arms along the edge of the umbrella. She didn’t respond to the words of the boy. , Raised the umbrella and hit the girl halfway, “Let’s go … I’ll send it back to you first …” The pace slowed down deliberately.

The summer rain came and went quickly. The boy returned the umbrella to the girl without any thanks. The exam came as scheduled. The boy’s mother sat in the seat during the parents’ meeting. The books were neatly arranged, and she didn’t look overcast.

Boys are still hanging around, girls are still babbling, after the rain stops, you are still at the same table with each other.