“Left Friends” is a little demon

At the age of twenty-five, I first came to Xiao Yao’s studio. I sat in front of her and complained: “When I was young, my family was poor, and I was blindfolded everywhere. During the college entrance examination, the pressure was high, which led to abnormal performance, and I barely attended an unpopular major in an ordinary college. After graduation, my work was unstable, tired and not profitable . After talking about the subject twice, all of them encountered ‘Zhu Nan. Life is bumping everywhere, so hopeless …’ Between the words, my tears fell down.

She listened quietly until I said everything with a snot and a tear, and she smiled and asked, “Are there any?” I replied incredulously, “Isn’t that bad enough?” Glowing light, he said, “The world around you is a mirror inside of you. Life is unsatisfactory and proves that cultivation is not enough. Have you ever thought about change?” I hesitated: “Me? Can you?” The little demon gave me an encouragement Eyes: “Believe in yourself and work hard to achieve that miracle will happen.”

That day, the little demon left me with homework: insisting on running for half an hour every day, reading five pages of books, writing the five happiest things of the day before going to bed, and reporting to her on WeChat the completion of the day’s homework.

Out of her studio, I braved my arms and ran bravely in the cool breeze of the evening. I recorded a running video and sent it to her, and she replied with a like.

The little demon illuminated me forward as a beam of light. Under her urging, I changed my favorite job, regained my hobby of writing in college in my spare time, and tried to write for a magazine. My humble life gradually showed a faint light.

One night, I dragged my exhausted body to the last subway and returned to the rental house. I just went upstairs and found the little demon with messy hair, red and swollen eyes, leaning against the porch with his shoulders. There was a haze in my head, and I knew she must be in trouble.

I helped the little demon into my room, and the little demon lay on my big bed, his eyes dim. Later, she sat up and buried her head in her knees weakly, and said to herself hoarsely: “My whole youth has been chasing him. After eight years of love, he has achieved positive results. I gave him children and gave him respect for the elderly. . I desperately promoted myself, and my career was a success. However, after all, he could not keep up with his running pace. “The little devil looked up at me, tears rolling down, and sighed weakly:” I am tired, finally tired. ”

I used to be envious of the demon possessing a handsome and golden husband, and envy her children around her knees. Never thought that she was as good as her, and she had been pursuing another brighter light, and she was exhausted physically and mentally.

That day, I let the little monster put down my troubles and give myself a vacation. I cooked the longan lotus seed lily porridge and gave it to her: “Little demon, this is soothing porridge, I cook it, and try it while it is hot.” Shape, try to take a spoonful to the lips, pout, and determined to say to me: “In the future, learn from my sister how to take care of the delicate life. Woman, you must live into a beam of light before you can Fearless. ”

She quickly regrouped, grabbed a thick legal book, and stiffened stiffly. After many setbacks, the demon ended her marriage and won the custody of her son and daughter.

I accompanied the little demon out of the haze before and after the marriage, and also witnessed her “open hanging” life in the future. She obtained her lawyer’s certificate and started working as an assistant at a law firm until she gained popularity in the industry. Later, she obtained a lot of certificates, actuary, human resources division, accountant … I said with a smile: “Sister is possessed by Xueba.” The demon said with sigh, “Before, I always valued my relationship too much. , Delayed my career. Now I understand that investing in myself is the most correct. I want to make up for the lost time. “With the drive of the little demon, I also have a plan for my career. I applied for a TV station in my hometown and went through every level to become a reporter.

At that time, the demon had registered as a law firm, and his career was booming, and he was as busy as a spinning top every day. Before I went home, she came to the rental house to see me off. She opened a bottle of beer, snorted, and patted my shoulder boldly: “I’m so happy for you, you finally slowly live to what you want.” My heartfelt emotion: “Little demon Sister, this way, thanks to you leading me ahead, you will always be the brightest light in my heart. ”

I joked that we are “leftover friends” of each other. The little demon smiled and nodded: “Yes, the rest of my friends, I have a ‘leftover’s life.'” She smiled so sweetly that I felt very relieved.