“Sojourn” life and “apocalypse” that arrives early

After working overtime for three or four consecutive weekends, our department has finally completed the tackling of a project, and everyone proposed to go to dinner and relax. Immediately after work, I was going to call a taxi, but Xiao Li and Sister Zhao next door were discussing which bus would take me directly.

“I have already booked an express.” As soon as my words came out, they all looked surprised. Especially Kobayashi, it ’s as if I have never taken a taxi: “How much does it cost to get a car during the rush hour on Friday evening?” I laughed in my heart, the work has been so hard, it ’s hard to find a way to relax, but also to squeeze Buses, too. I rarely take a bus after taking part in the work, and I usually take a special car when I go out to do business, at least the express train. I smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’ll pay for the fare, or I won’t crowd the bus.” Somehow, the atmosphere of the office suddenly added a little embarrassment.

My hometown is in a mountainous area 500 kilometers away from the provincial capital, and my parents are both uneducated farmers. I was the first to be admitted to a key university in the village, and later sent me a graduate student. After the success of Baoyan, my parents specially set up ten tables. My father brought me a table and a table toast, enjoying the praise and praise of others. I am full of confidence in the future.

My parents have been proud of me since I was a kid. My academic performance has always been at the forefront of my grades, and the certificates of merit are on the entire wall of my home. In order to allow me to study with peace of mind, my parents never let me do housework or let me go to the farm to do farm work. What they say most often is: “You just study well, you don’t have to worry about other things.” When I was in college, many of my classmates from the countryside earned money for work and study, and I didn’t need to consider them. As long as I study hard, will I still lack this money? The fact is that I am moving in the direction I hope. After graduation, I successfully entered this large company with good development prospects. I just don’t know why, but I can’t talk about my working ability, but I often run into a wall when I get along with my colleagues.

Once, the manager arranged for me and my colleague to improve a copy, and also said that I would conduct a questionnaire survey to supplement the data. I felt that I was better at data analysis than street investigation, so I had a few words with my manager. However, he felt that I was shirking responsibility and had no sense of teamwork. He also said that I did not have the ability to actively learn. But in fact, those are things outside of my specialty. Isn’t it for professional people to do professional things to maximize their effectiveness? The manager’s expression was serious, and my colleagues were cold and upright. Not only did they not speak good words for me, but some were dissatisfied with me, which made me feel discouraged. It seems that the big company is not as good as expected. I even think they just look down on me from the countryside.

One night I was drunk and my father called and I told him about his condition. Then think of those colleagues who bought a house and a car with the help of their parents. They suddenly felt that they were inferior to others. For a moment, my heart was depressed, and I yelled at my father on the phone: “If the family can buy me a house here, I won’t rent it now and let everyone look down on me.” The father there was quiet for a while and comforted me A few words then hung up. The next day, I was still asleep. My father’s phone number came over and he said, “Otherwise, you can come back to work in the county. It’s easier to buy a house here, parents pay for it.” After several days of consideration , I decided to return to my hometown.

In the small county, my high education has become a kind of capital, and everyone has envious eyes. Soon, I met my current wife under the introduction of my parents. On my wedding day, I specially sent a WeChat circle of friends to expose my new house and bride. I wanted my former colleagues to know that I had a happy life without having to work so hard.

But whenever I think of my parents’ debts for me to get married and buy a house, I dare not look at them. Over time, I found that the small city is too small, the company atmosphere is dull, the running-in between colleagues is still difficult, and I start to miss the free air of the big city. “Sojourn” in the shade of his parents suddenly felt lost in the direction and fun of life. I was bitter in my heart: “Why did the good days come to an end?”

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