Comet that never fades

At 2136, a spacecraft flew to the Venus orbiting space station, and the driver called in the communication channel: “Venus Space Station, here is the Earth’s material carrier” Herzoostos, “we will enter synchronous orbit. ”

“Received, this is Venus. Welcome to the Hippie’s House. I hope you brought some good things over. The last compressed food was too hard. We used it to protect meteorites from impact.”

A young major kept rubbing his chin with his fingers, immersed in his own thoughts: Since millions of years ago, Comet Halley began to follow the dark solar system’s edge, making an elliptic curve return movement around the sun. The trajectory of change quietly portrays annual rings. As a space traveler who regularly visits the 76-year cycle, how does it examine life and human history?

“Herzentus” decelerated into Venus’ orbit, awakening him from meditation, he looked at the growing space station in the field of vision, a burst of soreness in the nasal cavity, and a drop of tears rose in a weightless environment.

The Venus Space Station is like a hippie gathering place. Most of the researchers inside it have long hair and long beards. Under weightless conditions, brown, black and yellow hairs float like clouds. The chief scientific officer is an old man with gray hair and a beard stubbornly erected stubbornly: “Eddie, we must lower the height of the detection robot to complete the atmospheric analysis before the next storm of Venus strikes.”

Eddie responded: “Hydrogen sulfide cloud has been entered. Damn, the observation window has been attached by sulfur again.”

There was a young man’s voice behind him: “Is the legendary ‘Hell Zone 1 right here’?”

“I’ll be busy later.” The Chief Scientific Officer just said this, and suddenly felt the voice was very kind. He looked back and said with surprise, “Si Yukun, it’s been a long time.”

The old man turned his face away, quietly wiped away the tears in his eyes, turned his head back to restore the smile, and brought the young man into the space station’s warehouse, saying, “I’m sorry to receive you in such a narrow place. There is only private space here.”

The young man looked around. The container was full of various supplies, but there was a small window overlooking Venus. He said inexplicably: “It is so close to the cloud of concentrated sulfuric acid. Only a thick atmosphere of carbonic acid gas can be seen here. The pressure is equivalent to the deep sea of ​​the earth, and it is a hot hell with a temperature of up to 500 ° C. Really I do n’t know why you have been on the space station in Venus orbit for so many years. ”

The old man laughed, and his white beard trembled: “This is more comfortable than in the solar system fleet, oh, this seems to hurt you, have a drink. Two of us father and son, have not been drinking together for years.”

The old man took a flat hip flask from his arms. The hip flask seemed to have been capped for many years. The leather surface had a warm light. He poured a glass of whiskey on the young man and poured a glass himself. The old man drank half a cup in one sip, his cheeks suddenly turned ochre red, and thighs excitedly patted: “Yes, the most anticipated is next year, which is 2137. If you want to observe Halley’s comet, Venus is the closest observation point , We are welcoming it with a completely different 22nd century approach from 2061. Yukun, come, Dad will show you the observation instruments. I also want to introduce you to other observers! ”

The old man was full of interest, but Si Yukun said, “Dad, I want to let you know …”

Si Yukun said something in a low voice, and the old man’s wine glass smashed to the ground: “What, destroy Halley’s comet !?”

Other scientific researchers passing by the warehouse looked intently, and Si Yukun said in a low voice: “The core computer ‘Gaia issued a warning. This return, Halley’s comet is too close to the earth, and the solar fleet has begun preparing cluster nuclear bombs.”

The old man’s forehead sweated coldly: “It’s too messy.”

A week ago at the Solar Fleet meeting, a bald man with a colonel rank stood in front of a holographic projector and the general officers sitting around to explain: “This is the return orbit of Halley’s comet in 2137, and ‘Gaia predicts After 76 years in Central China, which is the return to orbit in 2213, as you can see, Jupiter’s gravity will cause the next orbit to deviate significantly, overlapping with the orbit of the earth, oh, here it is. ”

Everyone’s eyes were looking at the holographic image of the solar system. Comet Halley seemed to be charmed by Jupiter’s swirling eyes. The bright white trajectory shifted near the huge Jupiter, and the distance to the Earth’s orbit was closer than before, almost coincident.

The general who chaired the meeting asked: “How likely is it, Colonel Albertino, to hit the earth?”

Colonel Albertino’s tone became dignified: “The probability that Comet Halley will strike the earth in 2213 is 12%, and the probability that the core will pass through the earth’s atmosphere is as high as 60%. Needless to say, everyone knows that Imagining the kinetic energy of Halley’s comet, even if it just scratches the earth slightly, will bring a fatal blow to human civilization. ”

A major general from the United States owed himself, asking, “Is there any countermeasure?”

“The nuclear bombs currently deployed on the ground will be handed over to the fleet cruising in the solar system, and the five largest space stations will be converted into space-based weapon platforms to meet Halley’s comet. It’s easier to build and launch into space. ”

This economic account is very easy to calculate. The resources used to build and assemble the launch satellite platform are astronomical figures. Raw materials and technology suppliers will definitely start at the price and make the country difficult. The nations of the earth do not want to carry heavy debts. Instead, take the global crisis as an opportunity and dump this blame on the solar system fleet.

Colonel Albertino saw no one questioned by the officers present, knowing that they made up their minds to return to persuade parliament and continued: “If a nuclear bomb is detonated near Comet Halley’s head, the kinetic energy of the impact can be used to change its orbit. Comet Halley’s target will turn to the sun, which is also the most suitable ending for Comet Halley. We just let it happen ahead of time. ”

This is a very risky gamble, but it allows the solar system fleet to grab more resources and political capital. The general officer of the fleet had bright eyes and a look of astonishment. Si Yukun stood up and asked, “It is 77 years before the return of 2213. Why should we live in 2136 to perform this task?”

Colonel Albertino was very dissatisfied with a major who took the lead in asking questions, and said coldly, “What can be done now should be done earlier, and no one can guarantee future things.”

The general who presided over the meeting sneered: “This is a world where the future cannot be foreseen. There may be many uses of nuclear bombs. If there is not a single nuclear bomb on the planet at that time, it will be time for our children and grandchildren to suffer. Major Kun, do you understand? ”

Senior officers laughed, and in support of the general, Colonel Albertino’s plan made his tail whistling like a rattlesnake, arousing the mood of many militants in the solar system fleet. Radical officers have even suggested that any opponents will be impeached. They will sweep the enemy into the garbage dump of history, and even some healthy military officers agree. They face the threat of a coalition government budget cut, and they urgently need a “war” to prove the value of the solar system fleet. As for whether the other party is a human or a comet, they don’t care.

Si Yukun said the content of the meeting from the beginning to the end. The old man made a case: “This is indeed a conclusion that war madmen may have concluded. The troublesome things will be destroyed. In addition, nuclear weapons can be placed on space-based space in the universe. Platform. Governments on Earth don’t want to think about it. After the destruction of Halley’s comet, what should the solar fleet do to turn their muzzles at them and use nuclear bombs to target them? ”

Si Yukun interrupted him in a hurry: “This is a must, Dad, if ‘Gaia is right, Comet Halley will hit the earth in 2213.”

The old man said dumbly, “Yukun, there should be many other methods. No one has the right to change the operation of the celestial body at will, especially those with nuclear weapons!”

Si Yukun could not help but retort: ​​”Dad, weren’t you also a soldier before? You also sent me to the solar system fleet.”

The old man froze, his white beard couldn’t help trembling, he sat down slightly, and they fell into an awkward silence for a while.

Halley’s comet knows nothing about humans, and still follows its original trajectory, and the solar fleet has carried nuclear weapons on satellite platforms. One year later, five triangular objects strung by long and narrow cylinders were suspended in orbit of the earth. Seven small nuclear bombs were stored in a triangle the size of a small hill. They were launched and corrected a month ago. Blocks of “sandwiches” are linked together to form a mobile satellite platform to snipe Halley’s comet.

The soldiers on the satellite platform waited closely and ordered one by one: “Five hours before the launch, the operators outside the window immediately returned to the platform, and everyone was on their own.”

“The nuclear launcher began to correct its angle, and the satellite self-propelled.

The nuclear fusion engine started, and the propulsion engine glowed an ice-blue light, like two dazzling little suns rising at the tail of the platform. The most aggressive “sandwich package” in human history began to meet.

Si Yukun left his position and silently walked to other areas of the satellite platform. He remembered what he said when talking with his father a year ago …

“Cosmos embryo said?”

“‘Cosmos embryo theory is the theory that life originated in outer space. Existing evidence shows that life on Earth originated about 3.8 billion years ago, a period known as the late heavy bombing period, during which It was hit by a large number of comets and meteors. Chemical analysis of comet dust found that the particles contained the organic compound glycine, and this glycine is actually one of the main materials that make up the protein of life. When comets are exposed to sunlight, sugar Classes are formed in these icy celestial bodies. The chemicals brought to Earth by ancient comets are considered to be ribose, which is an important part of RNA. Its main function is to realize the expression of genetic information stored in DNA on proteins. Is the bridge in the transmission of genetic information.

“Scientists in Europe and the United States have used laboratory simulations to reconstruct impact experiments involving water, amino acids, and silicate comets, which have produced the cornerstones of protein composition. The circulating long peptide chains form proteins, which are large, complex and Biologically active molecules. In the experiments, propellant-emitting capsules were used to thaw frozen mixtures and mock comets to hit the earth, ‘after the impact, some amino acids are linked together to form peptide chains … ”

Si Yukun finally waited until the enthusiastic speech came to an end and asked, “Dad, have you been staying in this difficult environment in order to verify the theory of the” cosmic embryo “?”

“I want to verify this theory, so I stayed at Venus Space Station to study Venus, and I look forward to seeing a comet hit Venus and reproduce the scene on Earth 200 million years ago. If the comet is really the mother and child of Earth’s life, you still have to Eliminate Halley’s Comet? ”

Si Yukun sneaked into the weapon control room, connected to the computer and began to change the internal procedures. The public channel was still loudly broadcasting: “720 seconds before the nuclear bomb was launched, each member reached the designated post.”

Comet Halley came back on the screen for millions of years in the solar system, and Colonel Albertino ordered: “Countdown to the launch of nuclear weapons, nine, eight, seven …”

A year ago, my father looked at Venus and said, “This will be the return of Halley’s comet since 1976, a violation of 76 years. There is only one chance to observe it in my life. I thought this time I could finally explore life. The mystery has changed, and the universe has changed my life. One day you will understand. Is there any beauty in the universe that is more beautiful than her? ”

Now, Halley’s comet is distant, and its long comet tail is visible to the naked eye. Everyone on the satellite platform suddenly became tense, and Colonel Albertino ordered: “Three, two, one, launch!”

Two hundred magazines opened the hexagonal honeycomb-shaped covers, and the orange flames at the tail nozzles of two hundred nuclear bombs suddenly became large. They sprayed to the rear like a fountain made of molten lava, scrambling to fly towards the comet. Colonel Albertino reported to Solar System Fleet Command: “Report to the sir, there was no abnormal launch, and it was approximately ten hours before the designated explosion point was reached.”

Judging from the inside and outside of the solar system fleet, Si Yukun knows that his colleagues are cheering for taking more power from the Earth’s armed forces, and will be able to dominate the nations of the earth in the future.

He had no joy, remembering the news he had received a month ago, when he was numbing himself with heavy work, and suddenly received a sudden message, opened the information board and looked at it, and suddenly his mind was blank: “What, Victoria An accident at NASA? ”

He hurriedly contacted his father’s colleague. A hippie professor had shaved his beard and long hair, and replied on the screen: “This is probably an accident, because the interplanetary cargo ship lost control of Venus’ gravity facilities. Here Previously, Professor Si Wenhe refused to return to Earth in protest of the nuclear bombing plan. We left one after the other, leaving him alone on the space station … The elderly and Venus Space Station were martyred together.

Si Yukun seemed to see the death of his father—gravity suddenly abruptly, electromagnetic waves were disordered, all internal equipment malfunctioned, Venus Space Station twitched like a patient with epilepsy, the red light flashed on the screen, and the falling shell fragments were like a snowstorm Passing around the space station.

The rapid leak of air pulled his father off the strap of the seat belt. The flesh and blood was pressed against the crack in the porthole, and the outside was an absolute vacuum. Pieces of minced meat were running along the gap in the porthole, like Ling Chi. Fly into the dark space. His father’s old body had only a skeleton, and he still maintained his posture of raising his head and screaming before dying, as if weeping and laughing.

The initial explosion pulled Venus into tens of thousands of silver-white metal solutions, and the secondary explosion caused by the controlled nuclear fusion engine blew the semi-solidified metal stream in all directions, like blowing the dandelion fluff, and attributed it to Quiet.

Memories are elusive, like the gravel flowing from the fingers, and Si Yukun’s words came back from his ears-“Brightness of life, is there anything better than her in the universe?”

“Five hours before reaching the explosion point, the nuclear bomb is normal, and the host computer is tracking the record.” Albertino casually reported to the Solar System Fleet Command, and within a few hours, Comet Halley was diverted, and he would be worshipped by 8 billion people Hero, advancing major general is just around the corner. Perhaps in another ten years, the solar fleet will be under his control … immersed in fantasy, the fire controller next to him suddenly said: “The main computer signal is abnormal, the nuclear bomb will soon explode!”

Everyone was horrified, Albertino bounced from his chair, the nuclear bomb on the screen released a dazzling flash of light, the radiation spread like ripples, a bright white ring appeared around Halley’s comet, and the explosion showed the effect of ring destruction. The white feather coat of the comet tail was first torn into a scattered tail by the shock wave, and the goldfish-like tail closed in a spiral, and finally returned to the form of the comet tail. Halley’s comet did not disintegrate or suffer much damage, but its trajectory deflected.

Albertino’s face was pale: “It’s too early, the nuclear explosion happened too early! This impact is too weak to turn the trajectory of Halley’s comet to the sun. There is a problem with the computer control!”

The commander is urging his men: “Why the nuclear bomb detonated early? Find out why!”

What Albertino suddenly thought: “He did it. Where is Major Si Yukun?”

The commander said coldly, “Where is Comet Halley flying now?”

Albertino’s lips trembled slightly: “Comet Halle … towards Venus.”

On the edge of the satellite platform, a young man with an Asian face turned and left. The lonely figure was incompatible with the surrounding noisy environment. He grasped the lever with his two hands and moved forward with the same force as the slingshot. Went to the shutdown. Sitting on a small spacecraft and flying away from the huge satellite platform, Si Yukun stared in the direction of Venus and thought: “Dad, I also intend to leave the solar system fleet and join the Interstellar Institute to rebuild Venus orbiting Venus. You said that it was the comet that brought the life forms of the universe to the earth in ancient times, and they would multiply in the upper layer of Venus’ atmosphere and convert the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere into oxygen, which produces water vapor, raindrops and the ocean. Confirming the results will work, although this will be the longest experiment. ”

“That day may have to wait hundreds of millions of years, but I would rather believe that the history of life will repeat itself on Venus. The legacy of Halley’s comet will surely start a great process.”