I have many “Moms” in India

Later in my Indian Women’s Interview Program, I lived at Simran’s house for a full 7 days. The day before I left, Simran’s family said goodbye to me. I hugged everyone in turn, smiling, and when it was time to hug Simran’s mother, she hugged me for a long time without letting go. She was wearing a beige blouse with a lake-blue shawl slanting over her broad shoulders, and her swollen belly was right on my stomach, especially warm. When she let go of me, I could clearly see the tears on her face. I didn’t speak because I didn’t know what to say. When Simran’s family was no longer seen in the rearview mirror, my heart tightened, and my tears fell down.

During the journey, I always meet different people. It is normal to say goodbye after getting along for a while. The “separation” with two kinds of people is the most uncomfortable: one is a good friend who can “share the same ice cream”, and the other is “embracing a person warm enough to remind me of my mother”. This world is really wonderful. When I travel thousands of miles to another continent, I find that many things are very different from my country, but there are many things that are the same in this world. It’s all salty, and Cairo’s chocolate ice cream and mom’s love are sweet in most cases.

When traveling between cities in India, I often have to carry four pieces of luggage by myself: a backpack, a shoulder bag, a cross-body bag, and a suitcase. I often complain to my mother that I am tired of mentioning so many things. At this time, the mother would always type the following text in WeChat: “As a woman, you must always remember that you are a strong woman.” I believe this sentence from my mother because she is a strong woman. In courage, we are the same.

Today, I finally understand why Simran’s mother shed tears for my strange little girl who has only lived for 7 days. Because the mothers in this world are the same, they always care about their daughter in their hearts. I later wrote on my social account: “When I am funny, I will be very happy. But if I make anyone cry, I will cry.” I told my mother all this I said, “Mom, I have a lot of” Moms “in India, but I do n’t know why, but I made many of them cry.” Mom said to me that she was very happy, even if she was not around, still So many Indian moms love me by my side.

Mom, do you know? The reason why I can survive calmly in this world, even if one explores the front, I don’t feel afraid, because each time I explore, I have a different understanding of the world. And whenever I forget that I have this kind of power, I become anxious and disappointed, and I am always disappointed in yourself, you are always the one who can miraculously help me find my power, you are always the most beautiful mother.

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