Just look around

At that time, I was still a chef. Although the craftsmanship was not very good, there were not many fans. At that time, he was the most respected of his friends. He comes almost every day, and at least one of the three meals a day eats my cooking, sometimes twice, occasionally or even three times.

At that time, I was less than twenty years old, young, and ignorant. It doesn’t matter whether the hall is full of guests or not, as long as the mood is good and the interest comes, they will sing loudly and unscrupulously. It’s a bit of a gift. I like the songs that I love, and they sing like a decent song. I never care if anyone likes it, I am just infected by those lyrics, I just want to sing those beautiful things with my mouth. When I sang, it seemed as if the world had become a huge stage, and when I stood in the center of the stage, only the touching lyrics remained in my eyes, and the rest had disappeared.

Gradually, some customers fell in love with my singing, and some praised it from time to time.

He never boasted about me, but just silently supported my business as always. Even if I did not play well, and the food I brought out was not selling well, he never had any trouble. When I squatted in front of the kitchen and sang songs while picking vegetables, he would sit quietly in one place, as if listening, and as if not … time and again, day by day, year by year. Over time, one day, I was suddenly surprised to find that he had unknowingly entered my dream …

The love in his youth was as strong as the blazing fire, but I was awake and did not dare to forget his married identity. So, everything just went silently in my heart, thinking silently, thinking silently, loving silently, never, dare, or want to go further apart. Even though he clearly felt his affection and heard his heart very clearly, even though he stood beside me with pity and compassion when I was in a difficult situation, even though my heart was already full of gratitude, I still kept my heart deep, Do not want to show half a point.

How difficult is it to forget someone from the bottom of my heart? That person, who is resident in your heart, sneaks into the depths of your dreams and souls. Even if they are far away, the figure often appears clearly in your mind. You never looked at him carefully, but his expression was deep in your mind. For you, his voice is so kind and his smile is so warm … In reality, you have never approached him for a second and never left a chance to allow each other to approach; but your heart, your body Each of his pores had been walking with him at some point, holding hands.

However, I know that we are not people of the world, we must forget. If you can’t forget it, you can do it twice, three times; if you can’t forget it, it’s one year, two years …

It’s been many years since he really approached him. At that time, my boyfriend whom my relatives introduced to me happened to know him. Once my boyfriend wanted to take me to see him, I did not refuse. I walked into his house generously, and met him who had been away for a long time, as well as her.

Unexplainable feeling, like boiling.

The original calm heart suddenly became at a loss as he treated each other with enthusiasm. Later, when she saw the back of her lying softly on the bed because of her illness, in addition to her apology, she gave birth to an inexplicable distress … Since then, I have never approached him and met face to face, Just nodded from afar.

I like a song called “Heart Love”: “I want to watch him secretly, pretend to admire and appreciate a bottle of flowers, I can only sneak a look at him, as if I want to browse a painting, I am afraid to give He knew to laugh at me stupidly, and my eyesight had to avoid him, although I also wanted to say a word to him, how could he have her beside him … “A very beautiful song, which made people feel quite at ease.

Falling in love with him, maybe it shouldn’t be, because he has her next to him, so he can only watch him secretly. Never approached, never said something inappropriate, and did something unreasonable. Probably this is the case. After many years, even occasionally, I will still dream about it, because once the light and the light fall, when I wake up, I feel very straight and strong.