If you are well, it is spring

When the New Year was approaching, I asked my friend what she planned, and she only returned two words-resignation. After a while, she sent an analytical mind map about the advantages and disadvantages of resignation. I was happy when I saw the “risk” item: “Work, may be divorced due to busy and lack of communication; resignation may be caused by lack of economic income. Divorce. “Don’t look at your friend’s usual” beautiful mother’s world “look, it turns out to be so insecure.

I asked my friend, “Why does work become the decisive factor in the stability of your marriage?” She suddenly laughed and said, “Lack of security. In addition, in case of divorce, always find the reason for this? No job is natural Will become the biggest suspicion. Isn’t ‘the economic foundation determining the superstructure? Without the source of the economy, it will be despised and abandoned …’

You see, as beautiful and strong as my friend, I still lack a sense of security and still have to find a perfect logical chain for my possible downfall. However, does a woman’s non-work mean that she has to eat and drink for a year and rely on people to support her? Absolutely not. After resigning, most people will do housework, take care of the baby, and handle the daily affairs of the family. It is likely to be more tiring than going to work. Paying more for the family, but may be despised and then abandoned because of detachment from society. This logic seems normal, and there are actually too many doubts. For example, if communication is so developed today, will it be out of touch with society? Doesn’t divorce work if you work closely with society?

Take a step back and say, does our sense of security really come from work (make money)? No, our sense of security comes from controlling future things and relationships-if it is controllable, we will feel safe; if we cannot control it, we will feel fear. What do we need to do to counteract or eliminate this fear? Obviously, that is continuous self-improvement, work can be, or baby at home.

Jobs once said that maintaining the sense of crisis and the motivation to learn is the safest state. This applies in the economic sphere, as well as in marriage and families. Do not consider taking a baby at home as a “nursing day”, do not consider work as a way to make money, keep the habit of reading when you bring a baby, and increase knowledge, study skills, make friends, and have the capital to return to work at any time ; When you work, you are not limited to circles, always keep learning enthusiastic, pay attention to improving your ability, and always keep your value higher than the company’s needs … Of course, in addition, you must improve emotional intelligence to cultivate close relationships, after all, to women In terms of marriage stability is an important requirement. When you have all this, will there still be such a strong sense of insecurity?

None of us have the ability to foresee the future, and a peaceful life is always ready to resist risks. The past is gone and the future is coming. If you are well, it is spring.