Chasing the wind in the eyes of my mother

While many seniors are still confused about where to go in the future, Cai Rui, under 21, has traveled to India alone twice, interviewing 66 Indian women, so that more people can understand the real image of Indian women. . In the journey again and again, she wrote on the WeChat circle of friends: “The tide of the world has pushed each of us to the tip of the waves, and we have maintained an endless curiosity, believing that our existence can make this world a better place . “Pushing her forward was the passion to explore the world, but it was her mother’s warm arms that initially held up her wings. In her mother’s eyes, no matter how far she went, she would not get lost.

To study at Jiangnan University is a mixed matter for Cai Rui.

In July 2014, Cai Rui opened the long-awaited admission notice for the college entrance examination. The “computer information technology major” printed on the black paper on the white paper made her and her mother’s eyes wide open: “Most of the volunteers reported are all translation majors. How did they get accepted by an unreported one?” The reason is that the mother and daughter suspected that she had confused Cai Rui’s first volunteer with her classmate’s second volunteer when she was in gear. This made Cai Rui temporarily unacceptable. When she was too depressed, she couldn’t help complaining to her mother: “It wouldn’t have happened to you unless you asked your classmates to volunteer together at home.” The daughter is sad and mother Cai is also sad. feeling bad.

When Cai Rui was 10 years old, in order to provide her with a better learning environment, Mom and Dad Cai sent her and her brother to a private boarding school hundreds of miles away from home to study. From the township elementary school in Songpan County, Sichuan Province to the bilingual senior elementary school in Mianyang City, in order to jeopardize Cai Rui, a rural girl who can’t even recognize English letters, she makes a phone call every night — crying. She cried and said that she missed her parents and cried that she was laughed at by her classmates, but she didn’t cry and asked to go back. Ms. Cai, who was both distressed and comforted, couldn’t help saying, “You cry like this every day, or you don’t have to come back!” Xiao Cai Rui choked a few times and then refused: “Although there are many bad things here, the teacher here The class was very interesting, and there were a lot of books in the library. When I went back, there were no more of them. “After that, she patted her chest and said,” Although I cry, I can definitely learn well! ”

In the second year of high school, faced with the huge academic pressure of key high schools, Cai Rui didn’t sleep well. She often talked to her mother about her on the phone. Mother Cai then asked on the phone: “Do you want me to come to accompany me?” Cai Rui shirks deliberately: “This way you will be very hard.” “Just say if you want to?” Mother Cai asked directly. “Think!” Cai Rui answered very simply. As a result, Ms. Cai said nothing, and dropped off from work and came to Cai Rui to become an accompanying mother.

After ten years of hard reading, I got the result of such a misunderstanding. Ms. Cai is very depressed, but she also understands that how to deal with this major unexpected setback is of great significance in guiding the children how to face life in the future. After Cai Rui’s mood calmed down a bit, Cai Ma took Cai Rui to the Mianyang Central Hospital and said to Cai Rui, “Mum dropped out of school at the age of fifteen and started to study medicine after leaving the village. The charm of life may be here There is a difference between yin and yang. The true love will not change because of the environment! “Soon, Cai Cai, who had been working outside the project, also rushed back to comfort the lost child. Accompanied by his family, Cai Rui, although very reluctant, also reported to Jiangnan University as scheduled.

Autumn in Jiangnan is extremely beautiful, and students from both the north and the south gather together to make Cai Rui feel very fresh. When chatting with her classmates, she found that many people did what they did not want, and some of them gradually lost their fighting spirit in this “adjustment” gap. At this time, Cai Rui understood the words of her mother before leaving: “I hope you will be a strong person in life, not a weak person who follows the flow.” She told herself silently: “I will challenge myself, as I can learn professional knowledge, but also To achieve their dreams! ”

The joy of willow blossoming
In her freshman year, Cai Rui chose New Media Center and International Volunteer Organizations among many societies. Ms. Cai had hoped that she would inherit her mantle and become a doctor, but Cai Rui was very active and liked to communicate with others. Before the college entrance examination, she met a reporter named Matthew. Matthew’s journalistic life touched Cai Rui a lot, which made her full of interest in Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Although she didn’t choose a major that she liked, she believed that what mother said was “no one can take it away.” After one semester, Cai Rui found that the computer major not only did not prevent herself from learning the news and foreign languages ​​she loved, but helped her a lot! She often joked: “Computers who know the news are not as proficient as me, and English who understands the computer is not as proficient as me.” The classmate complained that the teacher was boring in class. She did English translation in class. The classmate complained that the school was too far away from the urban area, but she was willing to transfer three buses to do part-time work.

While working as a part-time translator at the International Volunteer Association, when she saw volunteers serving their primary education in Egypt with their own expertise, Cai Rui was a little bit moved. In her sophomore summer vacation, she cut off first and applied to go to Egypt for new media promotion for her volunteers. Then she called up her courage to call Ms. Cai: “Mom, I won’t go back this summer. I want to go to Egypt to volunteer On the surface, Cai Rui’s tone was calm and flat, as if she was just discussing with her mother where to play this weekend, but in fact, she was very nervous and worried that her mother would not agree.

After listening to her words for a few seconds, Ms. Cai said: “You hang up the phone first, I digest the news, check where Egypt is, and then call you.” The waiting time is difficult, Cai Rui Standing on the top floor of the fifth floor of the dormitory, silently watching the lights and shadows in the night of Jiangnan. After a while, Ms. Cai called and she didn’t comment much on the significance of Cai Rui’s doing this. She just asked her: “Can you tell me why and how to do it? You know, I don’t agree You go, as parents, the only thing we worry about is your safety! ”

Cai Rui burst into tears, and a sense of pride sprang up: My mother is different! Next, she spent two and a half hours explaining how to apply for a trip to Egypt, how to apply for a visa, buy air tickets, how to contact the Egyptian counterparts and determine the activity route … Over and over again. At the same time, she also promises to contact her parents every morning and evening so that parents can always know their situation in other countries. Finally, Ms. Cai said with a smile: “Where are you asking us to agree and disagree, and you are notifying us. However, if you can handle all this well, it also shows that you have the ability to live independently. We support you!”

During a two-month trip to Egypt, Cai Rui photographed volunteers’ local activities and posted them on social networking sites for publicity. At the end of the event, Cai Rui used a mobile phone to make a video for all the volunteers. Although it was only ten minutes, this video was posted online and attracted the attention of netizens around the world. Many people left a message below the video, saying they hope to go to Egypt to volunteer. This gave Cai Rui a particularly great sense of accomplishment, and thus established her ambition: to use her eyes to discover more kindness and beauty, and spread it to more people through hard work!

Skyrocketing dreams
With excellent language skills and a lot of social practice experience, Cai Rui successfully obtained an internship opportunity in a foreign company in her senior year. During this time, she met Kang Qian, an Indian engineer of the same company, and was curious about this particular Indian woman. Kang Qian, 35, is the only Indian female engineer in the company. She can dance belly dances and draw pictures. This is completely different from the Indian women Cai Rui saw in the movie. She asked her friends about her impressions of Indian women, and found that it was basically the same as what she used to think-feudal and conservative. But Kang Qian’s example made Cai Rui’s eyes bright: “Why don’t I go to India myself to interview and learn more about the stories of Indian women, and give everyone a new perspective on them?”

The previous trip to Egypt not only gave her the confidence to be indifferent to action, but also made Cai Rui meet many like-minded friends, and therefore learned about the “China Interval Year Plan.” “Interval years” are very popular in Western countries. “Interval youth” will plan a long-term ideological and cultural journey before entering school or entering the workplace. The “China Interval Year Plan” is a public welfare project of the China Youth Development Foundation, which collects outstanding programs from college graduates every year, and has tutors to help selected candidates complete the interval year plan at home or abroad. With the help of Kang Qian and other friends, Cai Rui quickly worked out her China Interim Year Charity Plan. With the detailed content of the plan and solid preparation work, the project organizer received full bonus support.

This trip was not unexpectedly opposed by almost all relatives and friends. They thought that the trip to India was too dangerous for a girl, but as always, Ms. Cai chose to listen to her daughter’s thoughts. Cai Rui explained to her mother that she wanted to prove to everyone that the India in their impression may not be true, and she wanted to show everyone a different India. In the end, Ms. Cai gave her daughter all support and encouragement.

Cai Rui went to India as she wished and started her plan. She didn’t tell her parents about the diarrhea, and her necklace was robbed. She didn’t tell her parents about it, nor was she sad, but a notice of back from school made Cai Rui cry in dilemma. It turned out that due to the safety of students, the school decided to let Cai Rui return to school as soon as possible.

At first, Ms. Cai, who rushed from Sichuan to Beijing to send Cai Rui to India, comforted her daughter on the phone, and the two of them rushed from Sichuan to Jiangsu from Yenan overnight. Father Cai patted his chest excitedly in the office and said, “My child, I’m in charge. I will never come to your school for anything!”

Hearing her parents’ unconditional support for herself, Cai Rui felt very happy and felt responsible for her actions. She took the initiative to return to China and communicate with school teachers with the interview materials and recorded videos made in India. After receiving support from the school, she completed the relevant procedures and went to India again to continue her unfinished plan.

Relatives asked Ms. Cai: “You two are so big-hearted, you can rest assured that the child is so far away!” And Ms. Cai said boldly: “My child, I know, she is a little wild cat, Can survive in any environment! ”

Cai Rui, who was soaring up in the eyes of Ms. Cai, successfully completed interviews with Indian women. The interview transcripts written by her were compiled into volumes and reprinted many times. In the China-India Youth Exchange and Visit Project organized by the Ministry of Education in 2019, Cai Rui, as the Chinese youth representative, went to India for the third time to conduct cultural exchange activities between India and China. At the “Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference” in May 2019, she spoke as The guest showed the characteristics of Chinese civilization to the participants; now, she has successfully applied for graduate studies in British journalism and communication.

When Cai Rui’s plane was inserted into the sky from Shanghai Pudong Airport, the eyes of Cai Ma looking up were wet. She posted a message in the circle of friends: “Dear baby, here I can accompany you. From then on, your life will go all the way; and I will return on this journey!”