Father with tricycle

My father only had a second-grade education in elementary school, and he would only use a tricycle to collect it. When I was in elementary school, my mother worked in a clothing factory and her salary was pitifully small. At that time, my father drank drunk all day, and his hair turned pale all day.

My father didn’t have much skill, and he could do almost nothing else. He has been riding a broken tricycle for a long time to collect scraps, and when he comes back for lunch at noon, he will bring some apples bought at the fruit stand at the processing price. Our three siblings rushed up and ate. My youngest sister was naturally unable to snatch us, so she had to sit on the ground and cry. My father raised his slap and pumped my elder brother and me. The elder brother jumped up and threw away the fruit in his hand.

The year I graduated from junior high school, my grades were particularly good, and I was admitted to the city’s second middle school with an absolute advantage. But because we have no money at home, we all plan to give up. The principal came to our house to do his father’s work in person: “Lao Zhang, you can’t let the children give up, it’s a pity! What a good seedling, can you win the champion!” My father can win the champion, just like I can go to Beijing University Tsinghua-like, he was also tempted, struggling to offer a “top pick”. So, I became the only person in my family who could continue to study after graduating from junior high school. I went to high school and went to college, all the way to a green light, without hindrance.

However, my brother was forced to drop out of school after graduating from junior high school, and my sister was even worse. Her father stopped schooling before graduating from primary school. In fact, my brother’s performance is still good, but not as good as mine. My father thought that his family was poor and he could only keep up with the best results. As for the younger sister, the father always said, “A girl is always going to marry someone, and money is also spent for nothing.” For this reason, the mother almost divorced her father.

I became a “lucky one” among the three siblings, but it also attracted the jealousy of my brother and sister. This gap has lasted for many years, and may even be a lifetime. Since I was in the second year of high school, my sister has gone out to work and hasn’t called the family twice a year. My brother disappeared for five or six years as soon as he went out. Both children became rebels, and I naturally became the darling and the last hope of my parents. At that time, my father changed, and he said to me abnormally, “Have a good book, and wherever you want to read, your father will provide it.” After hearing his emotional words, my heart was nourished like Gan Quan.

At that time, my father pedaled the tricycle early every day to go out. He used this tricycle for me to finish high school and for me to go to college.

One night in the third year of high school, I was studying in the class at night. Some classmates said to me, “An old man is looking for you outside and pedaling a tricycle.” I don’t know who the old man is, but when I mentioned the tricycle, my face was shaky The ground turned red.

I walked out of the gate of the campus, and not far away, I saw my father leaning on the tricycle. He saw me throwing away his cigarette butt, and said to me, “Your grandpa is not in good condition, so please come back with me.” He pulled me on a tricycle. I felt the classmates glanced past me, suddenly breaking free of his hand. He hesitated, and I immediately added: “I will go by myself.” He quietly pedaled on the tricycle and yelled in a nasty voice: “Hurry up!” I lowered my head to a bad person who made a mistake, Don’t dare lift up along the way.

When my father and I rushed home hurriedly, Grandpa was gone. Arrange the hall and inform relatives and friends that his father seemed to be a few years older in a mourning sound. The next day, I was guarding my grandfather, and someone called me, “Oh! My second son! What a second son!” I followed, and it turned out to be my brother. The elder brother’s suit and leather shoes, a posture of returning home clothes. I almost cried and hugged him. He kept calling, “Be careful, my clothes!”

That was the first time my brother had gone home six years after leaving home, and my father was very happy. The funeral was over, and the whole family sat down to eat together. My father drank a lot of alcohol, and my brother drank a lot more. He kept toasting his father, and we couldn’t help it. Finally, the mother got angry: “Do you want to drink to death your father?” In one sentence, the bottom line of the relationship was broken, and the atmosphere suddenly changed.

The elder brother smiled awkwardly and said, “Okay, my fault! Brother, let’s have a drink.” The mother seemed more angry. The father took the wine glass and said, “Your brother is about to go to the college entrance examination. How can he drink?” The wine glass splashed the wine on the ground: “Don’t drink anymore, you won’t be peaceful as soon as you come back!” The elder brother laughed again, and he patted me on the shoulder: “Panda! Precious!” He stood on the table. Get up, walk out the door and come to the yard, then we heard the sound of “cracking” in the room.

We rushed out and found out that my brother was hitting his father’s broken tricycle. My father was angry, and I was stunned. Only my sister was indifferent, as if someone who had nothing to do was watching the excitement. I rushed to grab my brother, but it was too late, the tricycle was badly damaged, and the wheels were deformed. The elder brother laughed and said, “A tricycle is a tricycle for a lifetime!”

The father shook his hands madly, and walked forward to give his brother a slap: “This is for your brother to go to school! Do you want to destroy your brother?” The brother stared at his father, “I destroy him? Who destroys Did I? “He broke my hand angrily, and his sister cried,” You are so biased! ”

My brother left overnight, and my sister followed him. A seventeen-year-old girl went unprepared to a place she didn’t know. The mother held her and said, “If you leave, I’ll show you to death!” The father said, “Let her go, don’t come back when you die!” The sister spit on the ground and said, ” I won’t return when I die. ”

I feel guilty to my brother and sister. The moment when my sister took up her bag and left, I really felt that I was doing evil, and I was a person who couldn’t live well by living alone.

The tricycle was completely broken. This old man who had been with his father for many years ended up in his brother’s hands, and his father could only buy one more. An electric tricycle costs 5,000 yuan, which almost wipes out the family. My father is not thinking about buying second-hand, but he is no longer able to move old-fashioned.

When I was in college, my father was still in the wind and rain, collecting waste products. In winter, even in heavy snow, my father has to ride hard on the road. In summer, even if it was hot again, he went out early, and returned in the evening. Every time he handed the tuition to me, I felt heavy, soaked in the sweat and sweat of my father.

Finally, I graduated from college, and the tricycle was broken from brand new to broken. I bought a new tricycle for my father for 4 months, and he was very happy. At that time, my sister also reconnected with her family and brought her boyfriend back to reunite with us in the New Year. It’s just that my brother hasn’t heard anything.

One day, my brother went home. He held a six-month-old boy in his arms and said that it was his son. The child’s mother changed his heart. A man couldn’t pull a baby that was a few months old and had to send it home. When his father saw his grandson, he wept with joy, and his old thoughts turned into tears. The next day, my brother left. Three months later, my brother went to prison. He didn’t have at least the common sense of law. He was forced to do business in partnership, but he left his flesh and blood.

My father loves his little grandson far more than we all do. At that time I needed money to get married, but he only gave me 20,000 yuan. I joked, “Dad, you will hide your money? Rest assured, I will pay you back.” My father shook his head seriously and said, “No, I want to save money for my grandson, and he will go to school.” I realized that my father didn’t let my brother go to school at first, and my heart was always guilty. Over the years, I have received too much favor from my father. I vowed secretly that when the nephew needs money to get married in the future, I will pay it back twice.

The school where I work is only twelve miles away from home. Every time my father passes by my school, he will not stay half a minute. There are many sundries and abandoned books in the school. I called many times to let him come over and pull him away, and he could give him the lowest price, he always said that the business was too good without time. Once I saw him from a distance and stopped to look around the campus. When I met him, he quickly slipped away on a tricycle. I chased out of the gate of the campus, and I felt an inexplicable feeling of guilt. I already regretted glaring at him at the gate of high school campus, getting angry at him, and disapproving him.

My father didn’t have the ability, he just broke up. He pedaled a tricycle for me to finish my studies, and then started to tricycle to save money for his little grandson. He said, “As long as he is willing to read, how long he wants to read.” And I, finally From the ruthless teenager who can only watch his father’s back fade away, he grows up to be an adult pushing a cart behind him.